Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lazy Lazy Lazy!

I have spent the last nearly 24 hours (not straight through, but close enough) immersed in the online world of blogs dedicated to equine artists, and have decidedly NOT been looking for a great thursday ad for here. 

(I can hear my grandmother's voice in the background, yelling at me when I got submerged into a really good book during my teenaged summers. "Lazy Lazy Lazy Girl!" :D ). 

In a little over an hour, I will have to show my face at the place that gives me money every two weeks, and stay there for a few hours. Darn them. I'd rather stay here and gawk at pretty ponies online! 


This is a picture from scaequestrians other blog, (NOT Tacky Tack Of The Day), where she has started posting about her life customizing model horses. That led me to explore other links she had listed, which led me to more links, and so on and so forth. I now have a word document with close to 100 different links listed, with details about each link, just so I can have them in one place. 

Yes I know all about bookmarks, but if you SAW my bookmarks list at the moment, one wouldn't find their way around THAT giant mess without some serious migraines!

So, instead of depending on bookmarked lists of webpages, I create word documents that keep like links with like links. Its the way that works for me, since I literally bookmark EVERYTHING I come across.  

I'll put out an ad once I get home, shower is calling and so is lunch, but before I do that I'd like to also put in a teeny tiny mention of the OTHER blog I write. The one that has a measly 3 posts on it, but those first 2 posts are a peek into my private passion - sculpting. 

The retail job is just $$$ till I can get out of this place I'm in now, set up a REAL studio again, and get my hands covered in clay and other lovely materials like mold casting rubber, and resin. *sigh* My idea of heaven on a stick! 


  1. Sculpting? Wow! I never would have guessed. That is an area I have never ventured into. At least not very far, save the globs of modeling clay that usually were hard as a rock when you got them and took a wile to warm and loosen up. By then I was bored with it and into a baggie or box it went. Wasn't long after that it found its way to the trash. I am off to check out your work... Sounds awesome!

  2. BTW- I have tried a few times posting on the topic of "Beautiful" and it wouldn't let me. No idea why?

    I have seen the ad for the TB mare a few times. Still trying to figure out, where in town she is.

  3. Yes, scary thought I know!

    The artsy gene is spattered through our family, stemming from my Grandfather on the maternal side. He was an engineer by trade, but an artist at heart, and in his younger days, was the old fashioned version of a graphic commercial artist. We have quite a few old line drawings done by him for various businesses, logos and what not. He loved landscapes, and buildings and the like. Trains too. I *had* a mail in art test done by him when he was around 16, that was graded by the art school in New York. It was the most prestigious art school at the time, (think early 1930's) and he never intended to go, he just did the test because he could.

    They accepted him of course, but he never answered back.

    So because of him, we got the art bug gene. My mom got it big time, but its in the grandchildren that its really showing up. My 3 cousins from my aunt are all incredible artist, (one is a sandblaster/glass artist who is ASTOUNDING, one is an incredible painter/drawer, and the third, who is full blown schizophrenic, his outlet is abstract oils.) Then there's me and my mother, who have done everything you can possibly think of.

    So yea, I have to be artsy or I explode... I haven't done a darn thing since around August of last year and I HAVE exploded several times. "Other Half" has commented multiple times how irritated I have been last 6 months or so - he can't figure it out.

    I *Know* why... but without space or space or space... *sigh*.

    I will be picking up a bit on the faraetaildreamsart blog, and posting on it to help things some. Past projects, future plans, plans to get things together for future projects, lol.

    Should be an adventure!