Friday, April 30, 2010

Time To Clean Out The Inbox!

Are you all ready for this? (cue music!) I am sitting on quite a few ads that all need and deserve blog time... So you are going to get a pretty good chunk of them today. Not so much commentary, but a lot of brain bleeding. Just what everyone needs on a Friday!

Ad Text: I still have the pony 4 sale. I need to sell him soon. He is around 19 yrs old, brown and white paint. He has foundered and needs his feet trimmed often. He stands good when getting his feet trimmed. My kids pick up his feet. They hang on him, slide off his butt and crawl under him. He needs a kid that can make him mind. My son is not into horses like he was before and my 4 yr old can't make him mind good enough. 

Me In: And this is why, ladies and gentleman, we have a silly invention called RIDING LESSONS! So poor helpless ponies don't get sucked up into situations like this one - where the parents bought the pony for their kids because the kids wanted one, and obviously had NO CLUE on how to properly keep one - or they chose a stable/boarding facility that way overfed this guy/mis managed him. Either way, This is a perfect example why kids that are suddenly expressing an interest in horses should simply be placed in a good lesson program for a year - minimum - BEFORE THE PARENTS INVEST IN A HORSE. 

Its quite obvious the parents aren't horse people - the last line about the 4 year old not making the pony mind 'good enough' - sure makes THAT quite clear! 

Ad Text: I have a beutiful Thruabread regestered horse for sale, or will trade for a gental horse that a beginner could ride.She is 9 yrs. old, female, not fixed, with dood blood line, nice breeding option, with papers.Good rider with expierieanced rider.If interested,call Tonyat (614)---9955 any time 

Me In: At first glance, I thought this ad was another one from our Molly yesterday, but nope, she's in Lodi, CA, and this one is from Columbus, OH. Just have to ask one thing... why would she list that the mare isn't fixed? She must not know that 'fixing' mares is not quite the same process as fixing a female dog or cat. Just a weird thing to say in an ad, I think! Oh, and I really thought I had seen all possible spellings of the word "thoroughbred" - but this one takes the cake!

Ad Text: I have a Quarter Horse Bay Gelding that just turned 2 years old on 4-15-10 He is out of a cutting/working cow horse mare and a cutting Sire, He would make a great addition to any family/Ranch, as he adapts very easily to anything, He is very smart and will stand for vet work/ farrier!! We just dont have the time for this colt !! He is beautiful and has no vices, Neg coggins up todate on all shots, just needs to be started your way!! he is currently out with cows and is very level headed!! Sorry the pics are about a year old this is a nice size colt, gets along with all my other horses, loads, bathes, very willing to do it all!! I raised this colt for my 7 year old niece and she can do anything with him!! 772---7142 Brittney ( Will Consider ALL offers) 

Me In: Another young horse raised with an inexperienced child that 'can do anything with him'. Like anemonie said, at least he's gelded!! They say the pics are from his yearling year... which is good cause that boy is not exactly the prettiest yearling I've ever seen... and why the heck did they shave his head neck like he's a arab? That horse has some of the straightest hocks I'd ever seen, until I saw THIS one...

Ad Text: Not yet started, this coming 2 year old is ready. He will need to go to a trainer. He has some Appaloosa characteristics to him. Curly is big boned and has been continuing to grow. I have no history on him. 

Me In: The seller I am guessing probably doesn't know much about the Curly breed because appy markings are part of the genetic color and pattern possibilities of the breed. Even so... nearly every picture I've seen of them - they all have the worst hocks! Is that a Curly thing? I don't even know if this horse is a gelding or not... the link that was sent with the ad wasn't working, (not the fault of the sender... it did the same for her too) and so I was unable to check back with the original ad. Either way  - he's not the prettiest horse in the stable either! 

(Do I really have to comment on calling a Curly breed horse "Curly"? Sheesh people - get some creativity going here!)

