Friday, April 30, 2010

Time To Clean Out The Inbox!

Are you all ready for this? (cue music!) I am sitting on quite a few ads that all need and deserve blog time... So you are going to get a pretty good chunk of them today. Not so much commentary, but a lot of brain bleeding. Just what everyone needs on a Friday!

Ad Text: I still have the pony 4 sale. I need to sell him soon. He is around 19 yrs old, brown and white paint. He has foundered and needs his feet trimmed often. He stands good when getting his feet trimmed. My kids pick up his feet. They hang on him, slide off his butt and crawl under him. He needs a kid that can make him mind. My son is not into horses like he was before and my 4 yr old can't make him mind good enough. 

Me In: And this is why, ladies and gentleman, we have a silly invention called RIDING LESSONS! So poor helpless ponies don't get sucked up into situations like this one - where the parents bought the pony for their kids because the kids wanted one, and obviously had NO CLUE on how to properly keep one - or they chose a stable/boarding facility that way overfed this guy/mis managed him. Either way, This is a perfect example why kids that are suddenly expressing an interest in horses should simply be placed in a good lesson program for a year - minimum - BEFORE THE PARENTS INVEST IN A HORSE. 

Its quite obvious the parents aren't horse people - the last line about the 4 year old not making the pony mind 'good enough' - sure makes THAT quite clear! 

Ad Text: I have a beutiful Thruabread regestered horse for sale, or will trade for a gental horse that a beginner could ride.She is 9 yrs. old, female, not fixed, with dood blood line, nice breeding option, with papers.Good rider with expierieanced rider.If interested,call Tonyat (614)---9955 any time 

Me In: At first glance, I thought this ad was another one from our Molly yesterday, but nope, she's in Lodi, CA, and this one is from Columbus, OH. Just have to ask one thing... why would she list that the mare isn't fixed? She must not know that 'fixing' mares is not quite the same process as fixing a female dog or cat. Just a weird thing to say in an ad, I think! Oh, and I really thought I had seen all possible spellings of the word "thoroughbred" - but this one takes the cake!

Ad Text: I have a Quarter Horse Bay Gelding that just turned 2 years old on 4-15-10 He is out of a cutting/working cow horse mare and a cutting Sire, He would make a great addition to any family/Ranch, as he adapts very easily to anything, He is very smart and will stand for vet work/ farrier!! We just dont have the time for this colt !! He is beautiful and has no vices, Neg coggins up todate on all shots, just needs to be started your way!! he is currently out with cows and is very level headed!! Sorry the pics are about a year old this is a nice size colt, gets along with all my other horses, loads, bathes, very willing to do it all!! I raised this colt for my 7 year old niece and she can do anything with him!! 772---7142 Brittney ( Will Consider ALL offers) 

Me In: Another young horse raised with an inexperienced child that 'can do anything with him'. Like anemonie said, at least he's gelded!! They say the pics are from his yearling year... which is good cause that boy is not exactly the prettiest yearling I've ever seen... and why the heck did they shave his head neck like he's a arab? That horse has some of the straightest hocks I'd ever seen, until I saw THIS one...

Ad Text: Not yet started, this coming 2 year old is ready. He will need to go to a trainer. He has some Appaloosa characteristics to him. Curly is big boned and has been continuing to grow. I have no history on him. 

Me In: The seller I am guessing probably doesn't know much about the Curly breed because appy markings are part of the genetic color and pattern possibilities of the breed. Even so... nearly every picture I've seen of them - they all have the worst hocks! Is that a Curly thing? I don't even know if this horse is a gelding or not... the link that was sent with the ad wasn't working, (not the fault of the sender... it did the same for her too) and so I was unable to check back with the original ad. Either way  - he's not the prettiest horse in the stable either! 

(Do I really have to comment on calling a Curly breed horse "Curly"? Sheesh people - get some creativity going here!)

