Friday, March 19, 2010

A CEO, Hunting the elusive Green Sparkly Hat, the Screwed Up Dryer, and of course our Fugly Friday Stallion.

To the three of you that read this blog regularly I apologize for the lack of posts this week. This week has been non stop from beginning to end, and it is finally today I get the chance to sit and breathe for once. 

Started off with news at the retail store I am employed with that "THE" CEO of the entire company was supposedly coming to town for a series of meetings with his local suits. I cannot mention the name of the company as I have actually been required to sign a contract with this corporation stating I will not talk about, blog about or mention the company in any correspondence I create. (and since this blog gets posted to Facebook to my personal profile where I'm friends with a few co-workers...the name of the company shall remain a mystery.) 

At any rate, the news coming in last week Wed or Thursday-ish that CEO would be visiting over the weekend sent the entire management team into a fine tizzy. From Friday to Tuesday, every single person in the store was scheduled to work straight through. The store was shined, dusted, polished, till it was shiny - and re-stocked to bursting - all in preparation for this visit. 

The guy never showed up. 

Of Course. 

So, Tuesday, we were all able to breathe a sigh of relief when we had heard that he had flown back home. I was working in the morning, and had left the store to go run some errands, as the next day was St. Patty's Day. 

I don't celebrate the holiday, I certainly don't go hunting for green alcohol (aside from a twice yearly purchase of Midori for myself), yet my kids wanted a few fun things to take/wear to school. It is extremely difficult to find green sparkly bowler type hats the night before - I went to 5 different stores that night looking for one! I gave up at 9 pm when I was in a Target and had literally walked around the entire store at least 5 times. I gave up for the night, as I didn't have to work early the next day, and had promised that I would continue the search the next day.

After 2 more stores - AHA! - I found it! Picked up some cheap shamrocky things for the kids to play with, and mission accomplished. Its a good feeling when, as a parent, the little things that elude you get knocked aside with gusto. It was just a $2.00 cheap plastic hat, but It sure made my sons day! 

Got back home, and back to the mundane life of a mom consisting of laundry, laundry, and oh, did I mention laundry? First up though was assisting my hubby with the repair of 2 computers dropped off by a neighbor. Ancient, broken, and Not. Worth. Fixing. However the owner has promised a payment of $60 very badly needed bucks for their we make a fair attempt. We set them up outside on our covered porch, using our washer and dryer as the work table. Hubby is disabled with several herniated spinal disks, and bending over is not a great thing for him to do. The washer/dryer make a great worktable with their hight. As it turns out, we can't get either one running due to some broken internal parts, so he goes inside to call the neighbor with the news and further instructions, and I start cleaning up the mess. Screwdrivers, screws, and other miscellaneous tools are scattered everywhere. 

While we were investigating the broken computers, I was actually doing laundry. In the middle of picking up all of the tools, the washer stops, and I transfer the contents into the dryer. Without thinking about what I was doing, I pull the lint trap up out of the top of the dryer, as I *always* do. 

The end of the foot long wire mesh sleeve flings itself out of the hole it lives in, smacks the round handled end of my husbands best magnetic screwdriver and sends the screwdriver phillips head first downward into the lint trap depths. 

This series of unfortunate events happened within literally milliseconds. 

I stood and watched as the end of the screwdriver dissppeared into the lint trap hole, and just stared, thinking, "UM, did THAT JUST REALLY HAPPEN? Oh, s*it. " (Insert series of creatively strung together words that would make my mother smack me till I was backwards.)

The rest of my afternoon was spent covered in lint, dust, and cobwebs with Hubby and his Bad Back doing our best to figure out where the hell the screwdriver WENT inside the back of the dryer. Of course said dryer will not work anymore. Clothes I had just put into said non-functioning dryer were my work clothes, needed that very evening when I went into work for a few hours to help close the store. 

