Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ok, Well, Maybe Not Yet

Please forgive the sudden start and then nothing for 4 days. 

I feel like a car where the starter is beginning to fail, but its intermittent. The car wants to start, it turns over, the desire is there, and then something fails somewhere, some spark that is supposed to happen, doesn't, and then it just dies. 

I just need a few new spark plugs, a new starter, maybe some new wiring in there somewhere too - 

or maybe just one good nights rest. 

Keep hanging with me, I'll get this jump started back to where we were! 

And hopefully - it won't cost me $300 to repair! hah.

1 comment:

  1. strange that you make this comparison at a time when the battery on one of ours is seeming like it may crap out- or not. I have asked hubby to check the water in it a few times now to be sure it isn't that...

    For those who don't know this, yes the battery does have water in it and you have to check them once in a while for this. Distilled water is recommended. In the desert a car battery generally lasts about 2 years before it is fried beyond hope. We are about due. They never crap out at a good time either. Always the worst possible moment. Always.