Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gonna Change Things a Little Bit...

Things have gotten more than a bit insane here at my house and Things. Just. Won't. Let. Up. Big giant capitol letters on that for sure. 

My model horse prepping services are taking up most of the free time I have. Which is good, but it just doesn't leave much time for other things. Once I get past the crush of what I have to do and send back out, I'll be a bit more conservative in what orders I take in. However when just starting up a new business, you take what you get, when you get it. There is NO room to say "No". 

But be still fluttering anxious beating hearts out there reading this that might have automatically thought that this blog might be going away! Oh no my friends, I'm not shutting it down. I'm simply just going to start posting once a week, with multiple ads. One big post a week instead of daily posts. I Love the daily post format, and one day I might go back to it. But until then, or at least until the holidays are past once a week is all I can do. I think Jan/Feb sometime I'll resume daily because I *DO* work for the "R" Us corporation, and even though I wear the Purple side of things (Babies "R" Us) and Purple doesn't really have a crushing holiday shopping season like Toys does, because I started out working for Toys during the seasonal months I am very sure I will be asked to help out and go back to the 'Dark' side, and wear Red for Toys once more. 

That means Midnight opening on Black Friday (which is something I SWORE I'd never do again, and here we are a year later almost....) and midnight closing times. 

On top of that, October means three Girl Scout meetings, my daughters birthday, MY birthday, making halloween costumes, and finishing/shipping deadlines for the model horses sitting in my living room right now. 



So, tonight I'm going to go through my lovely glorious beautiful stack of emailed ads, and tomorrow I will post for you all to enjoy. 

See ya then!


  1. I miss your posts =(
    I check every day for new ones!
    Hope your life is not TOO crazy!
    Come back soon!

  2. *sniff, sniff

    I agree with Fran :)

  3. I still come check daily too.

    Miss you, really hope all is well!