Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OT: My Little Movie Star!

Ok, I will disintegrate into a shameless, proud, shove my kid into your face mom here for a few minutes. If this bothers you, don't read. LOL. 

My mother works for the Arizona State Health Department, and last year, the State Veterinarian, who is a good friend of Mom's, needed to make a short awareness video that could be played in AZ schools regarding bats. The message she needed to get across was "DON'T TOUCH!". 

They needed child actors, and instead of hiring - well guess who's daughter ended up with a starring role in said public service video? Its short, around 30 seconds. It was meant as a "TV commercial" for the public school system here in AZ. 


There's only 2 kids - the boy thats narrating, and the blond in the blue shirt. The blond cutie is my daughter. All she had to do was walk up, act horrified, and point at the bat, then in the second scene she had to pretend she was going to reach down and pick it up. 

My mom said she was a perfect actress for the day, needed very little direction, played her part well, and was well rewarded with ice cream from Dairy Queen on the way back home. 



  1. awwwwwwwww Katie's adorable :D she's gotten soooooooo big since I seen her last!!! I remember seeing pics when she was like 3 yrs old LOL

    now she's gonna wanna be an actress, Mommy! lol

  2. good story but it wasn't all me....and lead paint laws existed way before crayons...
    however, the last few years of "toys and lead from china" wouldn't have been such a shock if they (the feds) had paid attention to us back then....

  3. and I wouldn't consider myself "high up" either...more like just a worker bee looking forward to retirement..

  4. Creative licence on my part :) Besides, sounds more impressive this way.

  5. Isn't it fun having something like that to brag about?

    Are we all allowed a shameless plug for our loved ones? If so, check out the cover of Tack ' Togs for November of '07. The pony and dog are mine- Pi and Abby. The child was a paid model. We did the photo shoot in July for a catalog and an ad & that's where it ended up. Pretty cool huh?

    Hubby has ended up in a catlog as well as a few of our horses doing catalog and advertising shoots. Fun stuff!