Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, There's the LIE(S)!

Public pressure can do so much good sometimes.

This girl has told so many lies - its nearly impossible to keep track of them now. I have totally given up trying. 

Thats Twist. Now, I can't be the only thats wondering if you can get this close to her to take the picture, and there's one even closer to the camera (below) - does that seem like a wild and uncontrollable mare to you? Now, I understand that in the pasture, sometimes horses that are somewhat rank will seem meek and mild. But seriously, ears are up, she's interested in her surroundings, she's not showing any fear in her body language at all, she's relaxed, etc, etc. 

Wild, rank, and dangerous huh? That sure looks like a rank, wild, man eating mare to me. Serious need of a trim though, those toes are a bit long. 

Two days ago (or was it yesterday?) the mare wasn't available for sale. HMMMM...

make me an offer. 
4-5yrs old 
proven broodmare 
blm title and papers. 
legal to sell and breed. 
training cost about 300$ and she will be a great horse! perfect shw horse. will be nice speed horse. 
hooves black and current nice and tough! 
we were asking 325$ for her. hes a mighty nice mare. i never had the time for her since i rescued her from some hick! 
shes a perfect horse to keep alone. shes shy at first but great once shes used to you! 

[phone numbers listed here, retracted]
black stud will be sold. he has made blue roans!!! and hes green broke MAKE OFFER!!! HES THE BLACK HORSE. 

UPDATE: i will be hard breaking her as soon as she gives birth. i have not had the chance to break her since shes been pregnant for 10 months. 
she will be some sort of broke but not in the nicest way. get her now and you can have her broke the nicer way! 

BABY DOES NOT GO WITH THE MOM. rebreeding by stud for extra 75$ thank you. please bid higher then the meat guy. he has offered 200$ for each horse. 
will be working with mom now. so the quicker you buyer the better. 
mare can leave in 3 months WITHOUT BABY 

stallion is green broke (saddle broke with rider and bit trained.) 
im accepting 300$ cash for stud 
OR 500$ for both!!! 

Its not even worth it to me anymore to screen shot all the ads. I'll just mention this - its apparently a better deal for her to break the mare after delivery than it was pre-foal - cause I guess having the mare undergo basic saddle training while suckling a foal is the responsible thing to do! 

By the way, that above ad was posted back on MAY 5th. She's been at this for some time now, trying to sell these two horses. Yet she keep saying nobody wants them o.O. Hmm... wonder why? Could it be because she drives every potential buyer away?

Now, on to the fun part. 

DALLIE said...


I wasn't even going to do this. I think you guys all did a FINE job of it for me. But, then I re-read it again, and I just have to make one teeny tiny little point - 
It must really be hard on her to know that her daughter is like this at 18 years of age. Between the lies, the animosity shown to the very people she's trying to reach out to, the lack of maturity in handling sales such as this; pretty much this whole disaster - this mom must really be one heck of a nut job to allow this to happen in her presence. 

Its not even worth my time to answer this line by line - I could, but why? What would it prove? That I'm better than her? That I can spell and actually write in complete sentences? Eh, we all already know that. 
No, its not worth it because she will never see the error of her daughters ways, no matter what we all say, do, or pound our heads against in frustration. They might be getting rid of these horses, they might not be. At this point, who the heck knows. 
The sad part is that in a few months, or a year, or whatever the time frame happens to be, because Melissa isn't learning a damn thing over all of this except that MOMMY will step in and fight her battles for her, defend every bit of crap she does, and its OK - this will repeat itself over and over again. 
So, those of you that are in the area, you know the best things to do. Keep an eye on the ads, because as this foal gets older, she'll want more and more to get rid of the mare - even more than she already does. There is no true affection for this mare on her part, and I doubt there ever will. But, she will keep posting ads, and she will (hopefully) post pictures. Watch those horses carefully to the best that you can. Watch for signs of neglect, abuse, and the like. Alert your authorities if you feel the need. Call the local ACO/Sherriff's Department and have them do a welfare check. If they don't have anything to hide, then they won't get into any trouble. Simple as that. 
We've proven she's a liar, immature in her business dealings, irresponsible in her horse-keeping, and has a very small sense of personal responsibility. She is a legal adult, and until she decides to educate herself on these things, nothing will change. She'll keep repeating the same patterns until some horse ends up in severe trouble, and the 'right' person sees it. 
Meanwhile, those of you that are doing you best to get your hands on these horses, keep trying and good luck. If not, then again, watch the ads. Send someone she doesn't know in to talk to her. You all know the tricks. Try not to get too discouraged, too mad, and don't put yourself in a position to get yourself in any legal trouble. Watch for the auctions, and if you can, bring a trailer. Even if you don't get these horses in particular, there's always more out there just as deserving of a place to go. 
I'll keep an eye on the ads in the area myself, but the blog needs to move on to other idiots out there that deserve our attention just as much as she does. 

Oh, and by the way Dallie? I didn't take a picture of her myspace. She at least has a small smidgen of sense to keep the myspace page listed as private. That's the picture she posted that was publicly visible, and the ONLY reason I screen captured it was because her current mood was "hung ona rope". That just didn't seem, well, very normal to me. The OTHER picture I snagged from her BOYFRIEND's page, which IS very public. 

