Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Friday Featured FUGLY Stallion!

Thank you for our reader submitted ad for today!

This week I started the new WTF Wed, and today is the first Friday Featured Fugly Stallion. AAAANNNDDDD.... its a doozy.

Read it and weep.


Yes, it actually says: "hi i have a nise saddlebred stallion at stud $250 he is not for sale hes foal saddlebred/fillie". 

Oh, wait - it gets so much better!



Cause who just DOESN'T want to breed to a filthy, fugly, mud surrounded meat market level stallion surrounded by the luxurious trailer accommodations! 

I can totally understand the ground being muddy. Heck, its been raining the last 3 out of 5 days here in PHOENIX, AZ this week - but OMG. Is it really that difficult to find a decently clean spot, CLEAN THE HORSE UP A BIT, and take a half way decent picture? 

Also, studying the picture where the horse is facing left, while it is very difficult to see, it does at first glance look like the lead rope is wrapped around the horses front right leg, then trails off on the ground. I put the picture into paint shop and zoomed in a bit, and I actually think there is someone standing behind the horse holding the rope and allowing the end to trail under the horse for several feet. If you look very closely just next to the horses' front legs, you can see what looks like a human pant leg. This just adds to the stupidity in my book. These people obviously have NO FREAKIN CLUE what they are doing with a horse, much less with a 'breeding' stallyion! 

The sick part ... they ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARES! Whether from their own herd, or outside its impossible to tell because they don't list a website (OH THE FUN THAT WOULD BE...) but look...


A "fillie". Did I mention that I wanted to slap these people already?

I quote the wonderful reader, Cheryl, when she sent it to me: "Why oh why would anyone in their right mind want to take their mare to this place to be bred to this stallion?  Junky trailer, crappy fencing, nothing but mud & stallion tied to a tree.  Ummm yea - I really want my mare bred in such pristine sanitary conditions.  All that for a $250 breeding to your fugly stallion.  I don't think so.  I do think that they should be nominated for poster child of BYB's."

EXACTLY Cheryl. This is why we have the over surplus of horses that we have. This is why we have the debate surrounding whether to have horses slaughtered within the US Borders. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEM, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. I currently have in my ad possibilities list three other ads from IL, every ad has at least 5 horses that have all been bred together and not a single one of any of them has done anything other than wear a halter... and in one ad in particular, I have doubts about even that! (Check back monday for those.)

This poor guy needs a serious upgrade, to someone that will actually understand that he needs to put on about 150-200 pounds, needs WORMED, groomed, and just well.... he's in serious need of a small little surgery called 'GELDING'. His eyes are screaming "Save me!" He obviously deserves sooo much more than he's been giving in life. 

I have a serious feeling that once his owners are past the novelty of breeding horses, this guy won't find a great 'forever' home. He's in Fresno, and there are plenty of unscrupulous horse traders that wouldn't think twice about sending this guy up to Washington to the Eunemclaw Auction. For those of you that don't shudder with disgust at that name.... well start reading the and you'll understand.

Its these types of ads that make me want to scream, throw things against the wall, and smack the owners upside the head! This is why I started this blog... because otherwise my blood pressure would be 200/150 day in and day out, and quite frankly, my health is pretty important to me. 

OT: Off to the side of the blog you will see a new ad for I found them digging around on facebook I think, and discovered that they offer free directory listings for equine related websites and businesses. After a few minor stumbles in the submit page I managed to get myself listed. Please click on the ad or the link above and check them out. 

All right folks, have a good weekend, and I'll see you back here on monday! Keep searching those ads, and send em in. You just might find yourself quoted!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WTF WED: Sometimes what is on the surface isn't the "bad..."

Welcome to the very first WTF WED. :) Today's ad was sent to me by a new reader (Thanks Cheryl!) through email. As I was reading the ad posted from Fresno, CA, I couldn't figure out what was really wrong with it, granted its for a now 2 year old stallion that is barely halter broke, but as they are only asking $800 for him, I figured that was a reasonable price considering almost immediately most people would geld him. Some halfway decent info on the colt, its pretty typical for a 2 year old to be portrayed this way. He's just starting out and hasn't been worked with much. Seems to be a decent willing personality. 


