Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I started this blog.

So I open up my email and have a email from a person who purchased a horse who had been in one of the ads featured on this blog. The email says that if I don't take the blog post down, authorities will be contacted. 



Yea, I REALLY don't think that's gonna happen.

Isn't this blog, and millions of others, basically considered to be the opinion of the writer? I never claim to say anything on there as fact, indisputable, undeniable, etc..... Its just me blowing my hot air over things that irritate me, and I use CL ads as the foundation to blow that air out. 

This is the written equivalent of me standing on a street corner on a soap box, screaming to people about what I believe. It just so happens that a LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE think the same darn way I do! 

I don't have to take down anything I don't want to on this blog, because this blog is my OPINION. I ripped on this ad because the horse was by a known HYPP Positive Stallion, and they were trying to sell this horse as a YOUTH HORSE when it was HYPP H/H. 

So, go ahead, contact whomever you want to contact. You can disagree with what I say, but its still my OPINION.

Do I need to say it again? 

I sure hope not. 


  1. Thought for the day: Live life like a dog. If you can't eat it or screw it- Piss on it and walk away...

    My $.02 anyways.

    To the whiner who bought the horse and then found the blog? If I had bought the horse, then found out about such serious issues- I would be pissed too, but your anger and disgust with the human race is misguided.

    Then again, if you bought the horse without doing the research, who have you got to blame but yourself?

  2. You are absolutely protected.

    Oddly, we just went over this topic at work last week in a Staff Meeting....

  3. Just found your blog, FANTASTIC! You have a new subscribed reader :) I do a variation of the same thing here, just haven't worked up the balls to go after individual sellers just yet!
    Happy writing!