You must be so proud of her - the way she acts with such dignity, responsibility, and maturity, right? 

Keep me updated, and I'll see you all back here on Monday!

Its Genetic!

So, as I sit here on the edge of my bed, trying to wake up just enough to go get ready for my JOB, I'm checking all the stuff that had hit my phone overnight.

I am emailed your posted comments so I get tons of emails daily/nightly. So imagine my surprise to find out that our favorite mustang breeder's Mom came out guns blazing in her defense.

I apparently can't copy the text and paste it on my little phone here, but by all means, I invite ALL of you to see exactly what wonderful words of wisdom she has to say about her lovely daughter.

I am appalled at her attitude, her total lack of caring for the mess her daughter has created, and of course, she's defending her daughter to the death!

The comment is under the main thread, for those that wish to read it.

One more thought before I go get ready for my 5th day out of a 6 day work week - if that were me acting like that in public, outright lying like that, etc - and my mother caught me doing it? (And, yup, occasionally she peeks in here to see what I'm doing) For starters I'd get lectured on stopping the crap immediately. Then she'd actually make sure I cleaned up the mess I made.

No-thats not entirely true either. See, she raised me the right way to tell the truth, not screw people over, to write with correct spelling and grammar, and to not, generally speaking, be a total ASS!

I work for a living as the majority of you all do too. I don't earn enough to have the privledge of owning a horse, no matter how I try to tweak my budget. This girl had absolutely no idea how many others out there would be so completely thrilled to have horses, and to see this crap instead? It just makes me that much more irritated.

Anyways, please have a look at what mom wrote, and I'll 'formally' adress the rest of what she said later this weekend.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

OT: Beet Pulp Safety Warning (aka the famous squirrel story)

I know I don't normally post twice in a day, and this one is completely off topic - heck, even off BLOG, but I was laughing SOOOO hard while reading this from Horse Laughs that I had to share. 

The Title is a link as well to the blog itself. Enjoy. 

Beet Pulp Safety Warning (aka the famous squirrel story)

I think most people have heard this one by now but it bears repeating! Enjoy....

People into equine nutrition are notorious for spending their time doing the oddest things. While everyone else has normal nightmares about finding themselves riding in the World stark naked past the press corps, nutrition people fret over whether their carefully thought-out recommendations will make the difference between Muffy the Superhorse winning his next competition in fame and glory, or falling into a dead faint somewhere between being saddled and the starting line. 

In the end, the finer points of nutrition often make zero difference, however, because you generally find out that: a) Muffy won't even touch your carefully crafted ration, much preferring to eat his bedding, the vet's fingers and anything from the Taco Bell menu; b) the moment you finish calculating the Perfect Equine Ration featuring Aunt Tilly's Super Horsey Yums Yums, the feed company goes out of business or is indicted on environmental pollution charges; c) it's all irrelevant, anyway, because the barn manager's favorite phrase is "Well, we've always fed this way and hardly ever lose a horse to colic", and steadfastly refuses to feed anything at all other than His Very Own Secret Recipe, featuring lawn clippings, glazed doughnuts and something that smells a lot like latex.

However, every now and then, you stumble across a feed that horses actually like (at least, after that initial suspicious, "You're trying to poison me, aren't you?" look), is wonderfully nutritious, cheap to feed and still Obscure and Mysterious enough that people feel like they're really on The Cutting Edge in feeding it to Muffy. Beet pulp is like that, and for a long time I thought the only disadvantage to it was the minor inconvenience of having to soak it before feeding. Some folks skip that part, but others revel in making sure everyone else in the barn knows just how conscientious and detail-minded they are about Muffy's nutritional well-being. 
However, eventually I knew the true downside to beet pulp would show up, and thought it only fair that I pass it along...

This afternoon I decided to bring some beet pulp pellets into the house to soak, because I wanted to get an idea of exactly how much they expanded in volume during the soaking process. Academic types are like that, pathetically easy to amuse and desperately in need of professional help. I knew they expanded quite a bit, because the first time I'd innocently added water to a five-pound bucket of beet pulp, I'd come back later to find my feed room practically awash in beet pulp, providing a breakfast that every horse within a five mile radius still remembers with fond nostalgia. So in the interest of scientific curiosity, I trundled in a bucket, about three pounds of beet pulp, added in the water and set it in the living room to do its thing. No problem. Research in action.

Well, in our ongoing quest to turn this house into Noah's Ark, we have not only four horses, three dogs, four neurotic cats, a sulfur-crested cockatoo, a cockatiel and assorted toads, we also have William. William is a fox squirrel who absent-mindedly fell out of his tree as a blind and hairless baby two years ago and whom the vet promptly handed off to the only person he knew silly enough to traipse around with a baby squirrel and a bottle of Esbilac into her bookbag. Actually, the trick wasn't in keeping such a tiny creature warm, fed and clean---it was keeping a straight face and looking as mystified as everyone else when William woke up hungry and started pipping for his bottled like a very small, slightly muffled alarm clock.

