Saturday, June 6, 2015

And A Few Years Later....

I'm still alive! For quite a while I had a LOT of bad stuff happen. Stuff is still happening, but my ability to deal with the bad stuff is getting better. Cars, apartments, jobs, even boyfriends have changed since my last blog post on here. Earlier today, while looking for something else, I was digging through some old computer records and came across the folder that I had stored all of the pictures and other research information for this blog. I opened it up and got to thinking that I was starting to really get rolling on this way back when. 

Got me to thinking - I actually MISS writing these blog posts. I wonder if I changed the focus on this blog just a little bit, if I can 'reboot' it and rebuild it. 

Anyone on here care? :D

~The Queen. 


  1. Please continue! I found this blog about a year ago, and had been waiting for it to continue. I was looking up something else today, thought of it, and was really happy to see a new post!

  2. I've missed your posts (sorry, hadn't checked in a while so I'm late to this party), so if you start posting again I'll definitely be reading & I'd add you to my blogroll so I wouldn't miss a post.

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