Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Friday Featured FUGLY Stallion!

Thank you for our reader submitted ad for today!

This week I started the new WTF Wed, and today is the first Friday Featured Fugly Stallion. AAAANNNDDDD.... its a doozy.

Read it and weep.


Yes, it actually says: "hi i have a nise saddlebred stallion at stud $250 he is not for sale hes foal saddlebred/fillie". 

Oh, wait - it gets so much better!



Cause who just DOESN'T want to breed to a filthy, fugly, mud surrounded meat market level stallion surrounded by the luxurious trailer accommodations! 

I can totally understand the ground being muddy. Heck, its been raining the last 3 out of 5 days here in PHOENIX, AZ this week - but OMG. Is it really that difficult to find a decently clean spot, CLEAN THE HORSE UP A BIT, and take a half way decent picture? 

Also, studying the picture where the horse is facing left, while it is very difficult to see, it does at first glance look like the lead rope is wrapped around the horses front right leg, then trails off on the ground. I put the picture into paint shop and zoomed in a bit, and I actually think there is someone standing behind the horse holding the rope and allowing the end to trail under the horse for several feet. If you look very closely just next to the horses' front legs, you can see what looks like a human pant leg. This just adds to the stupidity in my book. These people obviously have NO FREAKIN CLUE what they are doing with a horse, much less with a 'breeding' stallyion! 

The sick part ... they ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARES! Whether from their own herd, or outside its impossible to tell because they don't list a website (OH THE FUN THAT WOULD BE...) but look...


A "fillie". Did I mention that I wanted to slap these people already?

I quote the wonderful reader, Cheryl, when she sent it to me: "Why oh why would anyone in their right mind want to take their mare to this place to be bred to this stallion?  Junky trailer, crappy fencing, nothing but mud & stallion tied to a tree.  Ummm yea - I really want my mare bred in such pristine sanitary conditions.  All that for a $250 breeding to your fugly stallion.  I don't think so.  I do think that they should be nominated for poster child of BYB's."

EXACTLY Cheryl. This is why we have the over surplus of horses that we have. This is why we have the debate surrounding whether to have horses slaughtered within the US Borders. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEM, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. I currently have in my ad possibilities list three other ads from IL, every ad has at least 5 horses that have all been bred together and not a single one of any of them has done anything other than wear a halter... and in one ad in particular, I have doubts about even that! (Check back monday for those.)

This poor guy needs a serious upgrade, to someone that will actually understand that he needs to put on about 150-200 pounds, needs WORMED, groomed, and just well.... he's in serious need of a small little surgery called 'GELDING'. His eyes are screaming "Save me!" He obviously deserves sooo much more than he's been giving in life. 

I have a serious feeling that once his owners are past the novelty of breeding horses, this guy won't find a great 'forever' home. He's in Fresno, and there are plenty of unscrupulous horse traders that wouldn't think twice about sending this guy up to Washington to the Eunemclaw Auction. For those of you that don't shudder with disgust at that name.... well start reading the and you'll understand.

Its these types of ads that make me want to scream, throw things against the wall, and smack the owners upside the head! This is why I started this blog... because otherwise my blood pressure would be 200/150 day in and day out, and quite frankly, my health is pretty important to me. 

OT: Off to the side of the blog you will see a new ad for I found them digging around on facebook I think, and discovered that they offer free directory listings for equine related websites and businesses. After a few minor stumbles in the submit page I managed to get myself listed. Please click on the ad or the link above and check them out. 

All right folks, have a good weekend, and I'll see you back here on monday! Keep searching those ads, and send em in. You just might find yourself quoted!

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