Invariably, this usually occurred while I was standing in line at the post office, picking up a pizza for dinner or on one memorable occasion, taking a final exam in biochemistry. Being no dummy, William knew a sucker when he saw one and has happily been an Urban Squirrel ever since.
And for those of you that think A Squirrel's Place is In The Wild, don't think we didn't try that...his first Christmas, we thought we'd give him his first lesson in Being a Wild Squirrel by letting him play in the undecorated Christmas tree. His reaction was to shriek in horror, scoter frantically across the floor and go try to hide underneath the nearest border collie. Since then, the only way he will allow himself to be taken outside is hiding inside Mummy's shirt and peering suspiciously out at the sinister world.

So much for the re-make of Born Free in San Dimas. So secure is he about his place in the world that on more than one occasion, I've caught him sitting on his fat, smug little bottom, making faces out the window at our neighborhood (very frustrated) red-tailed hawk---like as not clutching a cashew in one paw and a bit of mango in the other.

Anyway, when I set out the bucket of beet pulp, I may have underestimated the lengths that a young and enthusiastic squirrel will go to to stash all available food items in new and unusual hiding spots. I thought letting William out of his cage as usual and giving him a handful of almonds to go happily cram under cushions and into sleeping dog's ears was sufficent entertainment for the afternoon. After all, when I left, he was gleefully chortling and gloating over his pile of treasure, making sure the cockatoo saw them so he could tell her I Have Almonds And You Don't. So much for blind optimism.

Apparently when the almond supply ran out, beet pulp pellets became fair game and I can only imagine the little rat finding that great big bucket and swooning with the possibilities of being able to hide away All That Food. The problem isn't quite so much that I now have three pounds of beet pulp pellets cleverly tucked away in every corner of my house, it's that as far as I can tell, the soaking-expanding-and-falling-apart process seems to be kinda like nuclear meltdown. Once the reaction gets started, no force on earth is going to stop it.
So when I come back from the grocery store, not only do I find an exhausted but incredibly Fulfilled squirrel sprawled out snoozing happily up on the cat tree, I find that my house smells a lot like a Jamaican feed mill and virtually every orifice is crammed full of beet pulp. This includes the bathroom sink drain, the fish tank filter, in my undie drawer, in the kitty box (much to their horror) and ALL the pockets of my bookbag. Not to mention that in enthusiastically stuffing beet pulp into the air holes of the little box that hold live crickets for the toad's dinner, William managed to open it up and free several hundred crickets into the living room. It's not that I mind crickets springing to and fro, it's just that it sounds a lot like an Evening in the Amazon Rain Forest in here. The cats, on the other hand have never had such a marvelous time steeple-chasing after stray crickets back and forth over the furniture, crunching up the spoils of the hunt (which wouldn't be so bad if they would just chew with their mouths closed), and sicking up the more indigestible parts onto the rug.

I simply can't WAIT to turn on the furnace and find out what toasting beet pulp smells like. The good news is that in case of siege, I have enough carbohydrates hidden in my walls and under the furniture to survive for years. The bad news is that as soon as I try to remove any of this stash, I get a hysterical squirrel clinging to my pant leg, tearfully shrieking that I'm ruining all his hard work and now he's going to starve this winter. (This is despite the fact that William is spoiled utterly rotten, knows how to open the macadamia nut can all by himself and has enough of a tummy to have earned him the unfortunate nickname Buddha Belly.)

So in case anyone was losing sleep wondering just how much final product you get after soaking three pounds of beet pulp, the answer is a living room full. I'd write this new data up and submit it as a case study paper to the nutrition and physiology society, but I suspect the practical applications may be limited.
Off to go empty the Shop-Vac. Again.

Susan Evans Garlinghouse 1997

OT: We Need Some "Happy"!

Happy Friday! 

Going a bit off topic today, as its Friday (DUH), payday for me (YEA!), and quite frankly,  we need some happiness for leading into the weekend, don't you think? Besides, I think the Friday (or Thursday lol) Featured Fugly Stallion (FFFS, to you new readers) yesterday did quite well for our weekly fugly breeding stallion. I'd say the 4-5 year old BLM mustang stallion thats not even quite even yet completely saddle broke, yet is still being bred is Fugly enough, yes!?

So for most of you that weren't following our little dramatic blog post aftermath last night, you should absolutely go back to yesterday's post, and read the post again - three separate updates were posted by me as things were getting found out by those working locally to get those horses upgraded. Tons of comments were left, some were highly intriguing!

As I normally write up the blog posts for each day the night before, and am doing so now, I am still (even at 11:32pm my time!) getting a slow and steady flow of information on those horses. In a nutshell, she posted three or four more ads today? It started with all horses were reduced for quick sale, or would be sent to the auction on the 26th. I started posting that everywhere I could, and several hours later, she posted again that the stallion and the pony were still up for sale as she was 'downsizing to 5', but the mare was no longer available. More emails came forth proving her lies, and even one of her HIGH SCHOOL classmates posted saying that they still hadn't graduated high school yet, and she is the most "ignorant and idiotic girl" in real life. 

And THEN, while searching for another ad she posted late in the evening, but was flagged before I could get to it, I found that someone had posted a link to the blog post to warn everyone about her. *giggle* I know I shouldn't laugh, but it is kinda hysterically insane - this whole thing. 