Ad  Text: 
ranger is a well built stud colt w 2 blue eyes. sorrel paint. will be 2yrs in jun. currently 13.2hh big butt. GREAT personality. lots of fun. gets along great w mares and geldings. does great in a pasture. ties, trailers, bathes, ponies. hes a real blast to play with. very smart and fast learner. would be very easy to train. his sire is used for roping and kids ride him. he dos not act like a stud and neither does ranger. ranger likes to play w my dogs. not spooky at all. hes very interested in things. u will absalutly love this guy. hes got one of those personality s where hes just so much fun to be around. come and c for ur self how cool he is. call seanna @ 559-908-8380 also check out his sire and dame and the color his sire has thrown. $800 firm
check out his sire Casper @-
check out foals his sire has thrown @

Ok so there were no pictures posted (thats pretty common, as CL is finicky about pics uploaded), and clicked the links. They go to a freeservers website (covered in advertising and not clean or professional looking at all) for the owners ranch. 


This is Ranger. He's rather cute. He's a prime candidate for the cute GELDING of the year award.

Oh. Ok. NOW I get it. We have a typical backyard breeder here. Mr. Voo Doos Ghost is a done nothing, mediocre paint stallion that they are breeding ONLY because he's KOLORED. Oh, and Ghostie is by a stallion that is a "RARE" homozygous tovero. *snork*  I am starting to see why Voo Doo's son up for sale here is a stallion at all. He's got "the world champion bloodlines" that are.... letssseeee.... one generation, two generations, THREE generations back! This is Rangers's grandsire. Gallant isn't that bad of a stallion. He actually looks like he should be a stallion. However, his son, Voo Doo's Ghost... DOES NOT need or look like he should be a stallion. Gallant's sire is Gallant's Move, who is the "BIG NAME" on the pedigree, a horse that actually DID something and earned a Supreme Champion APHA title.

As I'm reading through the site, there are a few things in particular that really jumped out at me. The most glaring is this little gem of text, "Please take note: Casper does NOT photo well. In all the years I have owned him, I have not ONE good picture of him! We live on uneven terrain. All the flat spots that are available to photo him are littered with my husbands junk. Please, come and see him in person and be completly amazed by this blue eyed stallion."  

Ok, WHAT THE FUCK? All the flat spots that you can possibly take a DECENT picture of your stallion, who you are admittedly advertising for breeding, cause your stallion REALLY REALLY needs to make more of himself, (REALLY!?), you can't because of your HUSBAND'S JUNK??? But yet its ok to come see it in person?? Why can't you MOVE IT or CLEAN IT UP? You can't move it, you can't take a decent picture, but you want people to see it in person. Whomever that bit of logic made sense to, has NO sense. And then you POST it on your stallions advertising page. Thats classy, folks.

This is totally besides the fact that most stallion owners don't take promotional pictures themselves, they HIRE someone else to do it. Yes, it costs some money. Its not the cheapest thing in the world. BUT if you want to set your stallion apart from the millions of back yard breeders such as this wonderful ranch, then you buck up the money and get those pro pics. YOU haul the stallion to shows/competitions. YOU compete on him, other than just local 'fun days'. YOU spend the money to show the world that your stallion is WORTH spending the money on! 

The bottom line: If the freakin' owners don't think the stallion is worth spending the money on, why should the mare owners spend their hard earned money in stud fees to the same stallion?!!


Oh, did I mention he's a 'rope' horse? As in one of a million such horses. Why do horses become roping horses? Usually because they are either bred for it, or they don't have the athletic ability to do anything else besides walk down a trail. I'm sure he's a great horse. I just don't understand why we need more of his 'rare' coat pattern?

What else stood out like a sore thumb to me? Oh, the mare. 

They have also on their sale page a red roan mare by the appropriate name of Rosie. Rosie was purchased as a childs mount, and seemed to do ok with that job. They say she taught their daughter how to ride, and from the looks of her, I actually don't doubt that. In the picture below, she just looks like one of those wonderful caring babysitter type mares that just love having someone or something to watch over.


What the hell happened to this mare? Apparently she got injured pretty badly, and is no longer ridable. 


Its rather hard to tell how old the injury to her hock is in this picture, but they do say that she was involved in a 'wire' accident. That MUST have been some heck of an accident, as it caused her entire BODY SHAPE to change. She went from sleek, shiny, happy, and gorgeous, to... sad, skinny (see the ribs? and whats goin' on with that ridge down the bottom of her belly?), and depressed (the look in her eyes in the second picture compared to the first just kills me!). They are trying to find a new home for her too, which...