Me In: Ok, well I think we have Curly up there beat. Cut-N-Jump sent me this ad... and at first I thought her hind legs were crooked... but she pointed out to me that, nope, they are just tucked under her way farther than any set of legs should be. I hope its just the picture.... cause other than that she's actually a cute mare! Needs her front feet trimmed really badly though! The angles on that hoof nearest the camera... OUCH!

(Are you hanging in there with me? I GOT MORE!)

Ad Text: Beautiful registered paint - Mostly blackish in color with white face and white foot. Fun to ride, sweet, gentle and gets along well with other horses. UP TO DATE AS OF TODAY ON SHOTS AND WORMING 
Just had a beautiful Bay Filly last night. BOTH are doing GREAT. Baby has a star on her blaze. BEAUTIFUL horses just need a GOOD HOME.
I can't keep them because I do NOT have enough land and there are too many other horses on our property so it's not safe for her. Filly has been checked by the vet, ALL OK! HUGE Filly, going to be a big girl. Momma is about 12 years old and I DO have papers on her. COULD possibly get papers for the little one as well.
If you can't PURCHASE her, but are willing to board her for a few months till baby is big enough to be with the others, PLEASE email me I REALLY want to keep them both but I can't if I don't have anywhere to put them.
Will take any reasonable offer. I am requesting serious buyers only. Momma used to be a roper, purchased from The Wohlgemuth farm in Atchison.
thanks for looking, any questions feel free to email me, it goes STRAIGHT to my phone.

Me In: Wait, I'm confused. You have too many horses on the property, and its not safe for the baby - yet you want the person that buys her to leave her on the SAME property just so you can 'keep her'? Uh NO. Don't think so. Life doesn't work that way. You are asking $1000 for the.... pair or baby? Its the pair. So a grand for both. Why don't you take some of that money, if you actually manage to sell these two, and CALL A FREAKING FARRIER??? 

Look at that mare's front hoof. Its longer than my car. And this chick is already saying she's 'got too many horses'. Great. Wonder if their hooves look like this too?

How about one more... cause I just have to end with a bang...

This weeks Friday Featured Fugly Stallion!

Ad Text: Rusty coming 4yr stud 14.2 or 14.3 not handled much can handle the other horse with him in field Rusty just made a colt and looks just like him 
Rusty must go to another home asap any questions 724---3474 or can emil you haul thanks for LOOKING 

Me In: I don't think any further comment is needed. That ad pretty much speaks for itself!

Well that was fun! I *still* have another 5 or 6 good ads sitting waiting to be used, but why throw them all out... I still need blog fodder for next week!

And on a small personal note: the small minor medical issue I had to deal with last night has resolved itself. My longtime 'better half' suffers from chronic pain stemming from multiple herniated spinal disks, and lives in hell with pain every day now. Things were flaring up for him last night worse than they had been in a long time, and we were debating a trip to the er to see if they could help bring some of the pain down. After some ice, more meds, and rest, we managed to get the flare up back under control, and the er trip was not necessary. Thank you for offering your kind words and well wishes. Its a daily struggle for him, and until doctors figure out how to regenerate bones - nothing much will change. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off Topic Today...

I am announcing today "Share Your Blog Day"! 

I LOVE reading blogs. I just don't always have the time to search them out. I also would love to put as many blogs as I can on the little sidebar thingy, so if you have one that isn't listed - post your link in the comments with a blurb about what it's about - and I'll get them all added by the weekend. 

Expect a regular post later today after I get home from work!

Edit from 7:30 pm Az Time: I know I promised an ad when I got home from work. Unfortunately, due to a minor family medical issue, I will have to put the post off until tomorrow. I am sorry for those that have been waiting all day for a new ad. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WTF Wed: Someone Stop Her NOW Please!

So Sorry for the late post today, but its for a good reason. I have been sitting here for most of the morning and taking screenshots of ads that were sent to my email, finding a few others, and generally trying to catch up on things. I've also been working on cleaning up the screenshots that will be shown further down.

