Friday, July 16, 2010

FFFS: What....?! OH NO You Didn't...

Gak. Its 1 am Friday morning, I have to be at work in ...... 7 hours? Such is the life of an insomniac. 

Ok. Friday. Friday Stallion time! 

You'll all just LOVE this one! Especially those of you that rescue horses...

Haflinger Stallion for Sale 500$ - $500 (Clayton Ny)

Tony was a rescue and he was severly underweight when I got him. I was told that he had come off a 600 horse breeding operation. After much TLC and groceries he is in perfect health. Tony is 17 years old and a proven breeder. He has breed both my mares and the one is due in a few short months. He is pastured with my mares and cows of all ages at the moment. He shows no aggressive tendancies and when he breeds he is very gentle. (no biting or kicking) My younger sister can walk up to him. He is a beautiful horse and very sweet. When I got him I was told that he was broke to drive. I do not know how to drive so I have not testeed him in that area. I know that when I put someone up on his back he had no idea what was happening so I am assuming he is either not broke to ride or has not been ridden in a very long time. I have gone off to college and cant expect my mother to be taking care of both of my mares and foals, along with a stallion so a good home is what I am asking for. If you have any questions or want more pictures just email me at IMATOTALMORON@IDIOT.COM

Don't you just want to go up to that person, and to borrow a very fun phrase - whack-a-moron-with-a-clue-bat? 


I know Halfies aren't supposed to be draft horse heavy, and if this guy needed some serious groceries then I WILL give her props for getting him back to a normal weight. He still looks a bit beat up around the edges, but thats pasture condition for you. 

What I want to know is why the HELL are they breeding a RESCUE HORSE?????

Does that make a LICK of sense to anyone out there? 

Generally as a rule legit 501(c) horse rescues will NOT EVER adopt out a whole male horse. Boy Bits get removed as soon as the horse can handle the surgery. 

So that is telling us that this person did not get this horse from a legit rescue org, but instead privately. 

We need more people rescuing horses. I'm not against that. 


For $500 I would be ALL over this guy if he wasn't on the other side of the country from me. Another $300 for the snip snip, and for less than a grand I'm in with an awesome project gelding who already drives? HOLY COW. Throw him into a refresher course with someone that knows what they are doing, retrain/refresh with some basic under saddle lessons, and you'll have yourself a heck of a horse! 

(P.S. - Halfies are some of the hardiest trail horses you'll ever find - and most of them are absolutely AWESOME with kids too!)


Oh, and by the way, who the hell nowadays has a 600!!!!! horse breeding operation that starves their horses, and why hasn't THAT been in the horsey interwebz news gossip rounds????

{EDIT: You know, I had to come back in to add this - if they are that close to the Canadian border, would the PMU farms use Halflinger stallions as crosses on the draft mares? I thought they were using higher quality Quarter Horse, Warmblood, a Thoroughbred stallions to improve the quality of the foals they were producing? Was just a thought. A PMU farm would produce that many animals per year, but I doubt they would starve the horses that badly? Am I wrong there? Ok, this is going into an entirely different topic.}

I also have a friday bonus for everyone. Yea! This is something for everyone to really ponder the absolute asinine moronic senseless dangerous kid killing mind numbing (ok, running out of appropriate adjectives here...) stupidity. 

Yes, I blew it up as big as blogger will let me {Edit: had to reduce the size down to the Large, not X-Large, it didn't all fit} because I think this needs to be a HUGE MASSIVE GIANT ENORMOUS poster with a huge red circle/slash for why some people should NEVER EVER OWN MINIATURE HORSES OR ANY HORSES EVER AT ALL. NEVER. We can roll it up and use it as our own 'clue bat', yes?

Do you see the lead rope and where it goes? Tied to the fence, 10+ feet long, running UNDER the belly between the legs and attached to the halter. When I saved this picture, I actually named it 'lets kill our kid today' because thats exactly what I see happening here. 

I don't care how big or small your horse is. This is an accident waiting to happen. Even a mini of this small stature can seriously harm or kill this kid if he makes the wrong step, gets caught up in that lead rope, and freaks out. There is a fence behind him that can easily trap that kid, and even a mini's small hooves, when driven into a child's skull, can kill, or at the least, disable the child to a vegetable fed by tubes the rest of his miserable bed ridden life. 

Let us also throw out the fun fact that I happen to know this miniature is..... wait for it ........ A STUD! I know, I know, total shocker, right?

I"m going to make an educated guess and say that the guy with the three spare tires is either dad, granddad, or an uncle. I doubt it would be anyone else - I certainly HOPE its not the owner/manager of whatever property this happens to be because DAMN. Talk about a total and complete lack of common sense. Well, actually, let's rephrase that.

