Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Baby Being Ridden

I've had this ad sitting in my 'To Use On Blog' folder for quite some time now, and I think its time to bring her out. I'm sick of seeing the pictures every time I open the folder. 

Gotta read this ad carefully... I nearly missed it when I first read it. 

 Horse For Sale - $1000 YEARLING FILLY FORSALE!! She's a BEAUTIFUL App/TB/QH. Has been handeled since day 1 and was born on April 24, 2009. She loads/clips/ties andeverything else you can sit on her and everything, has been saddled but to young right now to do anything else really. She will be easily trained. She has the potential to do anything you want her too. She's high spirited and a great friend. But we really cant afford her and we dont have the time to spend with her. She is $1,000. Firm. Her name is Starstruck call for anymore info 352--7848 or 407--4819. And ask for Jeff or Jessica. 

Did ya catch it? 

If you didn't, I'll help you out. 

Quote: " you can sit on her and everything, has been saddled". 

This is directly after she mentions that the horse is only a yearling. This ad was posted on April 9th. I know the official birthday for horses is Jan 1st... but we all KNOW that sometimes is a crock of B.S. This horse wasn't even fully a YEAR OLD WHEN THE AD WAS POSTED.

And this weanling, cause that would be the correct age term for this filly, has already been SADDLED and SAT ON?

Its a appy/tb/qh cross. Wanna just IMAGINE the fugly? 

I'll help you out. I guarantee its worse than you think.  

OK, we can all say it together. 


All three of the pictures were dressed up the same way. This is Nauseating.

This isn't about selling the horse... its about how KYOOT the owner *thinks* she is. This mare is nothing but a grade mish-mash of different breeds thrown together that happened to get the town's idiot as her owner. 


Yea Right.


  1. Personally,I think the chick is uglier than the yearling. The yearling is pretty cute but so not worth a thousand dollars.Still very cute though and would probaby make a decent trail horse if they haven't f***ed her up by sitting on her and saddling and if they haven't scared the crap out of the poor thing yet.Very sad to see.

  2. I don't know... the owner is pretty scary looking too. Comparisons? I'll take the horse. At least she will grow up and may eventually blossom.

  3. wtf is wrong with people?

    i used blankets/sheets since day one on my baby (for warmth of course) but also thinking it was a great way to "sack" her out. Last summer I put a fleecy bareback pad on her (as a yearling) to get her used to the idea of a saddle. I put it on, we went for a walk around the farm, I took it off. I certainly didn't sit on her!! This year as a two year old she recently had my dressage saddle on, and didn't even flinch. That will be her work "load" this year: standing tied while I saddle her, accepting the bit in her mouth (just the headstall -2 times in so far and she is accepting wonderfully), going for a hand walk around the farm, and standing tied while I untack, and eating some treats for being amazing afterwards. She won't feel the weight of my 135lbs on her back until at least 3 if not 4. I think she'll let me know when she is ready. As a 2yr old she is standing 16.1 already. I knew she was going to be big, which is why I kept up with the blanketing through cold weather months, and did the bareback pad last year. I've gone through 4 winter blankets with her growth -which was expensive but worth it, I think. She's already outgrown her 75" inch blanket and was quite comfortable in my old geldings size 78 sheet early this spring. I want her as used to everyhing as possbile before I climb on her, but I also want to do it safely for her and myself.

    My old roommate from college started last november, her baby that was born the same day as mine. Her filly was 1 year & 7 months old. She was bragging how well she was walk, trot, & loping by the end of the month, and how she never once tried to buck. Really? because the poor little bugger was too little to be bucking with a (guessitmate of) 25lb or more reining saddle on, and then a rider who weighs in the neighborhood of 160/lb. You just threw an additional 185lbs on a baby that maybe weighs 700lbs. of course it can't buck/balance you idiot. Not too mention the joint damage, and the fact that I know this girl is a terribly aggressive rider. If the horse won't do something she forces it. So sad.

  4. You will also notice the filly has her ears pinned back in every picture with the doofus owner hanging off her head. Sheesh!

  5. Wow. Nauseating doesn't begin to describe the horrid pictures and the look on that poor filly's face. I also love the way people think their youngster can do "anything". Can she grow up to do grand prix level eventing, cut cattle, do competitive trail, pull a buggy down a busy road, and clean my house?

  6. As per my comment to the last blog post...are they selling the horse or the girl? Because the girl is too prominent in those photos to be selling the horse.

  7. haha. no kiddin' huh. She looks enough like a horse.

    I have a feeling that those pictures were dressed up like that for one of the horse forums, such as Horse Grooming Forums. Thats quite common there for a signature at the bottom of your post. Most of them are graphic design work that is crappily done and looks like shit, just like the one above.

    She probably wasn't smart enough to save the original copies of the pictures BEFORE she colored all over them - which is why she put them on the ad post. Either that or she really thinks she is that *cute* and it doesn't matter.

  8. I like that the horse has been "handeled," I can appreciate an owner that plays classical music for a horse.