I was sent an ad in my email Saturday, 4-24 by a reader whose email started with "neonbrat". (Tori - love that email, by the way!) I flagged the email for follow up so I wouldn't loose it, per my habit, and had moved on to the next email without reading it twice. I always look at the ad once I open the email, just to see what it is, get an idea of when I might use it, and this one didn't seem any worse or better than usual. I did know that I would save it for today, and man, were my instincts on the money!

Tori - I don't think you had any idea what was behind that ad you sent! But neither did I...

Before I continue, I will warn you that this will be a long post, with lots of pictures... so if you are checking in quick-like, or have a computer that loads slowly, you might want to save some time to read it in full. 

Here's the ad that Tori sent to me, and I present it here with my usual disgust at the lack of grammar and spelling - but absolutely horrified at the ad itself. I think my eyes just shot blood out at my computer screen when reading: 

AD Text: wanted horses (lodi stockten) im looking for studs stud colts fillies and broodmares or mares that are broke that would make good breeders ill only take them if they are a fair price and an attractive horse i dont want them any younger than 5 and no older than 19 it dosent matter what they look like or what they are if there wat im looking for ill take them in a instent papers would be better too but i am also looking for unpapered to prove out a stud i have im also looking for a min stud dosent matter how old he is as long as hes old enought to breed and not to old to breed so if you think you have the right horse or have any horse for sale give me a call and offer me a good price or what ever you think is fair and will work something out call renagade ranch at 209 --- 8785 and ask for the ranch manager molly 

This one ad in and of itself is bad enough. We have a 'ranch manager' who obviously doesn't have a friggin clue about responsible breeding. She's looking for any horse with a set of balls, and any mare with an open uterus. Disgusting. 

So, I started searching google and the local craigslist, thinking that I might find this 'renagade ranch'. 

OH MY GOD. You will NOT BELIEVE what I found, just from the phone number.

I'll start out with just a screen shot of the GOOGLE results. 

Thats just page one!
I went through them and while some of them have been removed or flagged, I was able to find enough of them still active to get a pretty good idea of what this Molly is doing. 

Are you ready for this? 

She's put out ad after ad looking for stallions (and mares, really) of any condition, type, age, breed - basically whatever she can get her hands on. The ads listed above are pretty clear that she doesn't give a DAMN about what kinds of horses she can get her hands on. All she's interested in is making more, more, more, more, more horses.

Here's a few more of her recent ad posts. In this one, she is looking for a gypsy vanner. 

ever sence i saw gypsy vanners iv wanted a gypsy badly and will do anything to get one id prefer a stud but if not a mare is just fine im also looking for one witha far price i have a bigg passtion for big drafty horses i have a two year old clyde i love with all my heart so if you have a half gypsy or even a gypsy give me a call at 209----8785 and ask for molly thanks 

In this one she is attempting to sell a peruvian paso thats not hers, its a friends... gods, who would be friends with someone like this? I don't get it!  Hasn't anyone stood up to her and tried to get it through her skull that what she is doing is helping the ENTIRE FUCKING HORSE INDUSTRY GO DOWN THE DRAIN??? This is the type of thing that makes most of us responsible horse owners want to go absolutely bloody freaking postal on everyone else!!! 

my friend has a peruvian paso gelding thats a great horse even better for kids great under saddle and hes 13.5 hands giver or take a few and there asking for 500 there still doing some more taining on him for peraids and stuff. when my friends first moved in a long time ago i first saw this horse and he never bucked he dose great just everyone out here is so big and they dont have any more kids out to ride him anymore. hes a nice light brown beutful golden brow main and long tail that tips on the ground he stands for his hooves to be done and ties and is nice with other horses such as mares and other geldings hes a big baby and loves to be scrached and padded down he loves his hair to be bradded and brushed so hes a great kids horse im putting this add up on cregslist cuz i want to help my friends and get tucker a good home so if intrested please call molly at 209---8785 and ill let them know thank you 

And another where it doesn't matter what the breed is...she'll take ANY STUD... 