The guy is a complete air headed idiot if he doesn't see the danger in this situation.

Do I really even have to say that this should have never been taken to begin with, because anyone with 2 salt shakers worth of intelligence would see the inherent danger here and not just yank that child off of this animals back, then carefully un-tangle the lead from under the barrel, and shorten that lead up about 16,656,572 feet. 

The very, very,VERY first rule I ever learned about tying a horse up is you never ever let the lead rope go beyond the length of your arm. That was the very first thing I ever got drilled into my head when it came to safety on the ground. That was even before the slip knot - because us beginner kids weren't actually tying the horses leads to the hitching posts, the adults did it. The knots came after a few lessons, and only if the kid/student showed common sense in actually retaining the safety lessons being drilled in mentally. The second rule was always tie at eye level or higher. (Those of you with chronic pullers/set back-ers (?) will understand that one very well!) Third was the slip knot. Fourth was never tie on slick, untextured surfaces if you can help it, etc. There were ten altogether.

My childhood riding instructor was a professional level 3 Day Eventer who was extremely strict about safety both on the ground and mounted. I have no regrets whatsoever being started out by her, because she created a foundation of safe handling practices that to this day, I will never forget - but more importantly, STILL FOLLOW.

I sincerely hope that anyone out there that sees this, and thinks I'm being too harsh/this is just a cute photo opportunity picture, please speak up in the comments. I'd love to discuss the topic of child / horse safety with you and find out why this situation is "OK" to have happen. 

I will come back with evidence after evidence of accidents that happen from situation just like this one where the kid ended up a permanent disabled person, or six feet under. As will several other people that read regularly. 

This picture came in an ad, the mini is for sale: 

We have a miniature paint horse in need of a good home. We do not have the time for him that he needs and deserves. He is a stud but he is very sweet. He is cart trained and broke to ride. The price is not firm. If interested let me know ASAP. $300 OBO 
This picture is one of the biggest examples of the words YOU FAIL I have ever seen!
On that so joyous note... I'm off to bed! 
(The Halflinger stallion from today as well as yesterday's ad were picked out of  rescueahorse's daily email. She picks out ads from all over the country and puts them in one long email - I know she doesn't do this just for me but WOW, thank you very much for adding me to your list! Makes my work so much easier here :). Thats also how I knew the city mentioned was in or around NY, it was in series of emails of ads from NY that took several different posts to get out completely. Thank you very much Lynn for your hard work, and I hope you don't mind me ripping some of them apart here. :) 
The miniature stallion picture was provided by Boyfriend Chant du Coeur.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear, Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gone To the Auction Then...

Most of us when presented with the opportunity to attend a livestock auction have one instantaneous reaction - but that reaction can be one of two things. Its either grab the wallet and hitch up the trailer, or freeze the bank cards and find the smallest car to ride in possible. Cause if we take the wallet, and just take the truck, we all know that there is that very very high chance (nearly 100%) that we will end up bringing a four legged critter home - whether we INTEND to or not! lmao. 

I'm thinking that maybe this person should have left the wallet, froze the credit cards in a block of ice, and bicycled over to the auction site. Or better yet, just not attended. 

Horse - $500 (Camden)

This is my yearling horse. I got him from an auction and his paper work says he's a quarter horse. I just do not have the time to train him. He is not gelded and walks good on a lead. $500 or will trade for a ride-able horse. Email me if you are interested. 


So if you can't keep a horse you paid bottom dollar for at the auction - and now you are DUMPING him on craigslist because you don't have time to train him. 

Can You SEE the steam coming from my ears? 

1) The horse was dumped at an auction to start with because there NO MARKET for low bred horses of ANY BREED. 

2) This person obviously felt the need to rescue the young stallion, probably paid up front cash for him, but can't PAY FOR GELDING? If they refuse/can't pay for gelding, then you can be pretty darn sure things like regular vet costs, farrier costs, and the like haven't been done. 

3) They don't have the time to train him? HE'S A YEARLING!!! There isn't much to 'train', at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Training a yearling is things like handling feet, clippers, baths, trailer training, ground manners, basic commands on the ground such as walk, whoa, back, etc. Simple, easy stuff that DOESN'T require more than 5-10 minutes a day! Most of us take longer than that to take a shower! 

4) Whaddya wanna bet that this yearling at auction didn't go for much over $100? And the asking price is now $500? I'm all for making a profit, but this is a bit redonkulous!

5) Anyone out there be willing to actually trade a fully-trained, adult horse for this little guy?

