Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can I Have Some Of What He's Got Please?

There are good pictures, so-so pictures, funny pictures, pictures that make you sad, and then there are pictures like this one...

My best guess was that this lovely picture was taken just shortly after this gelding finished having a pee. Note the outstretched back legs, the... um.... appendage featuring quite prominently,  and his expression/ears focused backwards. (I'm really going to try to avoid using words that will cause this blog to come up on an... adult... keyword search in google :P I really don't need those type of comments, you know?)

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ok. And - what is UP with the lavender background? 

This looks like a really bad cell phone picture, that was taken at just the WRONG time. 

Unfortunately for this poor ill-presented gelding, he's for sale.

Ad Text: 3 yr. old Quarterhorse Thoroughbred Gelding for sale - $6000 16.5 hands and still growing. ground training done, basics are done, ridable for experianced riders. Good possiblities for further training in different events, very fast, loves to run. Very very gentle. Bloodlines are avilable all the way back to 1891. Bred for racing by a well known race track breeder. Serious inquiries only. Please call Tom at 928-xx-2265. 

Seriously???!!! $6000???!!!

NOW I understand why the background is purple on the picture. This guy is hallucinating. He's hallucinating badly. And apparently, is convinced that the rest of the world needs to see things the same twisted and warped way he does. I'd like to know what Tom is on, cause, MAN, it MUST be some good stuff!

Oh... and the last time I checked a QH/TB cross was called an appendix Quarter Horse? 

I'd like to know exactly what bloodlines this GELDING has thats worth $6000? Why aren't they worth mentioning by name if they are so great? I just can't see any other reason why he'd put that high of a price tag on this horse. The horse isn't finished, he's just 3 years old, he goes fast, aannnd..... he's got bloodlines that go back a hundred years. Theres not a damn thing in that list thats worth $6000! 

Do I really have to say that all horses have bloodlines that go back a hundred years. Otherwise, the horse, like, wouldn't exist? DUH! Horses don't exactly appear out of thin air anymore. Maybe during the Roman Historical Period when they worshiped Gods like Poseidon who created horses out of the sea... But... Yea. No. 

Note to seller: Lets try picking a much better,(maybe non-urinating?), time to take that picture of the horse you are selling? He looks pretty shiny and well kept, so I'll not slam you for not grooming the horse. However, next time you might actually want to look at the picture you just took to make sure the horse isn't going to embarrass himself by appearing in front of the world with his shl0ng hanging down! I know most horse people don't really care about that, heck we've all heard of the sheath cleaning song, but when trying to present your horse in the best possible way to potential buyers, you'd think you'd maybe edit this one out of the possibilities pile? Between his "happy state" and the horrible color in the background, this picture gets a negative 20 on my scale of good picture taking!

(thanks Cut-N-Jump!)


  1. Hee, hee. I don't think I've ever seen a sell picture with quite that color in the background. Or the appendage that is hanging. Sheesh! Take another picture please.

  2. Here's another good one:

  3. How tall is 16.5 exactly? I am guessing it should be 17.1 but with what this guy has been on - Who knows!

  4. I'm not even thinking it is a post pee photo. The ground appears to be sandy and I seen Noooooooo signs of a wet spot underneath. So really it's anybodys guess.

    But yeah, $6000?

    Tom, it's time to put the crack pipe down dude. And stay off the acid.

  5. I'm thinking it's supposed to be 16.2 - with the .5 meaning 1/2 a hand. I see it in a lo of CL ads