i need a stud for my mare im breeding im trying to find a wight and black appy cuz it looks like her breeding is appy but right now im not picky wat i breed her to its for my little brother whos just getting into horses and we got him his own and shes to old to ride and the vet sayed i could get one more baby out of her and we just got her and she has papers but i dont care if hes papered or not im just looking for a live baby id prefer to pay for the stud fee of a studd that throws mostly fillies but like ii sayed im not picky i just need a stud to get my horse pregnent so if you have any kind of srudd dosent mater wheather hes papered or not call molly at 209 --- 8785 or text me at that number im avalabe any time at all and if it goes to voice mail just tell me wo you are and why your calling and leave me a way to get back to you cuz im most likley working with a horse even if you know someone with a studd that might do it give me a call thanks 

If you can actually manage to make it through that ad with all the horrendous spelling and lack of grammar (wight = white!!!!???) you'll see that all she cares about is getting the mare pregnant. 

I want to know who this vet is that says they can breed that mare thats too old to ride one more time. Does this vet have a freaking clue whats going on? Or as long as the bill gets paid, they don't give two shits? 

Can we all run away screaming now???? 

I see others have picked up on these ads too.... 

Oh, and SHE HERSELF IS PREGNANT TOO?? Get this - in that ad posted on 3-28, she says her doctor put her on bed rest. I guess she doesn't listen to her doctor either, because in the ad looking for a stud for the mare posted on 4-26 she clearly states that if you call and don't get a answer, shes probably out working a horse? WTF??? That sounds like a woman who really cares about the health of her unborn child, doesn't it! 

You will have noticed up on the screen shot of the google search that there were also ads for German Shepperd and Pit Bull pups. She also had up ads for goats, birds, and several others for car parts. 

That made me stop short. She's obviously got some sort of nasty breeding operation going on for horses, dogs, and other assorted farm animals, but the car parts didn't make sense. 

Until I found THIS. 

Its a very poorly made website for a custom auto shop that has that same phone number on it. There are no pictures, no business information other than their phone number and an email address. Molly isn't listed on the website either, but I'm willing to bet its the same family. 

I normally do my best to try not to make public personal information about the people who's ads I post... You'll have probably noticed I always edit out phone numbers, email addresses, and part of the contact email Craigslist posts on the ad. I'm at the mindset that I almost WANT to post the phone number of this - ignorant stupid asshat  - and be done with it. 

However, I do not want to be sued for slander and or libel (haha - like there isn't enough of what I've written so far today for that) and so I will not publish that information directly on this blog. What you all do on your free time is your responsibility, and I believe you all are adults, and responsible for your own actions. I bring this up only because I am publishing the link to the website, and their phone and email is on the website. I trust you all to use proper judgement and NOT slam these people with email and phone calls. 

I don't know about whats going on behind that website. There are just as many ads for car parts and cars for sale as there are ones begging for everyones horses. The words 'chop shop' keep coming to mind, but with just a website, who the hell knows whats really going on. 

In all this crap, all the google searches, and in all the ads, never once was I able to find a picture of one of these horses she's got, or any website for a 'renAgade ranch'. When typed into google, the search engine immediately wants to change the spelling to 'renEgade ranch', but also brings up results for an Andalusian farm with the same name in Michigan. Since this is California that we are dealing with, thats obviously not the same place. 

If anyone out there knows who this person is, or knows of a website for the correct 'RenAgade Ranch', please let us know. If the horses are in good condition, fed, have shade, water, and are generally taken care of - then while the ads for breeding are infuriating, there's not much one can do with it. IF she wants to create more horses that will end up being unwanted horses - as much as I may foam at the mouth with anger over it, unfortunately there's not much anyone can do. 

BUT - if her horses and animals are in filthy, uncared for, abusive and starving conditions... thats another story altogether. Its been proven time and time again that people that don't care what they breed, often don't care about the animals they are breeding either. Always exceptions to the rule - but very few. 

