Sunday, February 28, 2010

Small concern brought up

My mother made a comment regarding the legality of what I am doing here. 

So, I started actually reading through Craigslist TOS to see what they say about the matter. 

And I quote:

"craigslist permits you to display on your website, or create a hyperlink
on your website to, individual postings on the Service so long as such use
is for noncommercial and/or news reporting purposes only (e.g., for use in
personal web blogs or personal online media). If the total number of such
postings displayed or linked to on your website exceeds one hundred (100)
postings, your use will be presumed to be in violation of the TOU,
absent express permission granted by craigslist to do so. You may also
create a hyperlink to the home page of craigslist sites so long as the
link does not portray craigslist, its employees, or its affiliates in a
false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive matter.

craigslist offers various parts of the Service in RSS format so that users
can embed individual feeds into a personal website or blog, or view postings
through third party software news aggregators. craigslist permits you to
display, excerpt from, and link to the RSS feeds on your personal website
or personal web blog, provided that (a) your use of the RSS feed is for
personal, non-commercial purposes only, (b) each title is correctly linked
back to the original post on the Service and redirects the user to the
post when the user clicks on it, (c) you provide, adjacent to the RSS
feed, proper attribution to 'craigslist' as the source, (d) your use or
display does not suggest that craigslist promotes or endorses any third
party causes, ideas, web sites, products or services, (e) you do not
redistribute the RSS feed, and (f) your use does not overburden
craigslist's systems. craigslist reserves all rights in the content of
the RSS feeds and may terminate any RSS feed at any time."

So, according to them, as long as I don't post over 100 links, I'm a-ok. 

Since I'm NOT posting links, I'm taking screenshots and converting those into .png files and uploading those directly, I'm not violating the CL TOS. 

AS for the pictures that are taken of the horses themselves, they are the posted copyright of the person that took them. As I'm not claiming to take the pictures, nor am I making money off of them, simply reposting them here, according to copyright laws, thats not a violation either. I'm not hot-linking, directly linking, or anything along those lines. 

So unless anyone can definitively prove otherwise, I'm within the boundaries of the law. 

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