Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride A Baby Wed

So, I've decided to rename WTF Wed into Ride A Baby Wed for a while. 

Todays Ride A Baby Ad I honestly thought I already had. I recognized the pictures, but I have just searched through 3 months worth of emails and didn't find it, with the exception of the email that Celeste sent yesterday. So, if you sent me this one, and I just overlooked it, please forgive me :).

I also realized exactly how many ads I have in my email that I need to grab before they go down too. So, if you have sent me one, and haven't seen it here yet, that might be why. I"m about a week behind, and I don't always get a chance to email back and say thanks - so please DO NOT take it personally if you don't get a response. I get an average of 20-30 emails a day, and I'd be sitting here for hours if I answered every one lol. 

Throw in the business I'm trying to get off the ground, working part time, 2 kids - yeap. It adds up, doesn't it! (Plus, I have "Remember Me" Waiting in my computer's DVD player and I really want to see it before I go into work this afternoon! hehe.)

Off we go! 

Pony quarter mix - yearling 
1 yr and 4 months old. She is around 12.2 hh or (48inches)and has not grown much more. She is a good little girl that follows you around. She is good with the kids and other horses. I put a 6 yr. old girl on her and she was led around with no problem. She loves everything. I had her feet done and shots were done 3 months ago. Happy and healthy. This filly is going to be a med. to large pony and I was looking for a small pony or paint horse. I offer her as low as possible to get what I was looking for. She is a good pony but not what fits me now. 
Looking for a paint foal filly or colt with color. A 36 to 42 in pony. Also looking for a 17 in leather western saddle. So trades are welcome or sell is offered. 

Celeste (who is also "Dangerous" in the comments) wrote: It makes me sad because she looks super cute and smart and I'm sure she would make a great kid's pony if they would just not put anything on her back for another year!  And how much do you want to bet that 6 year old had no helmet on?

Because people that do this just don't think. They obviously realize what age the horse is, they mentioned YEARLING in the Ad's title, for everyone to see. 16 months old, she's 16 months old, and has already been asked to carry a rider. 

Will the morons ever stop being morons? Nope. But that doesn't mean we can't stop exposing them to the world!


One quick comment regarding Melissa and her post. Its still getting a ton of traffic for me, and I appreciate it. 

Please remember though, that she will NOT stop posting ads until those horses are either sold, or gone. By all means please keep posting them here, but it is what it is. She wants them sold that badly - then she'll do it when she wants to do it. I still encourage anyone in the area that wants to really help and go take one or both horses on. I'm sure that mare would make an incredible trail or children's mount with some work but someone needs to DO IT. 

Mom will continue to defend her daughter's actions, no matter what we say or do. Thats the nature of being a parent to some people. I personally can't stand the parents that pretend they have perfect angelic children that once backs are turned - turn into little devils. (hmm, actually, that part amuses me. Cause the kids are obviously smarter than the parents at that point to not get caught - and if they ever do - they KNOW nothing will happen.) 

I ask that you please keep the comments non-personal, no throwing neighborhood mud, and I won't have to turn the comments off, capiche? 


  1. Geez-O! Stopped growing at 16 months? Sounds like they stunted her growth a bit then... I hope they don't ramp up the feed and ruin her that way, thinking that will suddenly make her grow.

    She is a cute horse and with time and patience could very well be the horse they always wanted. Without the spots of course. But the spots is where it's at. At least in their world.

    I hope they aren't thinking to put the 17' saddle they want on the 36-42" pony they are hoping to find. Note to sellers- It's not gonna fit and you Will look stoopid...

  2. Funny, we did ride a baby Wednesday too this week without even thinking about it! Found a horse in the Pets section on CL rather than Farm and Garden--a 2 year old who looks at least part-Arab and was started under saddle long enough ago to need "tuning up" hence, as a yearling!

    This one is even worse though. She doesn't even look like a horse. She's plain and simple a FOAL. A cute one despite the awkward yearling phase she seems to be in, but she is a baby who looks like a baby and clearly has not grown enough to be carrying anything heavier than a blanket and maybe a bareback pad with floppy stirrups to get used to things jiggling around her sides. When I had yearlings to play with when I worked for a QH trainer/breeder, they got started at 2 no matter what I had to say about it (gotta be doing those futurities by 3!) but as yearlings there was PLENTY to teach them without putting any weight on them! Open umbrellas under their noses, shake pom poms at them, blanket them, lead them over poles, mess with their feet, crinkle plastic bags along their backs... those babies were READY for the hectic show environment when they got there!

  3. Oh, wow, I'm surprised you featured the ad I sent in! I know you must get tons of submissions a day, since unfortunately, there are so many idiots on the internet.
    They do say that she is a pony quarter mix (mixed with what?!?!?!) so she might have been little anyways, but carrying kids around is certainly not going to help her growth :/

  4. Yes, yes I did! Though I did forget so far to add your link to the sidebar - I will make sure to do that.