All I know is that this chick needs to have one hell of a wake up call to what she is doing to the horse industry. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Number #1 Pet Peeve.

I have been saving this post for some time, and collecting 'things' for it. I've discussed it before on this post and again on this post. See, I'm a parent too, and I also taught riding lessons to kids that had never once been on a horse before. So this topic is rather important to me. 

I'll start off with a bit of my personal life. 

This is my son, who was 8 at the time, riding our family mare for the first time. I would like to point out several things. 1) He's WEARING A HELMET. 2) He's WEARING A HELMET. 3) HE'S WEARING A HELMET. 

Yes, he's also riding in shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes. The saddle is too big for him, but we made do. This particular ride was not planned, and we were a bit unprepared. It was more of a photo shoot than an actual lesson, but he did master turning right and left that particular day in about 30 minutes. She never went faster than what I would call a bumbling walk, and every time he'd sway off to the side she'd move herself under him, and re-balance him. It was also around noon on a July Arizona Summer day, and it was already nearly 105 in the shade. 

Let me direct your attention back to the helmet, please. Why is this such a difficult thing for parents to do? 

Just one search on youtube will reveal a myriad of horse riding accidents... ranging from serious to stupid. We've all had them, heck I am sitting here remembering when I tried to get on the same 15.2 hand mare pictured above bareback from a mounting block, and WAY over did the jump up. I slid onto her back on my belly... and kept on going. I somehow landed on my hind end and was laughing before I hit the ground. My friend, already on her 14.1 hand pony (she was 5'9" - all she had to do was swing her leg on over to get on him bareback) laughed at me for weeks after that dumbness. 

All joking aside, why do parents think its acceptable to allow their children to sit on a horse like the three kids above? Would they allow those same kids to get on an ATV without helmet, elbow and knee pads? Or one of those kid sized dirt bikes? Ok, maybe a few would... but the majority wouldn't. So why is an ATV or bike, which DOESN'T have a mind of its own, more helmet worthy than a horse? 

Living out here in the Arizona desert in spring, when the weather is sunny, no clouds, and in the mid 80's brings all the outdoor lovers out. Driving through the desert you'll see families everywhere enjoying themselves with ATV's and the like. 

I saw one family yesterday that had a 4-5 year old sitting on his own pint sized 4 wheel ATV going 30 miles an hour, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. 

I'm just dumbfuckfounded at the absolute IGNORANCE of these parents! Do they just not THINK about the dangers involved? Do they just not THINK at all??? 

Its not just young kids either. This very annoying picture of the two teen girls is on the ad for the bay horse in the back. I know most of you will say, they are teenagers, they don't need to ride with helmets, they 'know' better. To that I call BULLSHIT. 

The very ad that horse is being sold in is a perfect example as to why at the minimum, that young lady in the orange shirt NEEDS to be wearing a helmet. 

You really wanna know what it says? 

Only selling to a good home!
Also taking TRADES!!
Smokey is a bay QH/TB (appendix). 15'2 hands. Turning 3 in July.
Great Family horse, no bite, buck, or kick.
Has been ridin across 6-Lane highways, through lakes, and up to Mcdonalds!
Still needs to finish training.
Sometimes rears when ridden, but nothing you cant get out of him in no time.
UTD on coggins, shots, hoofs, etc.

Serious offers only please.

Did you catch that? No Bite, buck, or kick....they scream three times he's BOMBPROOF! but SOMETIMES REARS WHEN RIDDEN

Those two girls are riding down a residential street with concrete and asphalt under them. 

I agree that ad is a clusterfuck of a blog post in of itself. 

What if that green broke 2 year old got freaked out by a neighbors dog suddenly charging at them? A very reasonable situation to play what if in... cause we all have that one neighbor that just never can manage to keep his/her dogs kept off the streets. 

She's an awful pretty girl, the one in the orange shirt. Wouldn't it be such a shame if she were to go splat on the concrete under her because her parents didn't make a rule that said she had to wear a helmet when riding? 

