Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Chrome has gone insane?

Ok lets see if this works.

Chrome apparently has hijacked blogger?

I have NO CLUE what is going on but I log into blogger through chrome and I get nothing but text based html pages, and a frames script that keeps 'eating' my words. I tried to post at least 6 times, and each time the post was 'eaten'.

I am doing this through IE just to see if I can post through IE - but as I have to go to work in less than an hour, I don't have the time to sit here right now and mess with it.

I was actually going to post today that was planning on taking a break from blogging until my kids went back to school early next month. Life has gotten beyond hectic, and since I only have my kids from Sat-Tues - its been increasingly difficult to find time to go online on those days. Add in that my work schedule gets heavier during the rest of the week (because I don't have the kids, no worries about a babysitter then) that poses its own issues sometimes.

Then today, I go to log in to blogger via chrome, and everything is upside down, and I am getting some really weird screens - If I can't get that figured out I just MIGHT end up moving over to wordpress. I'll announce if that happens. The fact that this happened just days after I got some nasty emails - well I won't get to much into that but its starting to really make me wonder exactly HOW secure Blogger is.

Anyways there won't be any new ads posted till August most likely, save for a few random ones if they hit me hard enough to scream about - and I need to get this other issue fixed.

Those of you that wish to know more, can email me at the same email on the side bar.

Comments will be switched to moderated, please don't take offence, there is a reason for it. It won't last forever, I promise.

Until August - sionara!

The CL Horse Ad Queen.


  1. :( Trolls SUCK. Hang in there, and if they're making threats, especially specific ones and offline as well as on, that gives you grounds to charge them with harassment. At the LEAST.

    -Cyg, who has been through THAT before >.<

  2. Hope all is well. I can't wait for the next article. However, you have earned a little time off, I'll give you that.

  3. Hope everything smooths out for you soon CL Ad Queen. Strange about the chrome going haywire, but at least you don't seem to be having to deal with the porn spammers in various languages like some of us have. If we wanted to see it- don't they think we would go looking for it?

    For whoever sent the nasty emails- get a life and grow up. If you were featured here, there is probably a reason for that. Every village has their idiot. When you can't seem to figure out who it is? Then it's most likely YOU!