Friday, May 21, 2010

FFFS - Foxttrotter Gaited Stallion Stud

Well, after getting home last night, I remembered its Thursday. Thursday traditionally is Survivor night, CSI night, and for the last season, Flash Forward night. (Though the bastards at ABC canceled Flash Forward for next year - one of the dumbest moves I've seen in network T.V. yet.) Its also FINALE'S week, which usually means the best episodes of the season.

Once I got home, dinner was first, then it was off to, and for hours of entertainment. 

Oh, and yes, I had completely forgotten that Survivor always does a Sunday finale. Silly me. This was ok though, because that meant that I didn't have to anxiously wait for to post the nights episode somewhere between 11 am and 2 am. (Yes, I have stayed up till 2 am waiting. Obsession doesn't have reason.) It did turn into another 2am sleepy time after the 2 hour finale, then I just *had* to go find reactionary interviews with the top three, and THEN I found (Way too late) that Jeff Probst has a BLOG? and had to go read THAT. Yea. I've only missed one season out of 20. 

My point here is the obvious, there was no ad yesterday lol. Sorry. Between shiny pretty plastic horsies, and the guilty pleasure of Survivor life just happens that way sometimes, ya know? *giggle*. 


Let us commence. 

So today we have a rather interesting stallion ad, offering up some juicy tidbits. 

Starts off with the typical searchword title obnoxiousness. 

foxtrotter gaited stallion stud - $4000 coming 5 yr. old registered foxtrotter stud. wait, he's still 4!? saying the horse is a 'coming x year old' does NOT change the fact that the horse is STILL a year younger than you WISH he was. Sante Fe and Missouri Outlaw bloodlines. Have bred him to our mares, oh, of course you have!  he is respectful and will make a great stud. Ah - wait - you JUST SAID YOU ALREADY BRED HIM. that makes him a stud already, not one in the making. We also ride him. oh, thank gods for that! Ride him in what class? Reining? Barrels? Naw, he's a foxtrotter, so he's gaited. That means he just goes trail riding. We also have his 3 yr. old full brother, they are perlino and cremello. OH there it is. The COLOR! So which one is this one, the perlino, or cremello? and is the other a stud too? Have you already BRED him too as a 3 year old?
If nobody needs these guys, we'll cut them and train them as a carriage pair, as we train/work draft mares and don't need the distraction of studs on site. then why don't you just already DO THAT AND SELL HIM AS A GELDING!??? He might actually BE WORTH the $4000 price tag you PUT on him at that point... good well broke harness teams are HARD TO FIND in any color, but in this situation, the added sparkle and pop of having a matched nearly white set - now those horses might be worth $4000.

But as he is now? $4000 is a complete joke.



My comments of course, are in the blue italics. 

After an ad like that, you know what the icing on the cake is! 

Check THIS SHIT out. 

Yes folks, thats a $4000 horse, right? No - correction - A $4000 STALLION. Rather hard to tell here, but I think that might be the perlino, what with the orangish mane and tail. Though that might just be dirt. 

Anyone wanna tell me what that metal contraption on the other side of the wire fence is? I have NO clue. Some sort of plow?  Looks to me like the frame of some sort of funny car, the ones that are like 200 feet long, skinny as hell, and run on jet fuel on the 1/4 mile strips? 

Thanks Sue for this one. I think you hit the nail on the head.

 I found this lovely, or mostly unlovely ad for a stud for sale for an astronomical price with an ugly picture of him to boot. It's kind of small and the so called stud is hard to see but I think he qualifies as the WTF ugly friday stud of the week. Feast your eyes. (or grab the eye bleach after getting a good look.)  

*Passes out the eye bleach*

Monday is the other pool party that I still have to run back up to the school and *ahem* pay for, so Monday's post might also be late if I can't manage to get it written sun night. We'll see what happens. 

Have a good weekend all!


  1. I understand obsession.. the Grey's Anatomy final was on last night.. wow it was amazing.. that show just keeps getting better and better!

  2. Lisa- I'm a Grey's fan too. Was that a good one or What? Intense! Good thing they got creative though, it was starting to get kinda hokey.

    Didn't they bring in someone with a gun on Ugly Betty too? That one needed to end.

    As for the red metal whatchamadoohickeythingamajiggy... It doesn't look like a plow to me. More like a race car body like you said.

  3. yes, that was an amazing one!!!

    the red metal whatchamadoohickeythingamajiggy - looks like a piece of farm equipment

  4. One thing that pops out to me:

    They state that they have bred him to their mares, then they say that they train draft mares. Does this mean they bred the stud(s?) to Draft mares?

    I totally agree I'd much rather see a cute pair of creamy gelding brothers pulling a carriage together, then 2 do-not-much studs out in fields adding more un-needed babies to the horse population.

  5. I give up: are they selling the horse or that red thing? Because that's what's prominent in the picture. What do you bet they were selling the red thing and then decided to sell the horses, so they were like hey! Ol' Whitey's in this pic here--we don't need to take another one!

    I would TOTALLY love to have a matched pair of MFTs in those colors for driving...but not at that price!

  6. Well if we could figure out what that red thing is.... they might have a better chance of selling IT before the horse at that price!