I cannot beat this subject into people enough. I am even considering writing an article to see if the state horse newspaper will publish it. 

PEOPLE DIE falling off horses without helmets on. Children become brain dead for the rest of their lives because of falls off of horses without helmets on. 

This is such a simple fix!!!!!!! Why can't we get it right!?


I nearly forgot. The blurb on the little Miniature pinto stallion that was born last friday as the unofficial worlds smallest foal, has a video. I can't decide whether he's so ugly he's cute, or if he's just ugly. Can't figure out if he has the dwarfism gene either.   

So the video doesn't play every time you hit this page, here is the link to the video.

Thoughts on this? 


And as always, cause I forget, thank you to the readers that send me this stuff daily. You make my job so much easier, and I'm really bad about naming the people that send me stuff. Just know, if you send something into me, and I use it, but forget to mention you... It's totally MY BAD!  :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Corrections and an apology are in order.

Those of you that have been reading for a while will remember the 2 year old colt that was in his owners back yard, and the owners stated on the ad that they were unable to get a halter on him. 

That colt's story sparked a fury of mail and his story is much larger and way more complicated than what I would ever have expected it to be. 

I've stated before that my goal with this blog is to educate, inform, and upgrade horses that need it. However, to a certain extent, it is also to entertain. 

Entertainment value mixed with the serious topics I present here can sometimes be a very uncomfortable mix. Uncomfortable for me, because 'entertainment' leaves a lot of open room for 'inaccuracies'. 

When I originally broke the story of the colt, it was because the ad was sent to me by a reader that couldn't understand why the owners couldn't get a halter on him. 

That colt came from one of the slimiest places I've ever known about - and trust me, you don't want to know some of the stuff I know about that place. I've even been asked not to speak about it publicly due to the legalities of leaking information. I will NOT be held responsible for leaking information that could end that investigation, so I'm not. When and if I get the ok, I will do so then. 

My mistakes occurred when I made the fatal mistake of assuming things from what little information was on the ad. We all know the saying about the word assume, so I won't repeat it here. Its very true though, I'll admit that red faced and sheepish. 

So what did I say that was wrong? The owner sent me an email this morning after reading my posts on the subject because of a few things I 'assumed' incorrectly. My own words:

"New owners have their vet come check out the new arrivals, and vet states they are NOT two, they are 16-18 months - but that info came out a bit sketchy with the question being asked if the vet can get close enough to check age - again the inconsistencies are showing - why can't the chestnut be caught? "

Turns out that their vet wasn't able to get that close either, and the age was a guesstimate on her part while looking at him from the other side of the fence while the colt was eating. 

She also made the observation that when she went out to the rescue (and I hope she doesn't mind if I quote her directly here.... her words are better than mine) 

 The place that the colt came from had him in a small round pen with a very long lead rope on him. For all we know they could have spent hours and hours trying to get that halter on him. They obviously kept the halter on him all the time because it was night when we looked at them and all the horses in that pen had a halter on. They just dumped them in a 4-acre pasture and that is a lot of space for one person to catch him.

There are also other factors involved here as to why at that time the owners hadn't been able to catch him, ones that aren't my place to say. 4 acres is a very large area to try to catch any horse that doesn't want to be caught, and now that I'm a bit more aware of what's going on, I completely understand why things happened the way they did. 

At any rate, I've said it before, and I'll happily say it again, I really feel that this couple, who was just looking for a couple of horses to have for their own enjoyment, got taken in a HUGE way. In no way is it on their shoulders that this colt is the way he is. They just inherited a problem without even realizing it, and then got blindsided by everything else. 

So, for anything I have said that upset them, and for my incorrect assumptions, I sincerely apologize to the owners of this colt.

I have said this same thing to them, and will admit it publicly as well... If I wasn't 16.283 states away from FL, that first weekend I would have been down to their house, cash in hand, because this colt is just my kind of project. As the case stands, I'm not in their neck of the woods, and I've done just about all I can do in regards to assisting when and where I can. 