As far as I know, Camden is in NY somewhere, so anyone wanting a little project pony snap this guy up! He's got a whole life ahead of him, and if you start em right, you have a lifetime partner. 

You Can't Flag Me!

This will be unfortunately another short post today, as I am sitting here doing my best to  hammer this out before I finish getting ready for a job interview later today. 

Erin sent me this, and I have posted a few of the ads she has sent me before but this one really caught my attention. 

It is an unfortunate situation that I'm sure many of us have been in before, or at the very least a version of it. I have personally, and thats why I am posting this up for the world to see. 

Horse Theft/Stopped Payment on Check (Baxter)
You can flag this all you want!! I want to get the word out to horse owners who are HONEST and don't deserve to be ripped off. This woman from Rockwell city wrote a check for my gelding and stopped payment after she had him home. She has done this to other people... look at ripped She is on there. Everyone who buys or sells horses should know about her. Donna Bowers, Rockwell City, Iowa. Stole from others, police say she has other civil action suits against her for the same thing.  Here at eqivive we are running low all the time... the sale of a nice horse like Smoky the appy gelding was a huge benefit for us until she STOPPED PAYMENT on it for no reason. Thats malicious. Everyone across the country is cross posting... so whoever flags this it will be in VAIN. Amy if you have a problem with this buck up and contact me instead of flagging it!!! Amy (phone #).

I guess she's been posting that a number of times, and every time the post gets flagged, and removed. Hmm, well since you can't flag me, its here permanently. 

So, to further this conversation, because at least Amy has an idea of where Smoky is, what have you all done to combat a woman like this? In my situation, the mare you see up on the right sidebar with the caption "Mamma Girl", I was leasing out from my former employer in exchange for feeding and cleaning stalls at her boarding property. I was also working as her housekeeper nearly full time, and the house was on the property. I had known her since I was 15, and as a teenager, she was a second mom to me. 

On my 30th birthday, after 8 months of leasing the mare and just totally head over heels bonded/in love with her, her owner/my employer gave her to me outright for my 30th birthday. Wrote up a bill of sale and transfer of title to her, had it notarized and it was completely legal. That was October of 2008. A few months after that, I went from being her housekeeper back out to the horses full time like I had been as a teenager, and was working under the horse trainer she had brought in from California. Things were great for a time, then around June of last year things changed. There was an attitude shift in her and she started demanding more, more from me, yet paying the same. I won't get into the details, but at the end I was literally working over 90 hours a week for $300 / week. Do the math and yup...Thats what I was supporting my self, 2 kids, and a horse on. 

I decided it wasn't worth it, started looking for other employment, and shit went downhill really fast. I had made plans to move the mare to a facility less than 5 minutes from me but the night before the transport was scheduled to pick her up I got an email from her saying that if I showed up with a trailer the next day I would be arrested for trespassing, and she was not allowing the mare to leave her property. I immediately called the police, and because it was a civil matter, not criminal, the were unable to do anything. I then talked to a local lawyer that specializes in equine law here in Az, and she pretty much echoed the same thing - I'd have to sue through civil small claims court. 

So I went to the court. Court fees just to file the case would have amounted to well over $800, money I didn't have. And you can't get a waiver on civil fees like you can for divorce and child custody cases. I was sol, and had no other way to get her back. 

That was last year, and July 31st marks the very last day I saw her in person. 

This posting up above hit me pretty hard, and I sincerely hope that this amy either gets this resolved, or gets her horse back. 

Now, let's hear your stories!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Got this in over the weekend

Is there anyone out there that might be able to help out? I understand that there are some cases where euthanasia might be the best option, but if someone is willing to make her comfortable for the last few years of her life, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Leaving the link live, click for the email through Craigslist. This was simply copied from the email directly, sent by Lynn, who is behind 

Click here for the original ad.

FREE PONY - or she will be put down (Weare, NH)

Date: 2010-07-10, 9:39AM EDT
Reply to:
[Errors when replying to ads?]

Welsh/TB Mare Approx 12 yrs, 14 hands, Blue Roan. Been diagnosed with soft tissue damage in front right hoor, needs 6 months to a year of stall rest. Will let you talk to vet. She's a GREAT mare, very loving. She's done Pony Hunters in 07 & 08. Daughter went on to horses but rode her consistantly. Too nice of a pony to put down, PLEASE help this pony.

image 1835339911-0
image 1835339911-1
image 1835339911-2

(I apologize for the caps at the beginning of the post. Blogger keeps re formatting it in caps, even though I have gone into the html several times and edited out that part of the code. No clue why it keeps doing that.)