Friday, June 4, 2010

FFFS - Arabian Breeders Beware!

I found this ad this morning, and while I am not that educated on Arabian horses, I know a lot of you are that read this blog. 

There is however a certain level of common sense that I believe transcends beyond breed lines. 

This ad goes wayyyyy beyond that line of common sense. 

The ad is titled: 2 Arabian, 1 NSH Stud Colts

THAT should give you a clue right there...

I Have Two amazingly bred Arabian Colts, and 1 NSH who are ready to start breeding. All three are offered for sale, 10,000.00 for the Arabian Colts, and 5,000.00 on the NSH. 
The pictures of these boys do not do them justice ( Have a Professional photography session booked for this summer, but until then there are only cell phone pics to see.) 
Introductory stud fees are 500.00 for each 
no new pictures of the nsh But can send more pictures of all. 

I normally erase out any phone numbers, email addresses, or web site addresses, but I really think the website is crucial to piecing together what is really behind this ad. 

There were three pictures that went with this ad, but I"m going to hold of a minute and point out what caught my eye, before I saw the pictures. 

She's got 3 stallions she's advertising at once. 

She claims to have 'amazing' bloodlines on all of them, but not a single line is listed. 

The sale prices on the two Arab colts is ridiculous - $10,000 for an unproven animal in any breed is asking way too much... the $5000 on the NSH is a bit more reasonable. I understand that these are Arabs, but what makes an Arab valuable? Rarity, 'typeyness', movement, temperament, and that 'x' factor. 

"Introductory Stud fees are $500.00 for each." 

That was the nail on the coffin. There are NO ages listed, nothing to make me, as a hypothetical mare owner, even WANT to look into these stallions further. 

But, of course, I'm not a hypothetical or typical horse owner, now am I. :D So off to the website I went... 

*SLAM head on desk!*

Anyone wanna take a guess as to just how old those three colts are?




A million dollars to the winner if you guessed under 2. 

I think we are ready to see those pictures now. 

This was on the ad, and on the website...
This bay is one of the two Arabians in the ad. This is the picture she used to advertise him. 

Note that in this picture, he's - oh lets guess - 6 months maybe? Weanling age for sure. 

This picture was taken in 2009. 

Thats right folks, we have 2009 babies being advertised for BREEDING THIS YEAR.

This is the same colt, taken a bit more recently. The website lists him as Magics Exotic Trance (MCA Magic x MCA Exotic). 

Now I understand that all yearlings go through that ugly duck stage - but this is also the same picture she has up on her 'stallions' page. I kid you not. 

They didn't even bother to GROOM the colts before taking the pictures! 

Apparently there is a professional photography session scheduled for later this year... but she's still advertising him for breeding NOW!? 

She writes on her stallion page: Here are a few basic pictures of Stud Colts. They are starting to show interest in mares, and breeding. They will be available to breed to come the end of this season. They are both being offered at stud at introductory rates. They are both going to be shown this year, in amateur handling class.

Well DUH they are going to start showing an interest in mares! They are the horsey equivalent of a horny 15 year old boy! What 15 year old teenager wouldn't, given half a chance, do the wild deed with everything he could, would it not be socially unacceptable? 
Yearling colts are exactly the same way. Put it in front of them, you BET they'll do their best to breed. Thats the nature of a stallion. Thats their whole biological purpose for living. According to her blurb up there, they'll be breeding at the 'end of the season'. Does that mean that they will be breeding in the fall/winter for fall/winter babies? Or does that mean next year? Its not very clear, but its still quite irresponsible no matter when she's got this planned, to breed yearling and 2 year old horses!

The bay is the same one above, but the grey is Arabian colt #2. This is also an ad picture. 

This is him this year. She claims that both of the boys have that extreme 'type'. He's also a 2009 baby.

Arabian peeps out there, what do you think? I know stock horses like the back of my hand. Arabians are a bit out of my range when it comes to determining quality at a young age. 

This guy is Krousen Hot Emage (Emagine (Ecaho) x Krousen Hot (Korous)). While the bay seems to be a 'home-bred', it seems that she either traded or purchased this colt because she has no mention of the mare or where the mare came from. The stallion is listed on the same farm page as the stallion for the bay. 

The sires of both of these boys aren't owned by the ad writer, but she was advertising their stallions on her page, until she got her two 'stallion prospects'. The links on the two sire's names will take you to that site. They seem to have a lot of stallions, but at least those stallions are out there being promoted, they look in good shape, professionally done pictures, etc. Lots of money has been poured into those horses, in sharp comparison to these sad little creatures above. 

Again, I don't know anything about Arabian bloodlines, so anyone that wants to chime in about how stallion worthy or not worthy those lines are, please feel free. 

There is a NSH colt mentioned as well, but he has one picture on the entire website. That same picture on the ad as well, and it also is from 2009. She's advertising him, but he seems to get a bit of the short end of the stick, if you ask me. There is no mention of him anywhere, so I was unable to get any info as to bloodlines. 

I really don't know what else to say there that a) I haven't already said in a prior post: and b) you all couldn't say yourselves. 


  1. Where do I send my check? $5,000 or $10,000 for something that isn't old enough to ride and hasn't proven it can do jack. What a bargain. The way the horse market is in my area I can go buy 5 horses for $5,000 that can actually do something.

  2. The first colt isn't so bad unless you factor in he's built downhill at the time of the photo and he is standing like a ballerina in the back- toes pointing opposite directions... He looks a bit thick through the neck and lacks the WOW! factor.

    The second colt is built a bit better- nice hip on him, but unless his topline flattens out- he ain't going to do well i the halter ring. Turn to sporthorse instead as a better move. Still though his neck looks pencil thin. Not my taste, but he could also use a rinse and needs to have his front hooves trimmed.

    His grand sire Ecaho, last I knew was at stud, standing at *Private Treaty*. That in and of itself usually weeds out the back yard bozo's with mediocre mares.

    The NSH colt isn't so bad, except his head looks a bit large in proportion to the rest of his body. Short necked and goose rumped, but other wise better overall balanced.

    The horse Rorshack on the for sale page is cute and looks well built. Should have kept him and started over from there.

    On the mares page Copper Lace is cowhocked and has no muscle, and the mare Velvet Moon Glow looks like an Arab version of Pokey. Not her fault, but for hell sakes don't breed her and pass that on!

    Intranced Arabians all right. They didn't even spell entranced right, all the horses have Mystikal names with moon beams, flames, lace... etc. in them and the only way I can think to explain it- Somebody has been hitting the crack pipe while dropping acid and washing it down with a beer. Arab people seem to take Freak to a whole new level. Try showing the horses first, then offer them up at stud once they've earned it.

    Instead of scheduling a pro photo shoot, try spending the money on a digital camera, clean up the damned yard and the horses and go from there. You'll be suprised at the final outcome.

    Oh and I loved the last shot on the home page. Babies behind fencing littered with the yellow hotwire insulators... Yeah boy.

    Anyone else catch this off the "For Sale" page?

    Each horse if not yet registered comes with their paper work to be registered.

    Translation- depending on how old they are, if we haven't sent in for their papers, you can and pay the hefty sum to get them. Good luck with that... Toodles!

  3. yea, I did see that, forgot to add it in :)