Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I need a giggle, what about you?

Sooo..... as my car is sitting in the driveway with a broken water pump and a non-functioning timing chain, I thought it was high time we shared a bit of a giggle. 

I just went through my email and I can't seem to find the original message, so forgive me that I forgot who sent it in to me, but I simply can't resist this. I also cross posted it in a few places as well for the laugh!

Serious buyers only need reply to a flaccid anatomically correct equine toy? Doesn't THAT put a picture in your head? 

Bet its nowhere near the truth..... 

Its a Schleich Horse Toy that retails for about $5-$6!!!

Here, look for yourself! 

Toys R Us has him in Grey for $6.99 + shipping.

I really can't help but wonder if someone really paid $10 for him?

My question is why advertise it as 'anatomically correct" yet use the word 'flaccid'? 

Really got to wonder about people sometimes.....