Sunday, July 25, 2010


Chrome is still really screwed up when it comes to blogger. I haven't yet contacted the support staff about it because of other events in my life this past week. I'm using IE to do this and I absolutely can't stand IE.

My father had a pretty big heart attack Friday night. He had been having chest pains on and off all day since around 1 or 2 am that morning but didn't mention it to me or my boyfriend - just his kids. Dont' ask why - I have no idea. Of course they didn't say anything to us about it - and it wasn't until around 6 ish that night that he knocked on our bedroom door and said he needed to either call 911 or be driven to the hospital. Luckily for us the hosp is less than 2 miles away, and we got there really fast.

He walked into the ER, leaned on the wall, and pointed to his chest. I had just dropped him off outside and had run to do an errand that I couldn't put off any longer. If I had known of course I wouldn't have done the other errand, but oh well.

I got done with the errand, and went home. Total time was about 30 or so min. Ten minutes or so after I got home, the hospital called with the news that he had had the attack right in front of them. He had just made it in time - another 10 minutes at the latest and he would have had it at home or in the car - and they figured that it would have killed him.

As it happened, they caught it starting, and were able to quickly get a balloon pump and stint into the right side of his heart to open up that side. The images of his heart show a severe amount of disease on the left side, including a clot just below the main fork (below the artery they call the 'widowmaker'.) That was about the ONLY good out of this.

They stabilized him, and he spent Friday night in ICU, awaiting transport to another hospital in the same network that is a heart specialty hospital. Tomorrow he will have double bypass surgery, and if he makes it through the surgery he will have three days of in hospital recovery.

During that time they will evaulate everything about his life, his fitness level, his health, and a decision will be made whether they will allow him to come straight home, or put him in a temporary nursing facility for further care. He'll have physical therapy sessions several times a week, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

If he doesn't make it, well - that will be its own mess.

I appreciate all the messages from before - basically I was contacted by someone in another state who had an issue regarding a comment on a blog post from like last month. She threatened a lawsuit if I didn't reveal who the anonymous poster was - which would be nearly impossible for me to figure out.

It was about 36 hours after that inital message that I had issues with Chrome and the blog. I don't belive now that they are related, but the timing was just a bit too weird. Especially since the intitial contact from this person wasn't even sent to the blog email - it was sent to my other, professional, non-blog related email. An Email that I couldn't figure out at first how they got, but I was able to figure it out sometime later.

As soon as I can get blogger on chrome fixed - I'll be back posting regularly again.  But at least through this week, its not at the top of the priority list - as I'm sure everyone will understand.

I will turn off the comment moderation and see what happens. I am sorry I had to do that to you all - I hate it myself.

Have a good week everyone. I'll post updates when I can.