Friday, May 7, 2010

Double Shot of FFFS!

2 for the price of 1 usually sounds like a good deal. I don't know of a single bargain shopper that can resist that when it something really good - like shoes, or makeup, or heck - wouldn't it be wonderful if it were saddles??

Unfortunately, the 2-4-1 deal today isn't saddles or shoes. (Too bad. I need a new pair of flip flops!) Its Stallions. 2 on the same ad. Both Fugly. I couldn't believe my luck! 

APHA Stud & Mustang Stallion

(Stud #1) Frosted Dakota 
aka "Handsome" 
June 24, 2006 
Sorrel Overo Paint Stallion 
APHA Registration #887112 

"Handsome" is currently in training. Our goal is to use him for barrel racing, cowhorse events as well as some team sorting with him. He has an unflappable disposition and is a real honest horse. He is always thinking and is very curious. 

Currently, Handsome stands just under 14hh. We expect him to mature about 14 or 14.1hh and 1000 pounds. He has large, hard feet, great bone and tons of muscle. This boy is built! His blue eyes with eyeliner are the icing on the cake, and just add to his appeal. He definitely lives up to his name! 

We are looking forward to the beautiful APHA and Pony foals he will sire throughout the years. His Paint Pony and Pinto registration is in the works. Handsome is a definite asset to our breeding program. 

I will be the FIRST one to admit that he's cute. If I were to see that picture without knowing he was a stallion, the very first thing I'd think was 'what a cute gelding!' 

What stallion owners like this don't understand (and NEED to) is that they are marketing to two sets of people in the horse industry. Set #1 are the ones that just want to breed to have a foal. They have a mare, or several, and really don't give 2 shits about what they breed their crap mares too. Set #2 are the ones that actually educate themselves about stuff like this. They will look at a stallion like that and they won't see 'stallion'. Like myself, they'll see 'gelding'. They will end up passing him by in favor for a better one out there. Color has nothing to do with it here. There is nothing about this horse that makes me think stallion. 

He really looks like he should be a games pony, doesn't he? Put some ribbons in his mane and tail, with some bright polo wraps, and some teenager on him - yea. That would be a picture to put on your wall in a huge 24-36 poster frame. 

At least they are putting him into training on cowhorse and team penning stuff. That sure would suit him with his build. Seriously though, this is one horse that unless he ends up a Multiple ROM in AQHA, or wins $100,000 in Team Penning Jackpots or something outrageous like that, really doesn't need to be breeding right now. Keep him a stud if you must while he is out proving himself. "Proving himself" doesn't equal babies. 

Gosh, I'll even go out on a limb and say if he's got some athletic ability, and with a gelding surgery, he's right up my alley in terms of what *I* want in my next horse. 

(Stud #2) 

HR I Shot The Sheriff 

aka "Trigger" 
January, 2005 
Bay Spanish Mustang Stallion 

Trigger is a great little guy. He has all of the best qualities of the Spanish Mustang in a small, sturdy, compact package. Trigger is currently in training and will be used as a trail horse, and for pony rides and as a gymkhana horse. He stands 12.3hh or more and weighs about 600 pounds. Trigger is a great cross for your smaller pony mares. He will also cross well with Mustangs, Arabians and stock horses. to create wonderful kid-sized ponies that the whole family can enjoy. 

Trigger has sired a beautiful Sorrel Filly with two back socks and a nice big star stripe and small snip.foaled 5/4/10 from a big stocky paint mare. 

Ok, seriously? A mustang? Do we really need to be breeding MUSTANGS? Oh, wait, they already have. 

To a paint mare - and even if the baby had color, it's still only registrable as pinto. The foal is breeding stock, which in some circles, devalues the horse even more. Note I said, SOME. 

We really don't need anymore mustang or mustang crosses right now. I don't know if BLM has a mandatory gelding policy on their adopted out 'stangs, but if they don't, they SHOULD. 

I understand the reasoning behind this one though. I really do. When I had my mare, the sorrel mare with the big blaze you see on the side bar, I really seriously did consider breeding her to a mustang stud I found up in Wyoming. This particular stallion I wanted specifically not because he was a mustang, but because I wanted a good, solid, working cow horse mentality, and this horse is KILLING the competition up there. Just absolutely cleaning up. His stud fee was $500, and I'd still have to pay for the shipping and vet, and AI is NOT cheap. My $500 was quickly turning into around $3000 when it would have been all said and done. The money was a good part of why I chose not to, because after some serious thought into whether or not I could really handle 2 horses - training, feed, an additional saddle/tack, etc, I knew I couldn't do it. 

I wanted a horse that was smaller, hardy, great hooves, and could handle hard work. I also wanted a good cow sense too. My mare had the personality I wanted - what I needed was good bone, good feet, and the cow sense. (She was afraid of any animal that baaaa'd or mooo'd. The story of how I found THAT out will have to wait for another day.)

I didn't breed her, and after following up with the mustang stallion owners in Wyoming, they themselves got so disgusted at the way the industry was going, they gelded him last year. 

I don't hold out hope that the owners of these two fine specimens will do the same thing.


  1. Ok so the first one, where you 'see' gelding, I don't. He lacks masculine qualities and seems too feminine and to me 'says' Mare.

    The second one- just looks sad and like he is wishing someone will come get him and take him on to bigger and better things.

    I doubt that either one will be breeding to anything soon. Seems they are lacking in one category- height. Nobody seems to want the little guys much these days. Unless for their kids, but who breeds and feeds a horse for 4-5 years until they can be considered a kids horse? Nobody. They would rather just buy one that's already made. You know- to satisfy their "I want it now" drive...

  2. OK, I'm not really anonymous; I usually sign in to blogs as MickieN but Google Account likes to fight with me and it's late.
    Just a comment on the 2nd one; Spanish Mustangs are different from your average BLM Mustangs. Smaller gene pool, more true to type; an actual breed rather than just a type of horse. That said, I have a friend who breeds them and THAT stallion is NOT what a good Spanish Mustang should look like. At least not unless he looks a whole lot better in person than at that odd angle.
    And both of them would be cute geldings for some kids to play on, but I can't see god reason for leaving them entire.

  3. I'm just laughing because to start with, if you've gotten something for sale (even if it is just sperm), you should be using attractive pictures which show your horse off to his best. I hope that this is not these horse's best!

  4. I kinda agree with CNJ on the paint, because other than the piece of equipment that makes it obvious it's a "he" I would have thought that he was a cute mare :-) Poor fella has other issues than just being a done-nothing stallion for sale on CL!

  5. Well, at least we all agree that there's absolutely NO reason for the paint to be a stud!

    Missie: Thats a good reason why the ad was posted lol. If you think THOSE pictures are bad... search the blog for the label "friday featured fugly stallion"... some of the ones we've dug up are spechial!