Thursday, May 13, 2010

Didn't We Just, Um, See Him?

Ya'll remember him? The little paint stud from Friday that we couldn't decide if he looked more like a gelding than a mare? (I think 'mare' won with more people commenting he looked rather feminine rather than masculine.)


Cut-N-Jump found this yesterday.

The ad is so long that it took 2 screen shots just to grab the text. I won't post both, but here is the full ad text:

4yr old APHA Colt - $850 (NW Tucson)
Frosted Dakota aka "Handsome" (pedigree can be seen at is being offered for sale to a good home. He is a 4yr old APHA sorrel overo stud colt. He has an excellent disposition, is eager to please, very honest and learns quickly. He leads and stands for grooming. He is OK with his feet, but definitely could be better. He loads like a pro without any problems (in a stock trailer-- never tried a 2-horse). We are working on lunging. He had his first session with fly spray today. It took him about ten minutes tops to get used to it.

Handsome is by Frost My Feature (Frosty Feature X Painted Robin bred mare) and out of a Peppy San X Docs Prescription bred mare. He stands about 14.2hh and weighs about 1000 pounds. He has HUGE, hard, black feet and is solid muscle. He has been bred to one mare this spring. She is an old broody and did a fabulous job of teaching him the ropes and how to be respectful of the ladies.

I can't say enough good things about this horse. He is GORGEOUS with his sorrel sabino/overo markings and his two blue eyes complete with eye liner. He's super smart, too! Once he learns something, he knows it and it sticks with him. He will make an outstanding gelding, and is a decent stud prospect. I adore this horse, but I honestly do not have the room nor the time for a stud horse. He is currently living in my round pen.

The people I got Handsome from (his original breeders) put about 3 or 4 rides on him. They said he never offered to buck and was a real quick study. They have owned and started numerous colts by the same sire, and all have had that easy going disposition. Handsome grew up in a large pasture and has never been messed up. There is nothing to "fix" with this horse. He is a clean slate and is ready to be trained the way you want him. He has the pedigree to be an exceptional gymkhana horse, cow horse, or family trail horse (if he's gelded).

Handsome got hung up in a fence as a yearling, so he does have an ugly scar and thickening on his right hind cannon area. But, it does not affect him at all. I have never seen him take a lame step. Its just ugly to look at.

I am open to offers on this horse, and he will only go to a good home. Would consider trade for corral panels or.... what do you have? Make me an offer. =)
...............Ehhh...... he's in Tuscon now???
{Edit: Ok, after going back and looking at the copy of the ad from Friday, they didn't actually LIST a location for him... but they were advertizing him in the Phoenix CL. I originally thought when I first saw this latest ad, they had moved him from Phoenix to Tuscon in the time frame from last week to now, but I think he has been in Tuscon the entire time. Doesn't mean much anymore, just tryin to get facts straight :) }
OK..... Soooooooo....... I guess he wasn't such a fabulous addition to their breeding program after all if he's up for sale! Whod'a ever thunk THAT!!! I really wonder what happened here. The original ad showed him in with another stallion (the mustang) but the style and pattern of writing is different on this one. I seriously doubt that this is the same person that put up the ad for the breeding one.
Ya'll see the note about the leg injury? Got caught up in a fence? And he's not lame? Wow.
This ad just feels like this person pulled this guy out of some sort of situation, and is either trying to make a quick buck off of him in a turnaround sale, or is trying to dump him for the other ad poster. Several things jump out at me to substantiate this:
1) The fact that he's living in a round pen. This is not a permanent solution, and In my experience, a horse only goes in a round pen as a stall for two reasons; there are no empty/available stalls or they want to keep this horse away from the other horses.
2) The ad reads like the person is working with the horse for the first time in some areas, yet in others the writer has a history of sorts. Trailer training, for instance. Working on loading in a stock trailer, but they know he's never been in a 2 horse. The lunging. Fly spray.
3) If this person doesn't have the room for a stud horse, then I'd almost bet 100% its not the same person that was studding him out. That person had the two - and had NO Plans to geld either - they wanted babies.
I wonder what happened to this guy in the last week. He's obviously had an eventful week - new place, new owner, been shod, trailer training, fly spray, and even lunging!
What irks me though - they refer to gelding him several times, but you think THEY WOULD DO IT? This just sounds like they grabbed him for whatever reason, and are just trying to turn him around and not put any more money into him than they need to.

And no, he doesn't look any more masculine 5(?) days later. Nor did they take any better pictures than the FIRST AD!

Congratulations to Katphoti on the long awaited birth of her mare's foal! Phoenix was born at approx. 4 pm Wed - and is mostly solid, with a white sock, and a very cute hourglass shaped blaze :) Over 10 days late from her due date, Mom (Sophie) sure held on MUCH longer than anyone believed she would! LOL. The thought is that she REALLY didn't want anyone around when she delivered, and if thats the case, she got her wish - cause she delivered without anyone around! (A very good reason to invest in some sort of video monitoring system ;) )

Also, I got an email regarding Einstein, the little pinto colt that caused a huge debate here a week-ish ago. He was on Good Morning America (ABC) yesterday morning, and while I was unable to catch the segment, I am sure I will be able to find it on youtube, or on ABC's main news website - somewhere it will be on the net. As soon as I find it, I'll put it up here. I'm anxious to see how he's grown! (Or NOT grown, as the case might be!)


  1. I would just like to add, on the ad for the mustang paint, whatever he is ad, its nice how they used the same photo from the original ad. Had they not- I would have never recognized the horse and wouldn't have bothered giving it a second thought.

    10 minutes to accustom the horse to fly spray? That long, huh? It doesn't usually take much more than 5 in a lot of cases. Spray, spray, spray, spray, spray, spray, spray and the horse settles in about the third or fourth spritz...

    Makes you wonder sometimes, but at least they are working with the horse. I have to give them that. He is pretty darned cute though. If there were room at the inn and all things considered, I would likely scoop him up, geld him and turn him into a little pleasure horse. He's got a whole life ahead of him. I wish the best for him.

  2. He's a nice horse and the writer knows a large hoof is good..He's Not the Mustang,that was another ad.