Friday, September 10, 2010

The Catch Up Post

I'm going to do something rare - as in I've never done this - just to try to get things caught up a bit. 

I'm going to directly post some links to some ads I was sent, and hopefully they will stay active long enough for you all to read them. 

Rare Color POA mare!

The 'rare' color is reddish roan - is it just me or is this really not a rare color / pattern for a POA? Besides, check out the pictures - they are classic CL. 

We can't speak legible english!

This one has to  be from a minor... again we have kids backwards on a non controlled horse without helmets.

We's done gonna ride that thar baby hoss otherwise known as YALL GOTTA SEE THIS HORSE!!!!!
9 month old QH COLT with 3 months of ground work training - AND has already been RIDDEN BY THE 8 YEAR OLD WITH A WESTERN SADDLE!

Attack of the killer ponies!

It was pointed out that the ponies REALLY don't look happy to be messed with....

Another baby under saddle... what is WITH people?

At least shes not 9 months old....

Ad calls her an easy keeper... I call BULLSHIT! I meant to post this mare as a separate emergency type post, but if anyone is in the area and can go grab her... she needs help and fast!

Another skinny mare...
Just like women... if they bleed they can breed, right? Well in this case, a 20 something, supermodel skinny mare would just LOVE to have a foal of her own! 

Rember Melissa? She's got babies now!

This is one of two I've seen her post pictures of. The sire of both was that black mustang stud. She says this foal is correct and quality... you all tell me what you think. Oh, and the other foal is out of the mare she claimed had the stillborn!

Wormy or Cushings Disease?


Now on to some awesome updates... Been sitting on this one for a little bit but need to get this out!

Remember Otie the donkey, the donkey living in the back yard with the kids that had totally neglected his hooves? 

This is his update! 

I wanted to send you some pictures of the Donkey I sent you the CL ad for earlier in the year.  He is doing really good.  He has had a few issues socializing with a couple of our horses (ran one of our pony mares into a tree and she punctured her windpipe, also pinned a large draft-x mare to the ground and was standing on her)...but he is getting much more social, especially with his new owner.
I don't care if you post the pics or not, I just remember you were especially interested in him when you posted it. =)

That was sent by Fran, the same lady that sent in his original Craigslist ad. 

How awesome is this!!! His hooves are ten thousand times better - and look at all that green grass he has now to play in! So happy to hear stories like this!

How about one more just for fun? 

Clicky to embiggen and read. 

Thats some serious wishful thinking there! 

Thanks to the many many people that sent ads - I didn't mention senders by names because I was pushing this post out pretty fast, but you all know who you are and what you sent me. I appreciate each and every one. 


The male parental unit is back at home again after his stay in the nursing home, and is back to all his old habits. It is really as if the whole incident never happened! At the grocery store earlier tonight, he spent 80 bucks on all high fat, high grease, high salt food. Everything he is NOT supposed to have. 

It's sad to say, but I've given up on him. I really don't think HE cares anymore about what he does or eats. Its just a matter of time before the next attack hits, and that may or may not be the end of things.

Lastly - and a much happier note - for those that don't know or didn't see previously, I now am the proud leader of Girl Scout Brownie Troop 560! I have 8 girls in the troop, and one of the planned events in November that we are going to as a Troop is a Equine Youth Fair out in Queen Creek, Arizona on the 11th. CNJ - we'll be in YOUR backyard pretty much so you should come out and say hey too! 

I just had to brag ;). 



  1. This isn't worth its own post, but it's HILARIOUS!!

  2. I may just have to do that! Is it at Horseshoe Park? I seen something on their calendar about that. Maybe we would just make it a family day and take the girls.

  3. I was at Horseshoe park over the weekend. That's where the event is being held. Easy to get to and close by.

  4. OMG, why is that colt so skinny? Is that normal? I'v e never seen a foal look emaciated like that, but the mare is round enough? Gah. (melissa's ad..)

    my eyes hurt.

    Congrats on being a leader!