Monday, May 10, 2010

20 Foal Free For All!

Everyone loves foals, right? Cute, fuzzy, curious, and mostly just so adorable you could top them with some whipped cream and just eat them all up. 

Whats your limit to how many you'd like to see running caterwompus around the back yard? 

Maybe 1? Naw, he's gotta have a friend to play with. What about 2 or 3? 3's a good number. Manageable in size, and they often form their own little foal-herd with foal-herd-social-graces! (Think of that as the kind of social graces a 2 or 3 year old human child would have in a 5 star restaurant, and you'll get the joke implied *grin*)

I think most of us would agree, unless you are running a professional breeding operation, (and then well, hopefully we wouldn't see THAT ad on Craigslist) that any number above, oh lets say 5?, would be too much for one person, or a small private horse owning family to handle. 

Following this line of thought, if 3 is ok, 5 would be 'pushing it', and anything above 5 is too much... what about 20? 

Yes, I said 20. 

And its not even just 20 foals. Its WALKALOOSA foals! 

No folks, I DO NOT make this shit up. 

Dear Sue, who I think has sent me more ads than just about anyone else, found this lovely gem up in Wyoming. 

Anybody else be scared to see pictures of this clusterf**** waiting to happen? 

Her question, and I think its a very, very good one, is this:

Do you get ALL 20 FOALS for the $2500?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Just imagine what fun THAT would be!


  1. Ok, I'm also wondering how old they are? I don't know that much about raising foals, but it's only barely May, and I'm thinking that all those foals probably wouldn't all be ready to be weaned yet right? Or are they yearlings? (Still definitely wouldn't want 20 of them!)

  2. Sounds like a breeder going out of business. Bet the parents are *sooper stars*! Seriously, $2500 for a foal is asinine in this economy.

  3. Thats the kicker about this... we only know what they post. Yes, a LOT more information would be nice, but then again, if the seller were doing this the 'right way' they wouldn't be on CL, now would they!