Anyways, whether or not she still has the mare is a huge question right now, and apparently she still has the stallion and the pony still available. We'll see what happens today - I have to work for a short time, but its my 'short day' and will be home in the afternoon. I also get emailed all comments to my phone, but have not yet figured out how to respond so it doesn't go directly to the person's email, instead of HERE, where I want it. Suggestions, anyone? LOL. 

There is a very nice bright spot in all of this giant messiness, and that was the blog was brought into my radar of blogishness. This blog is ME, with all the snark, attitude, righteousness, sarcasm *hehe*, and harping on about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY just like *I* do; only it's dealing with all the other poor animals that get dumped and sold and given away on Craigslist. Its very amusing and well worth the time spent reading - I especially enjoyed this post. Way, Way too funny!

P.S. - its WORDPRESS, not blogspot lol. I typed it originally as blogspot - that address doesn't exist! 

Lets all suffer through a moment of awkwardness while I admit I have no idea if the blog writer is a him or her, so I will simply say its wonderful to meet you, the writer of this wonderful blog,  and I will be adding your blog to the links at the sidebar. Also expect to receive ads from me as well; as I also look for fugly trailers and fugly tack as well :) 

So go forth and read, readers. 

But not before I share the BESTEST news of them all!


I received an email update about 3 pm-ish with the Firecracker news that she had been found. 

Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but heres basically what happened. She was not taken by an unsavory person - she was part of a larger group of riders that are part of the Arizona Back Country Riders. They have a message board that K is a member of. The group is a statewide informal club of trail riders that get together for planned group rides all over the state. K let me know she had been found, so I thank you very much for that! (I also created an account there too, btw!)

Last weekend the Riders were up in a recreational area just outside of Prescott, Arizona, and during a rest stop, two horses got loose from the main group. The riders had dismounted and were allowing some of the horses to graze at will while not tied up. Trixie was one of the two that decided to go sightseeing all by her pretty painted little self. The other horse was caught almost immediately, but Trixie eluded capture. 

I'm sure she thought it was a wonderful game that she was playing with her people! 

So the group, and what an amazing group it is, immediately banded together this week, and search parties were formed almost on the fly daily going up to the area to search for her. Air patrols were considered, and everyone under the sun here in AZ was notified, if you check out the (at least at time of writing) on the home page you'll see a blurb about Trixie. I'm sure they'll be notified asap, if they haven't already been - so at some point in the near future it might change to a found blurb :) Which is just awesome. 

So Trixie decides to blaze a few trails on her own, while people are looking for her for nearly 4 days. One of the board members contacts an Animal Communicator who is also a member, and has assisted in many lost pet rescues. Now, whether you believe in humans communicating telepathically with animals or not, she played a MAJOR role in locating Trixie. She was able to pinpoint almost exactly where the mare was by describing the area immediately around the horse (within a few feet of a stream, beside a tree that looks like ...., etc), how the horse was hung up (saddle on brush), and even that Trixie knew people had been close, but had not yet seen her - and also that she really wanted to be found. *AWWWWWW* 

She was found still saddled, and a bit more dehydrated than we would all like our horses to be, as she couldn't actually get to the stream to drink. She was immediately taken to a vet up in the area, and the thread on the board as of midnight tonight was still awaiting the owner to post updates. Everything since she was found was posted by friends of the owner, as she was *obviously* dealing with the mare's immediate health issues. 

ADDED: VIDEO! I love this :). She's obviously so totally happy to be with people again, you can read it in her body language. She keeps sniffing the people around her, won't take her ears off of them, and when Karen goes to kiss her on the forehead she lowers her head and closes her eyes - almost as if she's saying, "OH THANK YOU!" 

Also gotta LOVE the huge yawn at the end! HEHE. 

So, on that very happy note, I leave you to your Father's Day Weekend - *I* of course get to work straight through to Sunday again this week, so I won't be enjoying my weekend very much. However, Toy Story 3 does get released today, and I have a few free passes to a local movie theater, so I'm thinking Monday the kiddos and I are gonna go see Toys ~ and then of course, Eclipse is NEXT WEEKEND *INSERT MAD SCREAMING HERE*, you *know* who you are - and thats it for me for the night/week! 

Of course, if anything else does happen with our favorite mustang obsessed teenager, I'll put it up as soon as I can. :D 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Melissa Sawiki of Albion, Michigan - YOU ARE BUSTED!

Two days ago I got an email from a reader whom on request, will stay unnamed. She sent me an ad that just by itself, would result in me having an apocalyptic fit. 

Then she sent me more info. 

At the time of writing this (Wed evening) I currently have somewhere around 30 individual Chrome Tab pages open, all in 'researching' this .... person. 

Thats Melissa Sawiki, there with her tongue out trying to lick her fiancĂ©e. She's about 18 years old, engaged to the guy you see peeking out of the cropped picture there, lives in Albion, Michigan, and according to her twitter page, is horse obsessed!!!! mustang breeder!!! twilight/vampire obsessed.  The Mustang Breeder Part is a decent enough clue - though its like a very small hair in the bigger scope of the entire murder case. 

