Friday, August 27, 2010

FFFS: The Cremello Stud!

I have ads now! Thank you so much everyone! 

Lets jump right in, shall we? 

MAKE AN OFFER! Thunder Head is coming 3 year old stallion who will be expectin his first foal as of 2011. He has not had any training other than leading, and trailering. He is a very gentle stallion with a very mellow personality. He is never rough with the mares and he is pastured with another stallion so you can see how dosile he is. Built very well, with a big round rump and wide chest he should mature between 15 and 16 hands. With his pedigree and color he will make babies worth $$$. Email for pictures. 

This sounds so promising, doesn't it? Do we really need to see the pictures of this one? 

AQHA cremello stallion, barely 3, bred already, barely halterbroke, and his greatest claim to fame is he goes in a trailer and gets along with another stallion. 

Let me jump right ON THAT!!! Right? 

Ok, we all know that the best place in the world to sell your fugly, dirty, un-broke colored baby stallion is right next to the...

What the hell is that thing? Its got hay in it - or what once WAS hay - now it looks dried out and has as much nutritional value as cardboard. Some sort of metal/iron contraption that is made to do... something. 

Either way it makes a GREAT hay rack, doesn't it!? *insert dripping sarcasm here*

And - I'm hoping its just the picture - but is it just me or is his front legs toed out some? That off side front leg is at a really weird angle for the way he's standing - he's about as far from 'squared up' as a trapezoid, but that hoof definitely ain't straight forward. 

Its got a funky semi-not-quite-so-rare-anymore color on him. Cremellos are becoming more and more common only because people have figured out what genetics create them. The sad part, just like every other 'color' thats rare or dilute, people breed just for the color and forget things like straight legs! We don't need no stinkin' straight legs! Who really cares if their horse can't walk for 4 hours without going lame on soft arena ground! 

He's purrrrrrrrttyyyyyyyyyyy.

Most of the fugly stallions I have posted on here would make cute geldings. This guy? I can't even bring myself to say cute! He's depressed, his head shot shows that in his eye, needs some TLC, a bath, and some decent quality hay, and he might actually be a pretty sturdy mount. 

But not in the condition he's in now!

Thanks Nancy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OT: Things That Are Annoying Me

The kitten is trying desperately to get to my cereal bowl and is determined to run over my keyboard 653214.58798 times every second but I myself will hammer this out in the 10 minutes I have before heading out the door to work. 

I rarely watch the news any more - I used to be somewhat of a news junkie - but I kinda got a way from it for a while. However this past few days I have paid a bit more attention and I was completely shocked at what I was missing... 

The 33 Chilean minors trapped 2500+ feet underground and they can't get them out until CHRISTMAS???? The BF and I were talking about this after we heard CNN Report that nice little tidbit. Neither of us can believe that it would take that long to get them out - our thinking is if they can get food and supplies and ELECTRICITY down to them for the 'long haul' why can't they get the people out? I'll have to  look into that further I think but later. It just astounded me to hear that. 

Then, same day, there was this story about the British woman who put the cat into the dumpster. If you haven't heard or seen this - its mind boggling.

The cat was fine, a little hungry and thirsty after spending 15 hours at the bottom of a closed GARBAGE CAN, but otherwise ok. The part of this story that really pisses me off is the local authorities are not only NOT charging her with any type of cruelty - but instead are GUARDING HER from harm!!! Ok, I get that there are a lot of people that feel strongly about this (I'm one of them) but I would never fly across 'the pond' and do anything about it. However, there are people that will, and I get that she might be in danger. But not charging her for the act? Thats one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long time. 

What else was on my quicky "Thats Annoying!" list for today ....

The lady that won the Clinton Anderson DVD has not paid yet. Today is day 6, and still no word that she even got the 2 invoices I sent her. She contacted me prior to the auction ending and wanted proof the DVD's were not counterfiet, and she had no problems replying to that but now that its time to pay - not a peep. I'm starting to get worried.... its $65.00 I really need right now....

And really quick ... 


I just can't get the time for some new ads right now. I have a few that have been sent, but I don't even have enough for a full week right now. To make my life even MORE fun, my daughter wants to join Girl Scouts and because I was a Girl Scout for nearly 20  years, I have this crazy thought that I should start a troop... as if I don't have enough to do.....

But send them in. I'll start posting them again, I promise!