Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Featured FUGLY Stallion #3 and An Update

Man oh man is Atlanta a hotbed of horrible stallions! I had such a hard time deciding between them for FFFS #3. I found the FFFS #2 out of the same city, and thought for this week I'd go back to see what I could find. Got a goldmine I tell ya! 


Ad Text: NASHDA Index Registered Percheron/Paint 16.2 hh Bay overo very sweet natured and easy to handle. . Stud fee $150 

That was the entire ad. How pathetic. 

The horse itself... is not really much better. I'm not even going to bother giving him a conformational critique... its so just not worth my time.


Now, I had to ask myself what the heck is NASHDA? And of course, WHY the heck this FUGLY stallion is still a stallion. (Which is rhetorical because if he was gelded, he wouldn't be our FFFS #3, now would he :D)

So, NASHDA is a long acronym for North American Spotted Draft Horse Association. I bolded Draft Horse because our genius stallion promoter here didn't even get the initials in the right order. Its NASDHA. 

At any rate, NASDHA is another of these Color based registries that have little to no basis for registering horses except for color standards. They DO however have somewhat of a 'breed standard', though when you are accepting horses based on their color, you tend to have a wide variety of horsey body types to choose from. As long as the horse has draft blood and has spots, they'll still take it in. 

Now I will freely admit that some of their stud book stallions aren't that bad looking. Some are downright GORGEOUS. 

You wanna talk about jaw-dropping, drop what you are doing and watch this guy go by, drool worthy horse gorgeousness! 


Thats Beckers Canadian Commander, or "Commander" as they refer to him. He's located at C&A Farm in Winchendon, MA. They have a video of him working very, very, well under saddle. 

NOW THAT is a stallion. That horse is stallion QUALITY. The guy above in comparison? Big Jakey there couldn't hold a candle to Mr. Mane-Nearly-To-His-Knees-And-*GASP*Actually-Being-Ridden-And-Showed. This just proves that you can actually own a stallion, RIDE HIM, DO SOMETHING WITH HIM, instead of him being a pasture ornament and being a waste of space and air! 

Speaking of pasture ornaments, FFFS #2 was re-listed today. (Sorry for the long rant before I get to the stallion. It had been a long week.) Turns out she almost had a buyer for him. How very sad for him, I really hope he finds somewhere that will geld him, and give him a LIFE outside of a pasture! (Yes, it is possible to geld a 22 year old stallion. You just need a vet that understands how to do it properly, so it doesn't stress the old guy out too much.)


Have a good weekend everyone. See ya back on monday!

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  1. Muse Graphics Design and PhotographyApril 2, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    That stud is beautiful (Commander) I just wish they had a nice shot of his side straight on so we could see his conformation better. if he has perfect conformation then that's a winner draft horseX right there