Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Madness: The Mysterious Stomach Ailment & A Walk For Valora

I'll start off with a brief mention of Valora, and a happy picture of her. The above picture is Joey, (founder of LUV Shack), and Valora, going for a walk on Saturday. For a mare that had never been out of her stall for the vast majority of her 13 years, it sure looks like this whole 'outside' thing is pretty cool to her! She is healing well, and as you can see in the picture, has some bumps, scrapes, and the wrapping on her hind leg is a protective bandage for a few stitches. The rescue group and foster family that are taking care of her are letting her take things nice and easy, and at her own pace. 

If you all are unfamiliar with her story, check out the previous two posts... her story has caused quite a sensation here locally in Phoenix. She's attracted a lot of attention in the news, and LUV Shack is just FLOODED with requests for volunteers and whatnot right now.

Not much happened over the weekend regarding the possible legal case against the accused abuser, Wayne Tolliver - at least nothing has come up in my RSS feed. It is currently unclear if he was actually seen punching her in the face (as was originally accused of doing to cause the damage to her head), but it has been confirmed that he was picking up the mare to 'put her down' and then take the body to a rendering plant. Whether he was doing it for his own profit or to really help out her prior owner is also to be determined. 

I'll keep posting news on her case as I get it, I know you all want to know what happens as much as I do! 


Our Monday Madness Post was sent to me via email last week, and I have to admit, I had to really read this one a few times to figure out what the sellers were trying to say. 

Ad Text: 4 YEAR OLD PAINT GELDING - $500 (MILLERSBURG) I am looking for a good home for this very sweet and gentle 14.0 hand gelding. He is 4 years old. He has very good ground manners, with no bad habits. He has a puppy dog presence to him. And love attention. UTD on all shots including negative coggins. He is on a regular farrier and worming schedule. He has front shoes on. His teeth were done in Aug. 2009. 

I would like to place him in a new home as a Pasture Buddy or Possibly a Pony Ride Home. He has some type of a stomach upset that keeps him from wanting to do anything faster than a walk. He is good under saddle at a walk, stop, and back up. Just for some reason when ask to go faster than a walk he refuses. He has not been seen by a vet for this issue. I cannot afford to dump money into him to see what his problem could be. I am a big trail rider and he is not working out for that type of job. 

He is a safe and trustworthy little horse that I would put children on for pony rides. 

Due to his unexplained issue I am FORCED to sell him As Is. 

I don't want this nice little guy to end up at a auction someplace. I like him way to much for that. 

I am asking $500 or Best Offer. If you could give Cochise a loving home please come to me with a offer. 

The ad reads pretty well for the first paragraph. Its when you read further into it that things start making your head spin...

Its one line that I had to go back and read two or three times because I nearly missed it. I could not figure out why the ad had been sent to me. Once I finally realized what the 'issue' was, things made perfect sense. 

He has some type of a stomach upset that keeps him from wanting to do anything faster than a walk.


Most horse people would do something crazy about that like, Oh, I dunno... CALLING THE VET? 

But nope! Not these intelligent wonders!

He has not been seen by a vet for this issue. I cannot afford to dump money into him to see what his problem could be.

Yet...he's UTD on all shots. Does that mean they are giving their own shots? I am aware that there are some feed and tack stores that will sell the most common vacc's over the counter. I've bought them for my dogs and cats. I would have done so as well with my mare when I had her, but by the time they were due again, I no longer had her. 

They paid to have his teeth floated, but won't pay to have this mysterious 'stomach ailment' checked out?

UNBELIEVABLE! Not wanting to 'dump money' into a horse that they claim they like 'way too much' to see him dumped at an auction makes absolutely NO FREAKING SENSE!!! Don't wanna dump money into him.... no its not because you don't want to, its because you're too damn cheap and lazy to get up and call the damn vet

Or maybe, just maybe, this pony is smarter than the sellers, and has figured out if he acts sick, he gets out of work! 

That to me sounds like a pony I'd LOVE to have!

He's really cute too! 

They obviously didn't take much time in cleaning him up, but thats at least to be expected for Craigslist. To me he sure looks bright eyed and healthy, but looks can sure be deceiving.

(OK, after playing around with the size of the first photo, it looks like there is something messed up with his front legs. I assure you that its just the photo, and the way that blogger made it bigger. I can't reverse it, and after deleting and re-uploading it several times, it does the same thing each time. Oh well. Just thought I'd throw that out there, because his legs do look really messed up LOL! )


  1. He is kinda cute. And he sounds like the room mate's toddler ... refusing to do something that she doesn't want to do and no one encourages her to do it. Not an expert though. :)

  2. Naw, I don't think anyone here would know anything about a toddler in a full fledged fit of denial, would we! LOL.

    He is just screaming out for some intermediate child rider to start taking him pony clubbing, isn't he! A cute little english saddle, braids, and shiny white stockings, maybe a ribbon or two... he'd be such a heartbreaker!

    Too bad he had to get stuck with a schmuck for an owner!

  3. I'd like to know how he refuses to go faster than a walk-and if he runs and plays in the turnout pen..If he does,then no real problem-If he doesn't,there's a real problem..

  4. Interesting how the horse has a 'serious; issue, but rather than treat him and find out what it is... no let's just dump him on some unsuspecting newbie on CL.

    Could be something easily remedied and then you have a great little horse, but as it stands- I doubt anyone is going to 'reward them' with the $500 to upgrade the poor horse and get him the care he needs. Even if all it is, is a firm but fair hand and getting him to cut the crap and do what is asked of him.

    Which sorta makes me wonder. What kind of crap will the horse endure- whipping, spurs and whatever else, to get him to go, when people come to look at him?

  5. If I went to buy him I'd sure demand a vet check first. That is very weird wording for an ad. Makes you wonder what is going on and why they'd spend money to float teeth, etc and not blood work or something.

  6. Isn't it though? I mean, really, it seriously sounds like this horse figured out that if he doesn't do anything but walk, they don't ride him. At least I HOPE thats the case. I'm not any good at diagnosing illnesses in equines, but it sure doesn't sound like a reoccurring case of colic... and if it ONLY happens when he's being ridden?

    I still say thats one very intelligent horse :).

    And yes, it goes without saying that whomever looks at purchasing this guy has enough common sense to get a vet check on him. Who knows what it could be. I don't think worms would cause those sort of symptoms - yet.... who knows really.

  7. I don't get it. They aren't vets, they haven't called a vet, but they have a 'diagnosis' of "some type of a stomach upset that keeps him from wanting to do anything faster than a walk". How on earth do they know he has an upset stomach that acts up only at a walk? Is he a talking horse too and told them so?

  8. Is he a talking horse too and told them so?


    Thats it! YOU solved the mystery! NOW we can all go about our days, knowing the truth of the matter.

    I love it :). Great comment!

  9. She said that she is a 'big trail rider'. Sounds to me like she is only about herself. Everything we do should be about the horse, and if done right the reward for ourselves should be that WE get to go along with the horse on the trail. Hmmmm, am I making sense here? I see too many people from little girls to adults who think the horse is just a toy - like going trail riding on your ATV. If your kid didn't like doing things with you and complained of a tummy ache every time you tried to go somewhere on the weekend would you put an ad in Craigslist for your kid? BTW, we found out Tobi on CL and we consider it a rescue - not from direct abuse or neglect - just a rescue from a home where he wasn't loved and pampered the way we love him.

  10. I hope this gets sorted out, because he is cute and definitely needs a better owner. Thanks for submitting to the CArnival. I hope it yields a larger audience for the work you do. Looking forward to having you participate in the future.