Me In: Ok, well I think we have Curly up there beat. Cut-N-Jump sent me this ad... and at first I thought her hind legs were crooked... but she pointed out to me that, nope, they are just tucked under her way farther than any set of legs should be. I hope its just the picture.... cause other than that she's actually a cute mare! Needs her front feet trimmed really badly though! The angles on that hoof nearest the camera... OUCH!

(Are you hanging in there with me? I GOT MORE!)

Ad Text: Beautiful registered paint - Mostly blackish in color with white face and white foot. Fun to ride, sweet, gentle and gets along well with other horses. UP TO DATE AS OF TODAY ON SHOTS AND WORMING 
Just had a beautiful Bay Filly last night. BOTH are doing GREAT. Baby has a star on her blaze. BEAUTIFUL horses just need a GOOD HOME.
I can't keep them because I do NOT have enough land and there are too many other horses on our property so it's not safe for her. Filly has been checked by the vet, ALL OK! HUGE Filly, going to be a big girl. Momma is about 12 years old and I DO have papers on her. COULD possibly get papers for the little one as well.
If you can't PURCHASE her, but are willing to board her for a few months till baby is big enough to be with the others, PLEASE email me I REALLY want to keep them both but I can't if I don't have anywhere to put them.
Will take any reasonable offer. I am requesting serious buyers only. Momma used to be a roper, purchased from The Wohlgemuth farm in Atchison.
thanks for looking, any questions feel free to email me, it goes STRAIGHT to my phone.

Me In: Wait, I'm confused. You have too many horses on the property, and its not safe for the baby - yet you want the person that buys her to leave her on the SAME property just so you can 'keep her'? Uh NO. Don't think so. Life doesn't work that way. You are asking $1000 for the.... pair or baby? Its the pair. So a grand for both. Why don't you take some of that money, if you actually manage to sell these two, and CALL A FREAKING FARRIER??? 

Look at that mare's front hoof. Its longer than my car. And this chick is already saying she's 'got too many horses'. Great. Wonder if their hooves look like this too?

How about one more... cause I just have to end with a bang...

This weeks Friday Featured Fugly Stallion!

Ad Text: Rusty coming 4yr stud 14.2 or 14.3 not handled much can handle the other horse with him in field Rusty just made a colt and looks just like him 
Rusty must go to another home asap any questions 724---3474 or can emil you haul thanks for LOOKING 

Me In: I don't think any further comment is needed. That ad pretty much speaks for itself!

Well that was fun! I *still* have another 5 or 6 good ads sitting waiting to be used, but why throw them all out... I still need blog fodder for next week!

And on a small personal note: the small minor medical issue I had to deal with last night has resolved itself. My longtime 'better half' suffers from chronic pain stemming from multiple herniated spinal disks, and lives in hell with pain every day now. Things were flaring up for him last night worse than they had been in a long time, and we were debating a trip to the er to see if they could help bring some of the pain down. After some ice, more meds, and rest, we managed to get the flare up back under control, and the er trip was not necessary. Thank you for offering your kind words and well wishes. Its a daily struggle for him, and until doctors figure out how to regenerate bones - nothing much will change. 

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Just a bit more clarification on the paint mare 'Shady' ad, that was sent to me by another blogger actually.

    There is another picture at the bottom of the ad somehow, showing the horse under saddle. The legs look even further up underneath her in the second photo.

    As for the rest- That's some crazy, crazy shit there in the CL pile. At least if it stays there, it doesn't contaminate other places.

    Hope your 'better half' there is doing well. I am on the daily battle of lower back issues and pain. I can relate, but luckily haven't had to go the route of trips to the er for pain meds and relief. Ice packs DO work wonders!

  2. I swear it looks as tho there was some photoshop done on the back legs,why I do not know..Sorry about your "better-halfs" back issues Chronc pain is the pittts

  3. I actually thought about calling on the one in Columbus when i first saw her ad (they had posted another one same day or next day with much of the spelling fixed). I thought she was adorable but then I realized not only do I NOT have an extra $500 but one person does not need 4 horses.

