Friday, June 4, 2010

FFFS - Arabian Breeders Beware!

I found this ad this morning, and while I am not that educated on Arabian horses, I know a lot of you are that read this blog. 

There is however a certain level of common sense that I believe transcends beyond breed lines. 

This ad goes wayyyyy beyond that line of common sense. 

The ad is titled: 2 Arabian, 1 NSH Stud Colts

THAT should give you a clue right there...

I Have Two amazingly bred Arabian Colts, and 1 NSH who are ready to start breeding. All three are offered for sale, 10,000.00 for the Arabian Colts, and 5,000.00 on the NSH. 
The pictures of these boys do not do them justice ( Have a Professional photography session booked for this summer, but until then there are only cell phone pics to see.) 
Introductory stud fees are 500.00 for each 
no new pictures of the nsh But can send more pictures of all. 

I normally erase out any phone numbers, email addresses, or web site addresses, but I really think the website is crucial to piecing together what is really behind this ad. 

There were three pictures that went with this ad, but I"m going to hold of a minute and point out what caught my eye, before I saw the pictures. 

She's got 3 stallions she's advertising at once. 

She claims to have 'amazing' bloodlines on all of them, but not a single line is listed. 

The sale prices on the two Arab colts is ridiculous - $10,000 for an unproven animal in any breed is asking way too much... the $5000 on the NSH is a bit more reasonable. I understand that these are Arabs, but what makes an Arab valuable? Rarity, 'typeyness', movement, temperament, and that 'x' factor. 

"Introductory Stud fees are $500.00 for each." 

That was the nail on the coffin. There are NO ages listed, nothing to make me, as a hypothetical mare owner, even WANT to look into these stallions further. 

But, of course, I'm not a hypothetical or typical horse owner, now am I. :D So off to the website I went... 

*SLAM head on desk!*

Anyone wanna take a guess as to just how old those three colts are?




A million dollars to the winner if you guessed under 2. 

I think we are ready to see those pictures now. 

This was on the ad, and on the website...
This bay is one of the two Arabians in the ad. This is the picture she used to advertise him. 

Note that in this picture, he's - oh lets guess - 6 months maybe? Weanling age for sure. 

This picture was taken in 2009. 

Thats right folks, we have 2009 babies being advertised for BREEDING THIS YEAR.

This is the same colt, taken a bit more recently. The website lists him as Magics Exotic Trance (MCA Magic x MCA Exotic). 

Now I understand that all yearlings go through that ugly duck stage - but this is also the same picture she has up on her 'stallions' page. I kid you not. 

They didn't even bother to GROOM the colts before taking the pictures! 

Apparently there is a professional photography session scheduled for later this year... but she's still advertising him for breeding NOW!? 

She writes on her stallion page: Here are a few basic pictures of Stud Colts. They are starting to show interest in mares, and breeding. They will be available to breed to come the end of this season. They are both being offered at stud at introductory rates. They are both going to be shown this year, in amateur handling class.

Well DUH they are going to start showing an interest in mares! They are the horsey equivalent of a horny 15 year old boy! What 15 year old teenager wouldn't, given half a chance, do the wild deed with everything he could, would it not be socially unacceptable? 
Yearling colts are exactly the same way. Put it in front of them, you BET they'll do their best to breed. Thats the nature of a stallion. Thats their whole biological purpose for living. According to her blurb up there, they'll be breeding at the 'end of the season'. Does that mean that they will be breeding in the fall/winter for fall/winter babies? Or does that mean next year? Its not very clear, but its still quite irresponsible no matter when she's got this planned, to breed yearling and 2 year old horses!

The bay is the same one above, but the grey is Arabian colt #2. This is also an ad picture. 

This is him this year. She claims that both of the boys have that extreme 'type'. He's also a 2009 baby.

Arabian peeps out there, what do you think? I know stock horses like the back of my hand. Arabians are a bit out of my range when it comes to determining quality at a young age. 

This guy is Krousen Hot Emage (Emagine (Ecaho) x Krousen Hot (Korous)). While the bay seems to be a 'home-bred', it seems that she either traded or purchased this colt because she has no mention of the mare or where the mare came from. The stallion is listed on the same farm page as the stallion for the bay. 