I am going to do my best to sort through all of this so it makes sense to you. I will also warn you, this may end up being very long - I will do my best to keep it from running into novel length, but there is TON of info I found, and want to share. 

The Craigslist ad (the text of which will be green) that was sent to me was a sale ad for three horses. The highlight was that the mare had just delivered, and she was already trying to sell the mare. I am not even sure If I can post a screenshot of the ad because the ad is HUGE. I'll copy the text over though. The entire mood of the ad was "get them the f**k out of here". Ya, that sounds like a horse obsessed!!!! person, doesn't it? But thats not where this story ends. 

Heck, it hasn't even started yet.

There are also ads, which will look like this.

This is Cyclone, one of the three. He's a black, (Now 5) but is currently being advertised as a 4 year old. He is of course, a BLM mustang stallion. 

To the left it shows him with a saddle and bridle. The tacked up picture was taken from the CL ad, and off of another ad.  The picture on the right was taken from here. In each ad, (there are several) the price is never the same. $500 in one, up to $700 for another.  

this wild mustang is gentle sweet and the fastest of the horses we have, he is only 4! he still needs to grow! but will make beautiful babies! for 150$ we do not ship bring your mare today! he is ready and raring to go! email for info, or call 517 - 1122, he is a BLM mustang, and you can see him here at also have a mare for sale! seen in other ad! you can ask for more pictures aswell, he does have a red tint in his hair, and a scar that turned red, but otherwise he is a black stallion!!! better yet a Mustang stallion!!! for those who would rather start a mustang baby from foal then a wild yearling!!! (these r alot harder to handle!) we have broodmares and we may sell babies, or except trades for breeding, or trade horses! ive got an adorable little bay mustang! that i could consider trade!!! I AM NOW SELLING CYCLONE FOR 500$ HE IS IN TRAINING AND GREEN BROKE. COME GET HIM NOW! 1ST 250$ DOWN PAYMENT TAKES HIM. price only goes up from here! HE THROWS BLUE ROAN FOALS!!!! OR will consider trade for gelding or mare thats broke to ride (horse or large pony) maybe green still. must meet requirements: 13'3plus hhs only. under the age of 16. NO 19plus years. may consider 16-18yr olds. depends. BIG PLUS! will trade both mustangs for a good decent kidsafe horse around 14'2-15hhs thanks!!! NO HALFINGERS NO ACCEPTIONS!!!! WE DO NOT LIKE THEM. THEY ARE WORK HORSES ONLY. MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!! BABIES NOT FOR SALE!!! must go within 2 weeks

I'm not even going to bother blocking out her email. That text was from the same link as the head shot above. I tried to edit that ad from horseclicks, but couldn't decide what to cut out, it was all equally nauseating.

Cyclone (cyclonic destruction)- black stud. blue roan genes. green broke. asking 500$ comes with his papers and possibly a halter. make me an offer!!! he is a proven stud and one of his babies is a blue roan! 
hes 14'2hhs and 4yrs old! very gentle not mean and my 8yr old niece and her friends are always leading him around and grooming him!!! not an aggressive stud! he must go within 2 weeks! or i take him to auction. 

So, just between the two ads, you can see she can't really keep her stories straight. She's all over the place. She's got a third ad up for him here. In one he's listed as a 2006 foal, in another he's 2005? But she's got his papers!  

Oh, and for the record - being able to impregnate a whole 3 mares does NOT make him a 'proven stud'!!! Aeeyyyuppp.... cause what we really need is more fugly mustang and/or half mustang babies, right?

There is, buried deep within that horseclicks ad, a link to a myspace page. Myspace usually drives me insane, but I had to look on this one. If you don't wish to, I don't blame you. All of the text on the page is size 1 text. I of course copied it into a word document, and made it a much more readable size - oh, I really wish I hadn't. Its CYCLONE's Myspace page. This is what she put for his "about me".

·         interseted in making many pretty babies and carrying the legend on!!!
·         no time to see any,
·         ? whats television?,
·         i only read the things that our at our farm like the barn and such.
·         the BLM becuase with out them i wouldnt be here! for those who dont know: BLM stands for Burea of Land Management! they save wild mustangs!
·         Status: Single
·         Here for: Dating, Friends
·         Hometown: WILD
·         Orientation: Straight
·         Body type: 5' 0" / Body builder
·         Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
·         Children: Expecting
·         Occupation: Breeding
·         Income: Less than $30,000  (Ok, me in - why would a horse need an income?)

The Craigslist ad is disturbing though - the 'or I take him to auction' should be a huge, glaring, giant, massive red flag. This is Michigan, folks, a hop, skip, and a jump up to Canada - where Horse Slaughter IS legal. For some reason, I don't see Cyclone putting THAT on his Myspace page! I *wonder* why?

Another ad for the stallion:
i  have a black mustang at stud, his fee is 75$ for this limited time only. he can be seen at and i can be contacted at that or at thnx!!! he is a all black mustang stud titled & papered to me he has red tints in his mane and tail. and has a scar on his shoulder from his captured days, its red. aswell. an lastly he has a perfect white cresant moon shaped marking on forehead (a star) he stands 14hh at 3yrs old. he is extremly fast for those barrel racers and hes very smart!!!! and has the cutest baby face with the sofest velvet fur!!! contact for more info!!! thnx so much ***located in Albion, MI*** may trade breedings for iteams wanted: driving buggy (for a 12hh donkey) harness set. wooden poles ( to extend corral) tack things, need bridals bits, saddles, blankets, saddle racks, brushes ext. thnx again!!!!

