Friday, May 14, 2010

FFFS # Too Many: Good Breeding Home Only!

older proven black & white tobaino stallion has Easy Jet on his papers.
he about 15 hands tall he has both APHA & Ptha papers,I have owned him since he was a yearling,he was foaled in the year 1995
he is very gentle & has good manners & will stay in a 1 wire electric fence,he is Broke to ride & rein,he ties ,loads, baths,easy to breed ,easy to pick his feet up,you can touch him any where on his body.
selling do to my health.
looking for a good breeding home for him.
I paid a lot for him as a yearling & also paid to have him trained.
I asking $2500 for him but will consider all reasonable offers,
but will only sell him to a home that has use for a good stud horse
email your phone number so we can talk 

looking for a good breeding home for him.
but will only sell him to a home that has use for a good stud horse 

Why? Why? Why? 

Why do people think that just because it has balls, it has to make more? There are 249,502,938 black and white tobiano stallions out there. (Ok, google only brought up a little over 30,000 but still. 30,000???? Thats about 29,900 too many!) According to this owner, the world really will NOT survive without her stallion being bred!!! 

My head hurts already from the flu that hit me literally within 30 minutes while I was at work yesterday - they sent me home and I have been sleeping nearly non stop for the last 20 hours or so. This ad certainly is NOT making it better. 

Why can't people just STOP BREEDING?


  1. He's not completely fugly and he'd make a super-duper gelding ;-) Too bad seller can't see that.

    Hope you feel better soon. Remember, Dayquil is your friend!

  2. Chicken soup rules! Happy thoughts coming your way...

    He isn't so hard on the eyes, until you look at those front legs. It may be the way he's standing there, or the camera angle or the way he is actually built. Something just doesn't look right. So why the need to make more? If I were in the market for a stallion- spots alone, just doesn't cut it.

  3. What's sad is the fact they state- selling due to my health, but only selling to someone who needs a good stud horse. Sounds like their heath had better improve soon, because the market sure won't.