The sires of both of these boys aren't owned by the ad writer, but she was advertising their stallions on her page, until she got her two 'stallion prospects'. The links on the two sire's names will take you to that site. They seem to have a lot of stallions, but at least those stallions are out there being promoted, they look in good shape, professionally done pictures, etc. Lots of money has been poured into those horses, in sharp comparison to these sad little creatures above. 

Again, I don't know anything about Arabian bloodlines, so anyone that wants to chime in about how stallion worthy or not worthy those lines are, please feel free. 

There is a NSH colt mentioned as well, but he has one picture on the entire website. That same picture on the ad as well, and it also is from 2009. She's advertising him, but he seems to get a bit of the short end of the stick, if you ask me. There is no mention of him anywhere, so I was unable to get any info as to bloodlines. 

I really don't know what else to say there that a) I haven't already said in a prior post: and b) you all couldn't say yourselves. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would YOU Ever HIre This Farrier?

At least I think this guy is a Farrier. I can't think of any other reason anyone would build this...

So, I ask the question. Would you ever hire a man that feels the need to build one of these above, so he could shoe horses in relative safety and 'comfort'? 
The ad explains why he built this contraption, and its the contraption that is up for sale here, not the horse for once. 

Rock solid horseshoeing stock I built out of heavy channel iron and pipe when I had some hard to shoe horses. Pressure treated 2x8 floor. Big enough and strong enough to handle the bronciest draft horses or saddle stock for trimming shoeing or doctoring. That's a 14.5 arabian in the pictures for scale. (The dog isn't for sale) $700 OBO Serious inquiries only please. Please put Bronc in your title so I know you aren't some nigerian scammer.

I suppose out in Wyoming there might actually be a need for this contraption as there are still ranches that run herds of horses that aren't handled all that often. 


Ok, I'm done trying to convince myself that this is a good idea. 

Not only is there straps around this horse's barrel like a front and back cinch, this horse also has his foot tied to the metal bar, with what looks to be NON-Breakable Nylon Webbing? 

You know...You have to have some semblance of control over your horse to even get him into this thing to begin with. A 'broncy draft' won't even get into it unless you either force him (a draft? good luck...) or he willingly follows you in. 

I don't buy this at all. 

This guy just figured out a way to shortcut the process. 

Stocks have their place in the equine world. I'm not against using them for veterinary situations. But to confine a horse just to shoe him? That screams a farrier that decided he didn't want to learn how to handle horses the right way, and built this mess to do the work for him. 

That tied foot scares me the most, I think. All I can see is a broken, twisted leg coming out of that...

Thanks Sue! Love what you send me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clothes Do Not Make The Man

It feels good to be back! I should have gotten this larger external monitor a long time ago with that little 10 inch screen the netbook has - this is pretty nice being able to actually SEE what I'm writing! Though, this new keyboard I got I don't think I like. *grumble grumble*

Lets dive right in to this, shall we?

I can't remember if this ad was emailed to me, or If its one I found, so if you emailed it to me, and I don't have you mentioned thats why! :) Lemme know you sent it, and I'll edit the post. 


Buck is 10 yo Playday horse, excellent for any beginner. He has never offered to rear, kick, bite or buck. He has no bad vices or issues. He is currently being ridden by a 7 yo girl an my 10 yo daughter. My daughter pushes him an makes him go, the 7 yo girl is very in-expirenced an slowly trotts all the events. Buck had been used in mounted patrol in the past, trail rides great, not barn sour or buddy sour. He is a playday horse, excellent for a beginner. If any horse is Bomb Proof, id say he would be... He is about 14.3 hands, so not too large or tall. He is currently being used every weekend in playdays, and will be advertised there for sale too. If you have kids an want a trusty horse, with a good look, Buck is it.

Now for those of you that might be looking for a great kids horse, this might be it. He's the right age, sounds like he's got some decent training, and mentioning how he changes his manner of going for the two different kids is a great thing to mention. 

I am going to guess that he's a gelding, as they don't mention it, but don't mention breeding him either. I don't see anything about a breed either, so again, guessing grade. For a horse such as this though, grade is just fine. What this guy has been used for (gaming, mounted patrol, trail) doesn't require papers to play. Just a good head and decent training. 

So, if all I have to say here is good things, why is he on the blog? Smart and intelligent readers will have noticed I haven't put up pictures yet.... 


This is where the good gets ugly.


