Monday, August 16, 2010

Time To Restart This Thing, Yes?

Today is a good day. The kids started school today (all five of them! and no, only two are 'mine', the other three are unofficial step-kids) so all you parents out there - shouldn't the first day of school be granted national holiday status? 

I sure think it should! 

So, while the house is blissfully quiet for the first time since MAY, I thought it would be an excellent time to restart this blog. 

Before I do that, for those that have been following along, My father is doing better, he is in a temporary nursing facility due to some complications, but they are not life threatening, and overall his outlook is pretty decent. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, and for being so understanding when blogging had to take a backseat to everything else for a while. 

But now life is slowly returning to some sort of normalcy around here, and that means its time for us to return to our regularly scheduled blogging fun! 

I was on craigslist this morning (actually not looking so much at horse ads, but instead posting an ad of my own - more on that later) and was checking out random ads for fun. 

And then fell in love. hehe. 

I think she's gorgeous - and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of dappled greys, or really greys in general. Too hard to keep clean, IMO. But the owner of this mare has done a great job of that - the first thing that caught my eye was that WHITE TAIL! If you've never had a white tail before on a mare? UGH! Trying to keep the yellow out of that white is a daily battle. Even putting it up they still manage to get urine on it! (Trust me, I've tried every trick in the book.)

They even have a decently worded ad for her, and it looks like in a better market, this mare would be a really, really, REALLY high priced horse. 

Miss Frosty Jay *** What a Beautiful Girl (She has pnts with AQHA ) 8year old Grey sired by *** Master Jay *** , check him out Has Her Reining CERT. Also trained in Cutting Roping and even has a Halter point!!! She is very quiet and Anybody can ride her even Bareback to go check your mail !!! Such a Sweetie. No bad Habits. 15 H ..... Vet checks welcome. asking $5,500 602 --- 1258 Bring Your Trainer / Vet/ Girlfriends and Boyfriend/ Husbands and Wives They will All Approve!!! ((( May Consider part trade ))) 

I have contact info if anyone wants her lol! 


So why is the CL Horse Ad Queen posting an ad on CL? 

Actually because of this:

I also posted an ad locally in the Farm & Garden section for those that might be interested. 

Have a good monday all!


  1. I have seen this ad a few times and although I am a sucker for a pretty grey... her pasterns are incredibly straight which makes me think her shoulder is too.

    he wavy tail looks like she has had it in a braid for some time and likely in a tailbag or sock. Not a fan of either or tails that drag the ground. Palomino tails are no easy task either.

  2. I didn't like her legs either. Hooray! You're back, I've missed you.

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