Friday, July 2, 2010


I can't believe I made it to 100! And People actually read! Thats what amazes me - is you all actually read this!

And as promised, I have the update on the horse you all have asked me about. 

Comet. :D

And this is him now!

Can you BELIEVE thats the SAME horse? 

From Megan herself: 

Hi, earlier this year, you wrote a blog about a horse named Comet. I'm the girl who rescued him. I just wanted to update you on how he's doing. He's gained over 100lbs since I got him in March. I'm also starting to break him. I've ridden him a good 5 times, and he's very eager to learn. I have a couple of pictures I'm attaching to show you how much he's changed in the few months he's had with me. '

Then she sent the 'full' story: 

So, I was supposed to go to New Hampshire for a riding internship, but things didn't work out, so I told my dad instead of me leaving, I wanted to get another horse. So I went and looked at dozens of horses, came close to buying a few, but nothing really stuck out. Like you, I'm an avid CL browser. I would literally go through days and days of ads for every place in the state looking for a horse that I could get for my mom. Then one day my friend Laryssa and I found the ad for Comet. I immediately called on him and asked to come out to see him. They told me I wasn't the first caller, but I was the first one to look at him. The guy told me that he was only skinny because he had a high metabolism. Well, that didn't seem logical because he was feeding 6 horses 4 bales of hay a day in the winter. That's not nearly enough. I told the guy to hold him for me and I would call him the next day with my answer. I was kind of leery at first because I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But then I looked at his pictures again and I couldn't say no. I called him the next day and told the guy I'd take him. Two days after the ad was posted, Laryssa and I got my trailer ready and went and picked him up. We took him into my garage as soon as we got him to my house to see the damage. The poor guy was caked in mud and skinnier than any horse I've ever seen. We brushed him as best as we could and cleaned him up. His coat was so dull and coarse from the malnourishment he had. He was quiet and just soaked up all of the attention. His belly must have been very sensitive though because every time we tried to brush the mud off, he tried to kick us. So everyday for over a month, I fed him Safe Choice grain and mixed that with Healthy Coat to help him gain weight. Slowly but surely, he started to gain weight back. We trimmed up his hooves after a few weeks then wormed him. Now he's a healthy 150lbs heavier and he's finally shed out into his beautiful summer coat. We thought he would end up being a boring brown, but instead he turned out to be a flashy black boy.

As for his name, we heard the guy say "Griffen," but we thought that was an ugly name. We decided that he had some very similar features to Laryssa's appaloosa, who is about the same age, and his name is Vixen. So we thought it would be cute to name Comet after a reindeer as well.

Isn't he just GORGEOUS now? He is just LOVING his life now - his eyes are completely different now. 
Let's all give three HUGE cheers to Megan and to Comet, and lets wish them a long and happy partnership together :). 
Of course I wouldn't forget a normal blog post, and it is Friday so that means our Fugly Stud of the Week. Erin sent this, and while its short, its full of Fugly.

Horse For Sale: 3 Year Old Buckskin Stud - $100 (Casey, IA)

15.2 hands to 15.4 hands approx. Grade. Green halter broke. You pick up. 45 minutes west of Des Moines, near I-80. 

Friendly, first to greet you at fence. Proven stud, buckskin colt on premises. Nice action. 

Nice horse but needs work, do not have time to work with him. Motivated seller. 

$100 OBO 

515------63, leave message if calling before 5PM on weekdays. 

He's 3, and already has a foal on the ground. He's barely trained, and is standing behind barbed wire. *smackheadondeskandrepeattillbruised*.

Ok, this guy needs not just an upgrade, but a rescue and pretty damn quick, because if he doesn't slice himself on that wire, at that price, he'll be sliced up for other reasons.



  1. WOW - what a great job on Comet! He looks loved and fabulous!!

    That buckskin stud colt would make a supercute gelding, even with that... neck. Maybe if he lost a bunch of weight....

  2. So great to hear about Comet! He looks awesome and happy now :)

    As for that colt, I hope he is as lucky.

  3. Thank you for the update on Comet! I was wondering about him last week. He looks liek a different horse!

    When I look at the Des Moines CL I just cringe! I see so much that make me ashamed that Iowa can't produce better horse people. I think the buckskin would make a cute gelding....maybe someones trail pony? If I didn't have 3 of my own and 2 that will be joining my horse family when I get married in a few months I'd rescue him and make him a project pet. My fiance loves buckskins too bad we jsut don't have room for him! I hope someone snatches him up, treats him kindly, and makes him a lovely pet for someone. Thanks for posting him!!

  4. Erin, just ask the fiance, "What's one more?" Fiance is short for finance, it's just missing an 'N' in the middle...

    Has my enabler status been disabled?

    Great job on Comet there. He looks incredible and it is good to hear he is appreciating the upgrade.

    I'm liking the buckskin myself. If only I was closer...

    CL Queen- I am hoping with this- *smackheadondeskandrepeattillbruised*, you mean the posters head, not your own. They are the ones needing it, not you or us!

  5. Cut - I did talk to him about it, and it seemed to peek his interest...Until I told him he was allowed to breed once, and is barely halter broke. He really doesn't have the experience to deal with that kind of a project, and while I do, I really don't have the time to it take on right now. I've got a 4yr old and a 2yr old and a retired rescue, and they keep me busy and my check book low!!

    Now maybe...if the 30-something mare he has would peacfully pass on....then we could take on another horse, but ol' Coco is hanging in there....