Ok. *deep breath* I have a damn strong feeling that the child was playing around on her on the property, and something happened and she got tangled up in some of that JUNK of daddy's, and nearly caused Rosie to loose her life. JUST LOOK AT THAT HOCK. Granted, in the picture, its somewhat scabbed up, but its still protruding out a decent amount. Wire injuries usually slice, dice, and scrape horrendous amounts of skin off. That to me, looks suspiciously like a puncture wound. Now I'm not a vet nor a vet tech, but I have seen a fair amount of injuries to horses and this one just doesn't smell right. Nor was I there to confirm my suspicions. I might could probably be totally off on this one. 

What I do know however, is they certainly aren't planning on keeping her in a 'forever home' due to her injuries. Oh no, they are looking to dump her on someone else for the rest of her life, however long that might be. The page hasn't been updated in some time, they mention her 09 foal, so who knows where she is now. I fear to ask. Many a time a 'good home' ends up suddenly showing a whole different personality the moment they leave the sellers farm and all of a sudden the horses find themselves on the road to the local horse auction. A horse with an injury like that? Fair game. I sincerely hope that mare DID find herself a decent pasture where she can stand and swish flies the rest of her deserving life.

Sometimes it pays to click those links. On one hand you obviously have a very cute gelding-to-be that needs a great home. On the other you are dealing with what looks on the outside to be knowledgeable horse people that are involved with who knows what (they are looking to trade that colt for sale for a MINI for their petting zoo? check THAT out on their sales page link!), so in this situation, whomever buys or looks at buying that little colt, better watch out.

Until tomorrow! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OT Musings

Starting this week I will be doing 'theme' days. Friday for sure will be the new "Friday Featured Stallion", showcasing the best of the most horribly advertised stallions on CL. I had a reader send me a link to an ad that will be perfect for the inaugural post. 

But I need Ideas for other days! Maybe "Marish Monday"? "Wednesday W-T-H(F)"? Oh I kinda like that one. 

Also, once I get a few more followers, I will run a contest to see who can bring in the MOST followers, with some sort of online gift certificate (I'm thinking Amazon?) for around $25. I'll post details when the time is right. 

Also, as usual, if you see those ads that make you cringe, send em in. If you really need to rant about it in the email, then please by all means do so! I'll quote you in the blog for it, if you want. Screenshots are welcome, but send a link as well.

Have a good tuesday!

Sad state of affairs today

Today will be a 'worst' of blog. 

All three horses today are in dire - in one case very desperate - need of upgrading and re-homing. 


Ad Text: 
i have an horse thats is 27 ear old she is still riding me and my kids she loves trails just dont have the time to ride or take care of the way she needs she is a brown horse with a white diamond on her forehead and belly i am asking a 50 dollar rehoming fee plz text/call or email me my #xxx. 

(no picture)

These are our adults writing this. Its a 27 year old horse that way deserves to be treated better than I guarantee this person has treated her. 


Ad Text: 
Clydesdale for sale. she's 16 hands. Vet said she's about 4 or 5 years old. She's broke. Not shoed. Not trailor broke. She was recently dewormed. Good with kids. She's real smart. She's fast & strong and rides like a dream. She has a thick brown winter coat from all the snow. I'm selling her due to hard times (economy). Price is FIRM for she's worth ALOT more. 



*HEADDESK* Ok, at least... at least this one is broke. Supposedly. She's still not being taken care of decently and looks to be underweight and wormy, not to mention  but maybe someone with an eye for drafts will snatch her up - hopefully for a lot less than the $5000 being asked for her. Because, no, she's NOT worth that much. 

And finally... saving the "best" for last...


Ad Text: 
will be 3 in August. not broke would make good horse no time to break out to ride. 14.2 hands

$50.00 or best offer


I sincerely wish that at this time I had 1 million readers in all parts of the country so someone would see that arabian gelding and take him out of his misery, and get him looking like the superstar he so desperately needs to become. 

I don't think I even need to comment on that poor geldings condition. Any person with eyes that had a heart can see how miserable he is. 

I thought I was against licencing for horse ownership, yet the more I see this level of  'care', it makes me think more and more that maybe a licence for ownership wouldn't be such a bad idea. 

On a personal note, its been very rainy and cold the last few days, and been good weather to hole up and do things like read, and catch up on tv episodes on, as well as get totally engrossed in looking at these horrible ads. Time to go find something cheery. Night.