Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Kingdom for a ..... Watch?

Ok, this one just made me laugh a lil. 

Ad Text: 
movado stainless steel watch! This was a gift and i wore it only a few times! Im not a watch wearer!!! this is a real movado not a fake! this retails for 1200!! i will trade for horse preferably a qh mare. also goats, sheep, and pigs. no pot belly please! email or text 

So.... Would you trade your horse for this watch? Gotta admit this one is ambitious!


  1. While a Movado is a nice watch.... Um, No. But it is kinda crazy they are trading something that doesn't eat for something (or several somethings) that will.

  2. I know. I liked that pigs are ok but not a potbelly. Makes me think that at least in that regard they're thinking future food.