Needless to say, I was Screwed. The dryer got Screwed. Somewhere in the midst of trying to take the back metal panels off of the dryer the joke got made "Well, at least we know where the name 'Screwdryer' came from." Yes it was as bad in person as it is repeated here. 

The tool ended up getting wedged down inside the small plastic fan blades that filter the lint out of the lint hole down into the aluminum hose. We ended up with that dryer upside-down, sideways, backwards, and all sorts of directions that a dryer should not face. We picked it up and let it drop on the concrete trying to get the damn tool loose. We could feel it... but could not un-jam it. Wasn't this supposed to be the LUCKIEST day of the year? 

Eventually we gave up for the night, set the mangled appliance back to rights, and I did the one thing I swore I'd never ever do again.... Called on my ex-husband to help. See, he had his old washer/dryer set sitting in his garage doing nothing. A $50 deal for both was made, and arrangements were made for him to drop them off. Originally it was supposed to be that same day, however a call in to work revealed only 4 people closing the store for the night, and calling out would cause major troubles on my end of things. So, calling out was out of the question. The appliances (and my still wet clothes) would have to wait another day. I dug some dirty clothes out of the pile for work, and headed out for my shift.

Next day, after one Very. Long. Day at work and some minor confusion over who was picking up the kids from school - him or me - they were retrieved from the school by yours truly and I met my ex at home with the 'new' w/d in the bed of his truck. 

Ahh, at last, a fully functioning dryer again! Yes! My now stinky clothes got rewashed, and finally dryed. Another load was completed successfully... then tragedy ... again. The new dryer makes a funny dead beeping sound when asked to start. Ex has no clue why its making the noise, it worked fine for him for 3 years. 

*Sigh*. Of Course. 

P.S. - thanks to hubbys step-brother, we located another dryer to be dropped off sometime in the next several days. We'll see how that one works out!

AND NOW... Without further ado... 

The Second Friday Featured Fugly Stallion!

Gotta love the south sometimes - this lovely breeding specimen comes from Atlanta, Ga.  



Ad Text: 1987 AQHA Stud horse for sale or trade. Sire: Redigo Priest Grandsire: Little Dick Priest Dam: Miss Poco Ted 
Have owned this horse since 6 mos. old. Never broke or ridden but will stand for farrier and vet. Presently have a mare in foal that is due May 4 and this horse is the sire. Need to sell/trade him b4 my other mare "really" comes in season hot and heavy! Plus, I've been told that once the pregnant mare foals, she'll be ready and willing to be bred again. Don't need another baby! Justin is a good boy, but hate to see him "tortured" being around these mares. He lost a good bit of weight a few months ago but I have managed to put weight back on him. He would be an excellent addition to any breeding program. Please take a look at him and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me. 

*SLAM head 2 desk*

OmG. There are so many things wrong with this ad... the first literally SCREAMING out "WHY DID YOU NOT GELD HIM?!?" Why is he still a stallion?

You don't want your mares bred, fine I get that. You don't want him "tortured" - many stallions live with mares their entire lives and suffer nothing from it. Whats even scarier is the statement about him loosing weight for 'no reason'. If the owner had really owned this horse nearly their entire life, then they  should have a pretty darn idea what his eating habits are... unless they WEREN'T FEEDING HIM. Of course without any way to contact the seller other than email, no website, no link to other sale ads... there's very little way to tell.

As for the stallion himself, he's a prime gelding candidate out of no-name parents that probably haven't done anything either but make more of themselves. And judging from the looks of this guy, they should never have been bred either. I have a real strong suspicion that this poor guy did something to scare the bejesus out of his owner as a baby, and they threw him into the back pasture and just left him there. Now that he's probably gotten out of the pasture a few times, obviously bred a mare, they are even more scared of him. That would sure explain the lack of care he shows, not ever being broke, or simply FED!

I hope someone saved this guy and gave him a proper home without his unneeded boy bits. 

Have a good weekend everyone! Next week back to our regularly scheduled 5 posts. 

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