Monday, March 22, 2010

How Do I Send An Ad?

Thanks for all the ad suggestions I've gotten so far! I just got in from work, and haven't had a chance to look in depth yet, but I can throw this out there quickly. 

The best way to send in suggestions is simply to take a screen shot of the ad, including pictures, and email me the link and the pictures. 

I need at minimum- any pictures included with the ad (all of them!), title, and text. Even if you can't get the screenshot, if you send me that info, along with the ad link, I can dig out the rest. 

If you have never taken a screen shot before, there is a button on your keyboard called PrtSc. This is the "Print Screen" key. Just center the ad on your screen, from title of ad on down, and push the button. You won't see anything happen, but your computer takes the image of whatever your screen shows, and places it on the clipboard. 

Every copy of windows has Paint built in. Open up Paint, or Photoshop, or even word will work, (Paint is usually buried in the start menu under Accessories somewhere), and Control-V, or File>Paste. Viola! You have an image. No need to edit the image, unless theres something on your screen you don't want me to see... (but keep in mind my husband and I ran a computer repair business out of our living room for nearly 3 years, so we've seen pretty much anything one can have on a computer - both legal AND illegal!)

This is what you will see, or a version thereof. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.


See how I have at the top the title of the ad, but none of the craigslist links above? I don't need those. Also, see how it cut the pictures in half? My computer is tiny, its a little 10 inch netbook, so I often have to take two screenshots to get in the pictures at the bottom. If you can get it all in one image, thats great. If not, you can either right click and save them individually to your computer, or take a screen shot of them directly. I can get the pictures off a screenshot. Don't worry about editing the ad picture, I'll take care of that.

"Save As", name the image whatever you want (the ad title works well), and EMAIL it to me. Take the images of the screenshots and send them as attachments in the email.

Include the link to the ad as well in your email please. This way, if the ad doesn't get flagged, Its so much easier to copy the text instead of me trying to retype it out from the pictures, lol. When it comes to the absolutely atrocious grammar and spelling on some of these ads, sometimes thats not as easy as you'd think it is! 

As long as the attachments are clearly marked for what they are, I have no issues with sending me the image files as email attachments. 

Please remember though, I deal with only Craigslist ads. No,, or any other classified horse for sale ads. I am focusing only on Craigslist.

Off to check those links!

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