Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off Topic Today...

I am announcing today "Share Your Blog Day"! 

I LOVE reading blogs. I just don't always have the time to search them out. I also would love to put as many blogs as I can on the little sidebar thingy, so if you have one that isn't listed - post your link in the comments with a blurb about what it's about - and I'll get them all added by the weekend. 

Expect a regular post later today after I get home from work!

Edit from 7:30 pm Az Time: I know I promised an ad when I got home from work. Unfortunately, due to a minor family medical issue, I will have to put the post off until tomorrow. I am sorry for those that have been waiting all day for a new ad. 


  1. Here ya go:

    The title pretty much says it all - mostly about the (good) weirdness of horse people. Latley I have been blogging a lot about my own guy (for very good reasons), but you'll have to read to find out more!

  2. I'm new to the horse world, and this is a lesson by lesson account of my experiences, starting at lesson one.

    Thanks!! Tori


  4. well duh! Grooming the right way- less is more. Quite a few in the links on the sidebar there. hubby's blog about effective, easy and common sense horse training. - a blog that came about as a 'challenge' between a friend of mine and I, to get off our asses, drop a few pounds and DO SOMETHING! with our horses. It snowballed and quite a few people climbed on board- chimed in and joined the party. - my place to rant about other peoples non existant brains, common sense or parenting skills.

    Off to check out Pony Girls blog. The horse industry is full of weirdos and freaks!

  5. Hey, you, I suspect you meant to say OFF topic, not OF topic. I'd say something via YIM but you're not signed on.

    I'm working on setting up a new blog, but it is currently empty. Tis a place for me to rant about my life. Not terribly horsie related.

  6. oh, right. between outlook, 16 bazillion calls for someone that had the phone number before me (Its been 8 months... jeze..think they'd get the clue, you know?) and and and...

    Title fixed. Signing into Im. LOL.

  7. Perfect Partner at

    A blog about training horses, riding lessons and my 4H Horse Club.

    I hope that everything is OK with your family and the medical issue turned out well.

  8. As of last night I got everyone added up to Kit's comment. ColtysHeart - I will add you this afternoon. Thanks for the well wishes... at the bottom of todays post I explained a bit about what happened.

    LOVING everyone's blogs!