Here we go. The idiots on parade. Playday kids without helmets. BABIES on horses without anyone holding the horse.

How funny, "Buck" is a buckskin. *roll eyes*. As an artist, I value creativity. 

I also value intelligence. 

The one thing I didn't point out above, that I will NOW, is that this horse is only 14.3 hands tall. 

But with this ass standing on the horse, it makes the pony look like he's about 12 hands tall, and makes the guy look like a class A idiot. What exactly is this supposed to prove, anyways? That the horse is calm enough to allow a person to stand on their backs without moving? Thats wonderful, but exactly what situation would require a person standing on the horse's back during a horse's day to day life? There isn't a gymkhana event that I know of that requires it; I've never been on a trail ride where I found I had to stand on the horse for any reason; and even during the Extreme Cowboy Race I've never seen it - and I follow it pretty religiously on Craig Cameron's Website.

They even have a video on you tube...If you click on the ad picture itself, you'll notice that I left off the last line or two of the ad when I copied the text. I didn't think it was really that important, but I just watched the video and ... oh boy.

Folks, this is not the way to sell your otherwise awesome gaming pony. What a picture like this makes ME think, and other experienced horse people, is 1) OUCH! Thats a SPINE they are standing on with BOOTS! Saddle or no, there's still a great amount of pressure being exerted down on his back. 2) How many times has this idiot done this, and what injuries has he incurred to this animal's back while doing it?

Seriously people, why do you think that just because you have a hat and boots, and see other like-minded idiots with hats and boots doing this, that its OK? What exactly does it prove? These pictures are everywhere, and I *still* don't get why its popular for the biggest, tallest, wrangler clad moron with too much testosterone to do this with what is usually the smallest, skinniest horse in the pasture!

I, like many of you, grew up with Cowboys. Cowboys that would have yanked this guys ass down off of that horse and thrashed him for being a moron. Not the men that play dress up and are cowboys. There is a difference between a Cowboy and a cowboy. Just because you throw on the wranglers, boots, and the biggest hat you can find does not make one a 'cowboy'. Cowboys don't DO this shit. They treat their animals with respect, dignity, and that does not include walking on their backs!!!

Further more, some men I was around while growing up that didn't wear the clothes were still Cowboys because of their attitude toward the animals. Its not what you wear, its how you act, what you do, what you say, how you present yourself and your animals that makes you a Cowboy or a cowboy. Big difference.

Get a clue people. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AND We're Back!


The computer isn't actually fixed. I just went on craigslist, found an LCD flat-screen monitor for $35, with an external keyboard and mouse, we're in business!

Cheapest fix we could come up with. The netbook is acting like a tower basically for now, until I figure out what to do next. 

But it works!

Look for a new ad tomorrow!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Disaster Gets Worse...

So its about 1:30 am here, and - am hit with another bout of insomnia. I got a response back from the manufactuer of my computer regarding the busted screen, and they wanted $199 bucks to fix it. There is no way I am payong that much. I know I can get a screen fow way less than that and we will replace it ourselves.
If there are wierd ├żypos on this post forgive me, blogger and blackberry phones don't mix too well and I literally cannot see what I am typing due to the way the posting screen comes up on here.

What a nightmare.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last night my cat decided to sit on my laptop. 

This is what I woke up to this morning. I am on the boyfriends computer right now typing this, but like sides of the bed, we are both very territorial when it comes to our computers, and while his computer is fast and cool, its still HIS. Its set up the way he wants, and I had mine set up the way *I* liked. 

*sigh* What happened? I was watching a movie on it till about 1am or so, and was 3/4ths of the way already asleep when I put it down on my night table. I left the screen slightly open, but this morning It was closed and THAT was what I saw on my screen!!!! I think my cat sat on it over night... those are high pressure marks on the LCD screen, we've seen them before here on other laptops. The screen can be replaced, but if the warranty won't cover it, we'll have to do it ourselves, effectively killing the warranty - or whats left of it.

(We, ie; the boyfriend and I, run a small computer repair business on the side, plus we have a stack of old broke laptops up in the closet... literally, theres 5 or 6 up there that we part out.)

I am currently talking to the manufacturer about getting it repaired under the warranty, but if they say no, then we'll have to find a screen off Ebay and replace the screen. 

Until then, I will have to take a forced 'vacation' from the blog.