As crazy as the stud makes her sound - thats not even the WORST of this. Thats just the appetizer to the main course. 

I was sent a series of emails upon my request (thank you oodles for them, you ladies know who you are) and my jaw just completely dropped to the floor like it *NEVER* has before - and folks, I see a TON of crap in my in-box. Sometimes I think I should post 2x a day just to keep up with it all. 

So, fugly mustang half broke "proven stud" up there, who stands a very good chance of one day being dinner on somebody's plate overseas, was bred to the bay mare shown below. 

Twisted Ellegance-Twist- bay and white mare. very gentle will be an easy breaker. shes scared and shy of some people a man beat her so she cowers from men and likes children and young adults better then adult men. 14'3-15hhs tall and 4yrs old. does not come with halter, but comes with papers. she stays until she has her baby and then next day shes gone. im asking 300$ for her. please offer. she doesnt leave here until she foals and foal doesnt go with her! no acceptions.
it would be nice to get these guys good home together!!!! someone who wants to put a little mustang blood in there breeding programs. these guys are pure mustang! bought as yearlings.... 

Bay mare is called Twisted Elegance, or Twist. Cyclone is standing next to her, and the silver dapple pony on her other side I'll get to in a minute. Twist has had a bit of drama this week. If you look closely, you can see a bit of a large belly on her. Thats the baby from when Melissa decided that those two mustangs needed to make another mustang! YEA!!

This is usually the part where I would say 'lets hope that the foal doesn't inherit those front legs on the mare' - but you know what, I can't. 

When the same ladies that alerted me to this ad contacted Melissa, they got an answer back that nobody expected. 

The craigslist ad was posted 2010-06-14, 10:25AM EDT. Below is the series of emails back and forth between our readers and Melissa, who apparently goes by Momo? Please note that I am NOT editing out a single thing, save for emails and identities. Pay attention to the time stamps on the emails themselves. Red is Melissa, Blue is our Reader.

Folks, I am in the process of writing a novel in my 'spare time'. I couldn't Make This Stuff Up, even for the book!

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:24 PM
subjectRe: Mare for sale

foal is miscarred! and its her 1st foal wtf? u want her?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:38 PM
subjectRe: Mare for sale
Your ad was posted as of 10.25AM today and is written as if the foal hasn't been born... So, the mare miscarried today??

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:44 PM

no she must have sometime last week. were making her drop it here so we cant get sued. and she must go asap so she dont get pregnant again since no one wants either

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:45 PM

I am confused... If she miscarried last week, why did you state at 10.25AM today that she was pregnant?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM

becuz she is! with a dead baby! wtf either u want her or ur wasting my god dam time

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Has a vet confirmed the foal is dead?

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:55 PM


dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:56 PM

Can I get the name of the vet so I can discuss what the mare will need? Its in my best interest to know what the situation is if I bring her home.

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:02 PM

no. ur wasting my time. im NOT GIVING HER A WAY. besides vet arent aloud to discuss that sort of thing with strangers and im not releasing u my info

dateMon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:08 PM

Um, actually I never asked for her to be giving away to me. Now you're accusing. What I asked for is the ability to get a better understanding of the mare's medical condition, since having a dead foal inside is NOT healthy, so I know what kind of expense could be expected. And, yes, vets can discuss with the owners permission.

You obviously are more interested in the money than you are the welfare of the animal. Shame on you.

You know, sometimes is so much fun to a) have once been a skip-tracer,  b) know how to use google, c) have a husband who used to be a private investigator.

Melissa, you didn't NEED to give anyone your info, cause YOU FREAKING posted it everywhere on the net. It took me literally 30 minutes to find her phone number, address, what high school she went to, when she graduated, her cross country awards from high school, ads for 'rare beagles'(WTF?) here and here, more ads for show bunnies, her twitter page, already mentioned the boyfriend on myspace - I mean, seriously, shall I go on here? 

If you pull crap like what you are doing with this mare, you will get found out. 

What I am reading from that mess is simply that she wants to dump the mare on someone, without ANY questions being asked, to the first person that will take her. She's proven that if you ask questions that need to be asked, she will a) start throwing accusations and b) suddenly decide that you don't get the horse. 

This is NOT a responsible horse owner. This is as far away from a responsible horse owner as you can possibly get - and I think Antarctica is too close.

