Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WTF Wed: Did They REALLY Say That?

I can't come up with any kind of good introduction to this ad without using words that are inappropriate. While I have a non-censored view of this blog, I don't really like spewing f-bombs all over the place. Distracts from the message I'm usually trying to get across. I'll just let you read this one, and YOU all can cuss away... 

Also, I normally take care to edit the reply email on these ads, because 1)While I don't really care if some of these ad writers find out that their ad is being torn apart and laughed at on a national basis, I don't like trolls. So I tend to keep that part out of my post; 2) The idea that hordes of people will suddenly bombard the ad writer with hate mail all because the ad was on here really disturbs me. This is just about the ads, and while sometimes the people behind the ad really need a good wake up call, I'm not really the type to do that. 

HOWEVER, having just said all that - you can bombard this person all you want. I'm not editing it out today. 

Here's the ad. It was posted on the 12th, 7 days ago? The ad, as of time of writing, is still active.

Reply To:
so i have three horses that are grade horse that i really need to get rid of im moving at the end of summer and cant take them with me sad i know well none of them are broke to ride but i have a gelding a mare and a stud colt all different ages so please let me no if you could help me out and take themin if not they will be going to the auction next month

This type of shit just pisses me off to NO end. 


  1. All I can say is why wait? Do the horses a favor and put them on the truck now you heartless wonder. Save yourself the time, effort and money to feed them and care for them. Just load them up and kill them.

    I just hope that "moving at the end of summer" means going to rehab. Really sounds like there are a lot of issues going on there.

    The part about going to the auction, is stated in hopes of spurring the soft hearted into action. You want attention? There's your quick lesson in how to get it. Be warned though, what's to come is probably not the kind you had in mind.

  2. This person is scum.