Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on a prior post / ad...

Remember "Sir Wincredible", the mucho-winning H/H halter gelding featured on day one of the two day HYPP rant?

Turns out he still hasn't been sold AND his asking sale price has been dropped AGAIN, down to $1800 from $8500. Ad is dated 3/18/10.



This poor gelding. SOMEONE that has a clue about HYPP needs to get this poor boy PLEASE before he ends up at the auction! 

They are also still trying to sell him as a beginner/"anyone" horse... WHY don't these people get the clue? Their market is dwindling. Less and less people are purchasing horses right now because they are luxury items. Granted most of us that own horses wouldn't like to think of them as such, but in reality they are. They cannot live without us, however we can live without them. Its a sad fact, yet very true. Add to the problem that this gelding is H/H, and its obvious his owners are quickly getting to the "dumping stage" by dropping his asking price yet again. 

I've known many many horses that stayed on the market a long time where their owners were needing to sell, but not desperate yet. The horse's price may drop some, but over $6000!? The owners just want to get rid of this guy, and its obvious that they are not willing to keep him much longer. The lower they drop the price, the wider the market they are attracting becomes, and yes, the more families you can attract into the barn as possible future owners. 

If the current owners were willing to make sure this guy goes to a decent home, they'd keep the price steady, or drop it a little. Taking him from $8500 to $1800 screams "GET HIM OUT OF THE BARN ASAP!" to me. They no longer care about this gelding, and are cutting their 'profits' out just to get him sold.

In todays market there is a HUGE difference between a horse selling for $8500 and $1800. With this guys show record on top of everything, he deserves to be in the $8000 range. $10,000 in IF winnings? My god! Just for THAT he's worth the $8000 price tag! So why the hell is he now $1800? One reason and one reason only. 

He's HYPP H/H.

Wanna bet that any people that go to see this guy aren't told about his H/H status other than he's H/H? The most current ad says he's never had an attack...thats like saying a live grenade is never going to explode. Total BULLSHIT. Even if its true and he hasn't.. YET... he will. Its inevitable. ITS WIRED INTO HIS GENES. HE CAN'T ESCAPE IT. And people are learning and starting to stay away from H/H like they are from this horse. The person that finally buys this horse will either not know about HyPP at all, or will simply not care and be in it to win.

I am wishing as hard as I can that this guy has a happy ending.


  1. Got some ads you would love. How do I get them to you? I have screenshots, can email them if you like.

  2. I don't know how to get an ad to you, but I've been watching this one for a while: I can send a screenshot if you prefer. It's kind of disturbing seeing a filly being given away unhandled to the point that she's growing too large for her halter -- while she's still in it. I've thought about posting it in the Fugly comments, but I figure some hothead would probably just yell at the people who placed the ad and not help the situation at all.

  3. Here's a doozy from Chicago:

    -WTF is a "Paint Mare Quarter Horse" and HOW is it a male mare!?
    -His only braggable quality is the fact that you can change his name!
    -He's only "mostly broke" and yet is being ridden by a helmetless 4 year old with no tack and no one holding her...

  4. Great ads... Look for them both to be featured soon. As for how to get ads to me, check out the post regarding that very thing.

    Keep em coming guys!