Now that I've eaten my portion of crow for the day, I've a laundry basket calling my name, an empty fridge to fill, and a whole other list of things to get done. Everyone have a great monday, and I'll see you all back here tomorrow!

Fugly Friday Stallion #7 & Monday Madness: Thank GODS He's Gelded!

This week I think I'll do a 'catch up' of sorts, as I have around 10 or so ads sitting in my inbox that are all very worthy of some blog time. Expect at least 2 ads per day this week.  

As for today, I *did* say I'd post the Fugly Friday Stallion over the weekend... and well, that just didn't happen. You'll get it today, and our regular ad for Monday Madness as well. 

I am learning, that Fugly comes in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and breeds. Whats Fugly to one person, will not be to another. 

This one though... while I'll not call him the ugliest horse I've ever seen, he's defensibly got his own charm. Its a Mini Stud, and *most* of them, generally are rather appealing. 

The ad is innocent enough. 

Ad Text: Miniature Horse - $500 (Crestwood, Ky. 40014). Very nice bloodlines. He is the grandson of IMA Boones Little Buckeroo Too on the bottom side and the great grandson of Alvadars Double Destiny on the top side. He will make a great addition to your breeding program. He is registered AMHA 

Breed: Miniature 
Gender: Stallion 
Birth Date: Jul 30, 2008 

More information at: 

I can't tell if its his pasture condition, the angle he's standing at, or... something else, but there's just something wrong with this little guy's picture. 

I think his hind legs are in a little dip in the ground which would account for his sloping downwards like that. But... sheesh people. This picture just makes what would be a very adorable miniature horse just look like dog meat! I have to say though, I *LOVE* the mane. That screams "I am rock star quality" to me *giggle*, and its really sad that the owners don't give two shi*ts enough to take him out of the pasture, hose him off, and take the 15 minutes to take a decent picture of him. 

They used this same picture on the Equine Now posting as well... with the exact same information. 

Again folks, its NOT THAT HARD to take a half way decent picture of your horse! 

I've known people that literally handed their digital camera to their kids with the instructions "keep taking pictures until you can't anymore". Yea, you'll end up with 99% crap photos, but I guarantee there will be at least ONE that will stand out and is that money shot. 

Again, some pointers. 

1) Find a decent, solid, non-distracting and pleasant background. Sides of buildings, hedges, open fields with a tree-like background, etc. Everyone has someplace they can use. Stand there and look through the camera eye without the horse present and just LOOK. You'll find things like tires on the ground, bags of trash, old parked bikes, etc will suddenly become the absolute RUIN of the shot.

2) Its amazing the difference that a hose can make to a horse that is covered in dirt. Don't even have to really use soap. I've been able to get just as much dirt off of a horse by some creative hose angling and just plain water, as I have with a sponge and soap. Takes less time too! If a full shower/hose off isn't possible due to cold weather, a BRUSH, some baby wipes, or a bucket of warm water and an old rag works wonders. Don't scrub the dirt, just wipe it off in the direction of the hair growth. Scrubbing will bring up mud and lots of other things that is more difficult to clean off. Just WIPING the horse off with a damp warm rag will make him shine too. 

3) Add in a decently fitting halter, and whammo, we're in bidness! Start snapping away. 

Its common sense folks! This isn't that difficult! Sometimes I wonder if most of the idiots I put on here wash their CARS more than they wash their horses! 

EDIT: 1:21 pm. I had an email sent to me in response to this particular ad that really made me stop and wonder what are we doing to our horses.

Check THIS out!

A black and white pinto miniature horse was born just this last week in New Hampsire, and like she said, there's a very striking resemblance. 

I read all 6 comments, and one said the horse was deformed, and another said that minis sometimes are just born weak in the hind end like this.... which leaves me wondering which is true? No doubt that it looks like there is something seriously wrong with this foal - he's all unbalanced, his head is way out of proportion from his body, and then there's the back end/legs... 



