Monday, July 12, 2010

Got this in over the weekend

Is there anyone out there that might be able to help out? I understand that there are some cases where euthanasia might be the best option, but if someone is willing to make her comfortable for the last few years of her life, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Leaving the link live, click for the email through Craigslist. This was simply copied from the email directly, sent by Lynn, who is behind 

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FREE PONY - or she will be put down (Weare, NH)

Date: 2010-07-10, 9:39AM EDT
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Welsh/TB Mare Approx 12 yrs, 14 hands, Blue Roan. Been diagnosed with soft tissue damage in front right hoor, needs 6 months to a year of stall rest. Will let you talk to vet. She's a GREAT mare, very loving. She's done Pony Hunters in 07 & 08. Daughter went on to horses but rode her consistantly. Too nice of a pony to put down, PLEASE help this pony.

image 1835339911-0
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(I apologize for the caps at the beginning of the post. Blogger keeps re formatting it in caps, even though I have gone into the html several times and edited out that part of the code. No clue why it keeps doing that.)


  1. Oh my god that pony is adorable!!

    I don't know anything about soft tissue damage... Will she ever be ridable again? Will the problem keep flaring up the rest of her life?

  2. OK I'll bite...

    THAT is a fancy pony. Look at her knees over that jump.

    And cute, too.

    Um, if you can afford to show Hunters, can't you afford a year of layup board for such an awesome pony??

    Instead of dumping it on Craigslist to God only knows WHO? Wow. Such a pretty pony, with a sweet, sweet face. Looks like she's taken good care of her young rider, too. Tsk tsk tsk.

  3. If she'd ever be sound again, I wish I could go snap her up for my daughter. *sigh*

    Does she need pasture board, or complete stall rest, is what I'd want to know.

  4. /want...
    Would take her in a heartbeat for a pasture companion if I lived near enough.

  5. What a shame on the owners... get rid of it because the pony/horse can't compete anymore. Well shit, I've got a 10 y/o mare who doesn't compete and I'm happy with that. I hope to one day get to a show ring with her but if it doesn't happen, oh well. She ain't going anywhere.

    Carla from NC

  6. FFS. Wanna bet the kid is busy showing the hunters on a horse, THIS YEAR, spending more on entry fees and trailering/coaching every weekend than it would cost to board this poor mare on stall rest for the month?

    Good on them for at least being willing to put her down at home rather than send her hobbling through a sale ring, but for Pete's sake. Look at the picture over the fence. This isn't an impoverished family that can't afford to rest the pony and see how she does. Cut back on the show fees and let the kid learn a lesson about responsibility. Maybe even sell the show horse to raise the funds to save the pony. Kid can catch ride for a while at the shows.

  7. I'm with Lisa - take responsibility and take care of the pony. I'd would think with soft tissue damage she would just need down time and brought back slowly. I guess I don't know what "soft tissue damage in front right hoor" is though? Does she mean hoof? It shouldn't be that dire if that is the case...and if nothing else perhaps the pony after time off could be a trail pony. And with soft tissue injuries it can be surprising how fasttheir bodies can heal. They should give her the benefit of the doubt, start her on stall rest with hand walks if ok'd and see where it goes from there. She may be better in a few months with good rest, vet, $ farrier care. She is adorable.

  8. Someone wanna whack them with a clue bat for me? As everyone else has said, they are showing on that level, they can most likely cover the fees to care for the pony. If nothing else, she could likely be sound for lessons for begginers in the future if she is that quiet.

    For a minute I thought the link for rescue a horse dot blogspot was the link for Holly who was rescue a horse dot com. That would mean the pony was close by and I could be doomed... Whew! Narrow escape.

  9. The more I think about it- they didn't say HOW it happened. Wonder if the kid did something dumb, the pony got hurt and now they are dumping her.

    Sucks for the pony.

  10. Im from new hampshire. I put the word out to some horsey friends. Can't make any promises. I would scoop her up, but I am in no financial situation to take in any horses.

  11. I'd take her in a minute if I could get her back to WI. Couldn't care less how long her lay up is. Can't believe they are dumping her on Craig's List.

  12. Really, is it a stone bruise?

    Concussion injury? Gravel?

    She's sooo pretty that if there were a market for fancy hunter ponies around here, I'd consider breeding her if she were sound enough (I know, I know... but she'd cross so pretty on another Welsh or Connemara I'd reckon)

    IF I were a breeder that is.