Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WTF Wed: The "Paint Mare Quarter Horse"

This ad was listed in the comments by Zanthia a few days back, and its too perfect for our second WTF Wed. 

Ad Text: The horses name is Tator. Ofcourse it's your choice to keep that name or give him a new one! He's 4 years old, very calm, mostly broken. Gets along very well with other animals of all kinds. Great with children. My 4 year daughter can ride him bare back with no problems. I've ridden him numerouse times. He's a very very good horse. Loving, calm, and friendly are the best words to describe this horse. Great personality. Most importantly in my opinion, he's good with young children. 
Not much more is needed to break the horse. Maybe 1 month at most to finish breaking him. If you're interested please call or e-mail me for location and details. Thanks. 

And cause you know its coming... What would be the PERFECT Picture for this wonderful kids horse whos owner apparently can't tell if its a MALE or a MARE... 

Are you ready? 


BUT OF COURSE its a 4 year old without a helmet and without anyone holding the horse!

Why would it be otherwise?

Today its not so much a "What The F" ad as it is a "WHY The F" ad. 

Because, honestly, if you don't even know the difference between what a MARE is and a MALE is... WHY THE FUCK did you even own a horse to begin with? You obviously know what "PAINT" is, is it that much harder to pick up the Horses for Dummies book and read the chapter on what a female horse vs a male horse is called? 

I love the comments Zanthia said: 

-WTF is a "Paint Mare Quarter Horse" and HOW is it a male mare!?
-His only braggable quality is the fact that you can change his name!
-He's only "mostly broke" and yet is being ridden by a helmetless 4 year old with no tack and no one holding her...

That just says it all to me!


  1. They didn't even spell "tater" correctly!


  2. Ahhaha! I didn't even notice that one! Guess it depends on which side of 'Ol Miss you're on.. the ol PotaTOE vs POTato, here its Tater vs Tator!

    Please these folks wouldn't know a dictionary if it hit them in the leg.

  3. Actually I'm going to say they don't know what a Paint is, Paint and Quarter Horse are two different breeds, which is it? Since it's tobiano it's definately not Quarter horse. If it's registered it may be Paint, if not, then it's just a pinto.

  4. Well, considering they got the basic anatomy term wrong... I think it would be too much to expect that they get the breed correct.