Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I need a giggle, what about you?

Sooo..... as my car is sitting in the driveway with a broken water pump and a non-functioning timing chain, I thought it was high time we shared a bit of a giggle. 

I just went through my email and I can't seem to find the original message, so forgive me that I forgot who sent it in to me, but I simply can't resist this. I also cross posted it in a few places as well for the laugh!

Serious buyers only need reply to a flaccid anatomically correct equine toy? Doesn't THAT put a picture in your head? 

Bet its nowhere near the truth..... 

Its a Schleich Horse Toy that retails for about $5-$6!!!

Here, look for yourself! 

Toys R Us has him in Grey for $6.99 + shipping.

I really can't help but wonder if someone really paid $10 for him?

My question is why advertise it as 'anatomically correct" yet use the word 'flaccid'? 

Really got to wonder about people sometimes..... 


  1. I have changed many a water pump in my time, Alternators, power steering pump, starters, distibutor caps & rotor...

    When you change it out, I suggest new hoses and a thermostat too. You already have it all apart anyways. Why not put ALL NEW stuff on it and not worry about it later. Never fails one of them goes a week or so later and you're right back at square one again.

    Timing chain? I like the cars where it is a chain, not a belt like so many have now. Belts in our heat, just don't hold up so well.

    The horse is pretty funny. Some of the Breyers are well endowed too. Wonder who came up with that idea?

  2. Sorry to hear about your car issues...

    But... Thanks you for a much needed giggle.

    Hope all is well

  3. Hardy har har.....
    When I was a kid I always had to inspect the underside of my Breyer stallions. They have perfectly round nuts!!!!

    My dad loves to fix cars, so I've always been veeeeeeery lucky. I'm not handy that way at all. Good luck!!!!!

  4. The sheath and testicles on the horse are well done. I am glad to see this. People are accepting the sight of what God made.