(link to full ad) Twisted Ellegance will not be ready until her baby is weaned (6months?) but is up for sale and i can give you a few numbers to great studs including a palomino piant stud. she is a blm mustang with a bad past. not broke. gorgoues coloration! 5yr old, very sweet, very timid. wants to learn but scared. very pretty mare would make nice trail horse or brood mare she is tri colored bay! (white, bay, and black) some brindel in her face and legs. she needs one on one time in a round pen or arena for about a week and i bet you could have her broke! or call me and ill come break her. her price is 400$ and will go up to 500$ if i re breed her! ill hold her for 250$ aswell. or may talk on just holding her for cheaper. come out and see this gal today! refrences and a home visit to your place required! i dont want her beat again. her old family beat her trying to break her. they killed the gelding she came with and she was near death when i bought her off them. shes back up to healthy wieght and never offered to kick or bite. very SWEET!!! will eat out of your hand. FAST FOR BARRELS! call or email today! 517 - 1122 or 517 - 0031 also another picture of her is on my studs add, he is also for sale, his name is Cyclone. price is OBO WILL TRADE FOR BROKE OR GREEN BROKE HORSE OR LARGE PONY. (13'3hh plus only) under 16yrs of age please!!! may consider slightly older NO 19plus years old!!! NO HALFINGERS NO ACCEPTIONS!!!! WE DO NOT LIKE THEM. THEY ARE WORK HORSES ONLY. SHE IS DUE IN 2 WEEKS! BABY STAYS. WE BOTTLE FEED! OFFER PLEASE WE NEED HER GONE!!! BABY NOT FOR SALE!!!!! 

Of course the baby's not for sale - cause the baby is freakin' DEAD!

Another email, not from the same woman that was in the above emails, but we'll call this lady a "concerned horse owner": 

This is an email that was sent from the seller to a friend when she politely reminded her that all horses in MI have to sold with a halter.

Sent: Mon, June 14, 2010 10:50:56 AM Subject: Re: horses needs to go within 2 weeks!!! - $500 (Albion)
good luck getting a halter on that mare. ill have to kill her first. not joking. shes horse meat probably. since no one wants the damed horse. and the stud. hes a looker and green broke he has a chance and the pony definelty does. and i have been sold plenty of horses without a halter...

The mare in question is the same bay mustang mare that she HERSELF wrote "never offered to kick or bite" and "very SWEET!!! will eat out of your hand".

Seriously? Can you believe this? 

YET MORE ADS. This one has horses that she's not mentioned anywhere else - lets hope they got out! 

[Edit, on second glance, I don't think all of those horses listed are hers, just all from the same general area.]

There's so much more. I don't have all of the emails sent between her and some other potential buyers, but I have a pretty good idea that she was like this with just about everyone.

Silver-also i have a pony (kid safe) bombproof. 675$ firm. he is 12hhs tall and 13yrs old. silver dappled with flaxen mane and tail! he is been there done that show, trail, traffic, parade, therapy pony!!! the top notch pony and 5 stars for your kids safety! comes with bit bridle and red halter seen in pictures. he is a GELDING! NOT A MARE!!!! 

Of Course I have to post up this picture of the pony.... 


Double, bareback, no helmets - at LEAST the pony is being led. Should read the horseclicks text though, more of the same idiotic promoting of her mustang stallion for sale. If you look through the pictures of the pony she has up - in one of them, in the background, if you look closely, you'll see she has a donkey as well. 

There's also Hurricane, the appaloosa gelding - who in one ad she wants to lease out - not sell, and another where *Surprise* he IS up for sale!  If you actually read them both, she keeps saying over and over that he really is 17hh tall - but won't come with papers, cause he's not registered - so "DON'T ASK"! She actually says just that in the ad for him. She doesn't have Hurricane listed on the Craigslist ad, but he's everywhere else she's got horses listed. Gods help the person that leases him and has to deal with HER daily (the lease requires him to stay on her ranch).

Oh, and we can't forget Mieko, the Paso Fino "Grade / No Papers" Gelding. Link. He's also the horse she pictures herself nuzzling up next to on her myspace page. 

call 517 - 9790 asap to come see and check them all out. or email. pictures on horseclicks and on craigslist i have no more so please dont ask!
all horses in pictures are for sale! 
limited internet access. ask for melissa when you call please and leave your name and nuber and reasons for calling! or else i cant call you back!!!

There are so many things going on in these ads that I literally could NOT address everything. Training issues, saftey issues, flat out dumbshit stuff, and thats not even addressing HER ATTITUDE about the whole situation!

Melissa - You are seriously one of the most heartless, ignorant, uneducated morons I've seen in a LONG time. You graduated high school yet you still write like a 2nd grader with 2nd grade spelling and grammar? There is NO excuse for that, NONE whatsoever. 

You claim to care for your horses, but all I can see is someone who really doesn't give one rats ass about them. Your statement about sending your PRIZE mustang stallion through the auction sealed that nail down into your coffin for me. They are all crappy, fugly, conformational TRAIN WRECKS that should NEVER, EVER BE BRED. 

Your idiotic statement about not wanting another horse bred? 

Have you heard of something called a FENCE? You claim to have vets that will come see your horses, have you ever considered something called GELDING? Gelding's don't care about breeding mares. Oh, some of them will still give it the old college try, but after a few minutes they usually tend to give up and opt instead for a good mutual grooming session with said mare. You have created YOUR OWN Problem here, one that you resort to threatening to DUMP your horses for meat prices to solve. 

You know EXACTLY where they will end up, as evidenced by your own words. Your mare, whom on one hand you call sweet, BUT on the other hand to even get a halter on her at all, you'd have to KILL HER, is evidence enough for anyone with eyes. You, and others like you, are the very reason that we have the issues in this country that we do in just simply trying to KEEP our horses from becoming dinner.