  4. Anon- didn't anyone tell you they are like potato chips? You can't have just one...

    The more the merrier...

    They are herd animals

    And the other part-

    The cheap part is the purchase price.

    They will cost you whether you do anything with them or not.

    They still need their feet done, their shots, feed...

    You must be rich, because you have horses = NO! I'm BROKE Dammit! Because I have horses...


  5. Cut - I agree wholeheartedly. They are not cheap. I'm a single person with 3 horses and no children, and my horses come first, and me last. Last year I resuced my old jumper. I'd sold him to a great home in 2008, and he was resold to what she thought was a great semi-retirement home. I bought him back for $500 in September 2009, because I was positive he would not live through the winter. He's 17, the girl that bought when he was resold really did some damage to him, and he is no longer consistently sound. i've got him on a pile of supplements to make getting around easier for him. Those add up fast. Then I've got a 4rd old that I bought as an investment/project horse to work with until my b2008 sporthorse got old enough to break out. Since then, the 4 yr old has proven to be one of the coolest horses I'd ever ridden and a better prospect that I thought. I've decided she's not going anywhere (especially after what happened to the gelding). Then my baby who is 2 this year. She is the what I always wanted, and I bred for her specifically. Do I have a need for 3 horses? Not at all. Am I going to be selfish and keep them all for myself? Absolutely. The gelding is enjoying retirement, the 4rd old is making her dressage debut this June, and the 2 yr old is going to be making her in-hand debut this year as well and then will get lightly started next spring...

    I've been lucky, since I can keep all 3 at home with me, my trainer travels to me, and I am a capable enough rider to not have to SEND my horses out for training. Any problems encountered my trainer teaches me how to work through them instead of doing it for me. This makes things easier and more affordable and saves time from when I was boarding, but it's still a big expense.

  6. Erin, I can relate....

    We are down to 10. Yes, down to. We had 17 at one point. 17 that were ours, then add in client horses... The feed bill was outragous. Farrier was a close second.

    Of the 10, we are down to our keepers. Mine being the pony stally- the last of the horses I came with when hubby married me. The Arab stally, who hubby feels undermounted on and refuses to ride, paired with his absolute hatred of the majority of people in the Arab industry. My OTTB mare that I rescued from the depths of the KB auction. I know where she would have ended up had I not bought her. My latest addition- the WB mare. She is my project horse. Been a broodie- now its time to start a life under saddle.

    Hubby's mare that he came with pre-marriage. The two QH mares we had to have and could now, never replace. Their two foals- the babies that are now 4 year olds. Then there's the COB ancient QH mare. She has hair trigger responses for all your cues when riding her and will go all day if you can handle it. He says she is mine, I say she is her own problem.

    There have been a couple we have sold and I would like to get back and turn them over to someone else. As you say, the owners may have the best if intentions but have really done a number on them. One is horse is mentally a mess, the other one is physically in need. Both owners- their ego is in the way...

  7. omg 10!!!! There is no way I could to 10 let alone 17! Yikes. It's hard with the whole selling thing. I've sold 2 horses ever, and I found good homes for just can't control where they go after they are sold. im pretty sure my old broodie has a lifetime home, I sold her to a friend I rode with growing up and she tells me often that she is in love with her. Has her in training with plans to shows hunters with her. Everyday, I hope it stays that way!

    I don't get how so people can just unload them without wanting to know how they are, and make sure they are safe and happy and healthy.

  8. I have an American Bashkir Curly. They really are almost always Cow Hocked, but it doesn't seem to cause them issues.
    That really is a typical looking Curly.. They tend to either not have enough mane/tail, or have far too much.. The can have poor necks and high withers. They are either quite poor keepers or get fat far too easily.. They truly are a breed apart and don't always fall in with other typical horse breeds..