If this next horse was a stallion, I think I would have lost my mind at the very moment I saw  the ad. Thank GODS they gelded him. I think this might just actually be the ugliest horse I've ever seen outside of the halter show rings of the big breeds.

The ad itself is even infuriating: 2006 Appendix TB - $1150 2006 Appendix thuroughbred, chestnut. 4 year old, would make a good riding horse. He was gelded in october of last year and was the last time he had his shots along with having his teeth floated, he has also had his wolf teeth removed. He was to hard to keep as a stud, but is now filling out nicely. Stands good for the farrier. Need to see him go to a good home. $1150.00 916-x0x-3237 

Now, before we see the horse, lets just dissect that ad a bit, shall we?

He's 4, and he's not saddle broke yet. Some of you would say this is a good thing, and I would normally agree. I think I'll let you all make up your minds about the 'good riding horse' part... but while yes, thanks are in order for the brain surgery, teeth float, and removal of wolf teeth - why hasn't the owner done SPRING shots too? This guy obviously doesn't go anywhere, as there's no mention of a Coggins done. 

"He was to hard to keep as a stud, but is now filling out nicely." Why oh why does this make me want to slam my head into the wall repeatedly? 

What was it about him being a stallion that made him hard to keep? Was there mares nearby that he couldn't get to, and worried himself to skinniness? Was there a medical condition? Or was it just his freaking teeth that you had floated (probably for the first time) while he was gelded that was the entire problem? Horses that can't chew well don't get that much food in their bellies. If it hurts US to chew when we have cavities, or exposed nerves, imagine what it would feel like with giant spears jabbing us in our mouths every time we took a bite! 

1) Yes, he was kept as a stud for nearly 4 years. I am soooo scared to think that he might have been bred. 

2) Who in their right mind would think he would make a great riding horse??? Conformational F*Up's aside... If I didn't know better I'd think they bred his dam to a friggin' CAMEL!

I am perfectly aware that there are some horses with severe swaybacks out there that can be, and are ridden daily. If you look to the right sidebar you will find a blog listed there, called "Guns And White Roses", and it is the ongoing saga of a maximum splash overo daughter of "Gunner", the Legendary Paint Reining Stallion. She's solid 'white', Deaf, and also sports a swayback as well, though, in her case, its a medically caused condition. The blog is quite informative to read, with a great touch of humor as well. The owner of Rose has searched long and hard for the 'right' reining trainer for her very unusual mare, and "Trainer X" (as she calls him) has done wonders for the mare, even inventing his own mode-podge of a saddle blanket that they are going to *hopefully* make into a regular design, and start marketing. The blanket he has come up with was designed specifically for Rose, and her very unique back. A back that I don't think is nearly as extreme as that geldings.

Rose is a very unique story. This gelding above? There is No Way In Hades that he would ever be placed with a high priced Reining Trainer. 

Just looking at him from a very basic training point of view, fitting a saddle to him would be the biggest nightmare anyone ever willingly took on. Anyone that buys this guy would really do better to just learn to ride him bareback, and save both themselves and the horse the pain of a saddle. 

And then there is the legs and feet. I'm shuddering just looking at them. 

I don't know what else to say about how much of a major catastrophe that horse is. There is NO way he'll ever stay sound through anything but the lightest arena work, and maybe some light trails. Thats all that poor gelding will ever be good for... besides being a pasture ornament. 

*sigh*. This picture is appealing to me because of his expression. This is I'm sure, a very sweet gelding (now that he's had his brain removed) and fugly body aside, he does have one of those faces that you'd just *LOVE* to meet at the fence every day. 

This is a very sad example of poor breeding... I am very curious to know what his parents are, just to see what the stud looks like. Where did he get that horrible back from at only 4 years old!!?? I want to find the person that bred him, and just smack them for being stupid. This horse has to be a Back Yard Bred horse... between two fugly horses themselves. 

The owner will never get the asking price for him, thats for sure.