I am sending this blog link to everyone I know, asking them to read it and re-post it. Your lack of honesty, your lack of caring (uh, dead stillborn foal still in its mothers belly that you are still claiming is ALIVE in some emails? Yep, they exist...), and your general attitude will come back on you threefold, and karma really is the BIGGEST Bitch of all, and she shows NO mercy. 

So which is it on the foal? Is the foal dead or not? Has the foal been delivered or not? When? Why won't you simply tell the truth on the matter? Why won't you give your vet's information to potential buyers - so you can get rid of the mare like you say you need to over and over again? What exactly are you trying to hide here? There's proof that you have given multiple answers to multiple people on these very questions. 

Do you even realize how difficult it is to bottle feed a foal? Have you ever done it before? Do you realize what a training NIGHTMARE bottle fed foals usually are? They rarely, if ever, respect boundaries of space, pressure, and think humans are horses to play with, bite, rear up on, and kick out at. Is this what you want your foal to become - IF IT ACTUALLY LIVES?

Oh, and btw, just exactly what the hell is your problem with Haflingers? They are NOT JUST working horses, and I can dig up an entire mess of people that will argue to the death otherwise. "Haffies" are some of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, and honest little horses on earth. Not only are they GREAT with kids, they are strong enough for most adults to ride too!

You know what, never mind on the Haflinger thing. They wouldn't want YOU as an owner anyways, for fear they'd become a sandwich!

The reader's intention in sending this all to me was that hopefully someone out there will be able to get these poor horses out of her hands before they all follow the 'wyld black stallion' to Canada!

In her words, as a final comment to this total disaster of a train wreck waiting to happen, after getting even more conflicting emails on whether the foal was born, alive or not, and when it was supposedly born:

If you're willing sell the mare in foal as of the 5th of of having foaled,
you're ignorant and have not business keeping horses. If you want to be sure
the foal receives not only proper nutrition but also upbringing and learning
how to be a horse, then you will either keep the mare until the foal is of
proper age to be weaned, or sell together. Please reconsider your ad and
save face with your horse and fellow horse people.


I want to add this on to the post. Edited 7pm Mountain Standard Time.

She has posted another ad up today, I will post the screenshot, because her words are 'better' than mine. The link was posted in the comments, and I think it bears putting up here. 
Here is the link to respond to the ad -

horses going to auction buy now! mustangs and kidsafe pony - $500

black mustang papered stud. 14'2hhs 4yrs old green broke. blue roan genes. 400$ obo 
must go asap!!!! 

bay with chrome mare with papers. 14'3hhs 4yrs old? not broke. great mom. 325$ was a rescue. 

will sell together for 500$ 
going to auction the 26th if not bought.           

kid safe pony 
12hhs 13yrs 
autism kids on lead line. 
4-14yrs old individual rides. 
English / western 
jumps and drives 

675 FIRM!!!!! 
if not sold by 24th will be kept. 

call 517 499 9790 for more info and day to set up a time to meet and buy! 
bring money please! 
serious buyers please!!! no 10yr old little girls wishing and wanting! 

Does anyone know where this auction is that she's referring to? I mentioned this in the comments, but I can't seem to find any info on google... the only auctions I can find in MI on the 26th are for property and fine art. IF any of you out there can manage to grab these horses before she trailers to whatever auction she's planning on going to, PLEASE by all means do. If they end up going and sell to the KB, then well thats what happens, but since I can't be there to pull them out myself, I'm doin' what I can do. 

2nd Update of the night: 

New ad.  Says now that the mare is gone, and only has the stallion and the pony left with no other horses for sale?

Oh, and its been "confirmed' that the foal lived, was delivered, but is now with a surrogate dam? Emails were sent and were posted in the comments.... 

copying just the email text. 

Reader: Does she come with her foal?? The ad isnt clear. Are you planning on taking her baby from her? Is the foal going to be able to be registered? Is the mare up to date on her shots, has she ever foundered? Thanks, Jennifer
 HER: no foal. no health issues.

Reader: Is she agressive with a foal on her? Is she not a good mom? What are the reasons you will not let her raise her baby?
 HER: shes wild and uncontrolable. and her sack wont fill. and we cant keep her seprete from stud and other horses. the foal is going to a qh mare who lost her foal prematurely. it wil get 1st feedings if twist wil provide.

And now apparently the mare is gone? Or just no longer for sale? I'm *SO* confused!

black 4yr old papers. 14'2hhs greenbroke 200. firm

bay mare no longer for sale.

no other horses for sale. 1 pony for sale

1 horse for lease at our farm.

pony kid safe. 
600 firm. 

call 517 - 9790
can be veiwed and taken today! bring your trailers.

downsizing to 5 horses


And UPDATE #3 for the night! I can't go to bed yet, this is insane! 

I'm trying to find, or fix, the link the very last anon posted listed to the ad where the pony went up in value, and came across this:

I *MYSELF* have now become an ad on craigslist! This just cracks me up to NO end. 

I would love to know who posted that on my behalf, can email me directly, no need to out yourself publically, but still would like to thank you personally!