Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clothes Do Not Make The Man

It feels good to be back! I should have gotten this larger external monitor a long time ago with that little 10 inch screen the netbook has - this is pretty nice being able to actually SEE what I'm writing! Though, this new keyboard I got I don't think I like. *grumble grumble*

Lets dive right in to this, shall we?

I can't remember if this ad was emailed to me, or If its one I found, so if you emailed it to me, and I don't have you mentioned thats why! :) Lemme know you sent it, and I'll edit the post. 


Buck is 10 yo Playday horse, excellent for any beginner. He has never offered to rear, kick, bite or buck. He has no bad vices or issues. He is currently being ridden by a 7 yo girl an my 10 yo daughter. My daughter pushes him an makes him go, the 7 yo girl is very in-expirenced an slowly trotts all the events. Buck had been used in mounted patrol in the past, trail rides great, not barn sour or buddy sour. He is a playday horse, excellent for a beginner. If any horse is Bomb Proof, id say he would be... He is about 14.3 hands, so not too large or tall. He is currently being used every weekend in playdays, and will be advertised there for sale too. If you have kids an want a trusty horse, with a good look, Buck is it.

Now for those of you that might be looking for a great kids horse, this might be it. He's the right age, sounds like he's got some decent training, and mentioning how he changes his manner of going for the two different kids is a great thing to mention. 

I am going to guess that he's a gelding, as they don't mention it, but don't mention breeding him either. I don't see anything about a breed either, so again, guessing grade. For a horse such as this though, grade is just fine. What this guy has been used for (gaming, mounted patrol, trail) doesn't require papers to play. Just a good head and decent training. 

So, if all I have to say here is good things, why is he on the blog? Smart and intelligent readers will have noticed I haven't put up pictures yet.... 


This is where the good gets ugly.


Here we go. The idiots on parade. Playday kids without helmets. BABIES on horses without anyone holding the horse.

How funny, "Buck" is a buckskin. *roll eyes*. As an artist, I value creativity. 

I also value intelligence. 

The one thing I didn't point out above, that I will NOW, is that this horse is only 14.3 hands tall. 

But with this ass standing on the horse, it makes the pony look like he's about 12 hands tall, and makes the guy look like a class A idiot. What exactly is this supposed to prove, anyways? That the horse is calm enough to allow a person to stand on their backs without moving? Thats wonderful, but exactly what situation would require a person standing on the horse's back during a horse's day to day life? There isn't a gymkhana event that I know of that requires it; I've never been on a trail ride where I found I had to stand on the horse for any reason; and even during the Extreme Cowboy Race I've never seen it - and I follow it pretty religiously on Craig Cameron's Website.

They even have a video on you tube...If you click on the ad picture itself, you'll notice that I left off the last line or two of the ad when I copied the text. I didn't think it was really that important, but I just watched the video and ... oh boy.

Folks, this is not the way to sell your otherwise awesome gaming pony. What a picture like this makes ME think, and other experienced horse people, is 1) OUCH! Thats a SPINE they are standing on with BOOTS! Saddle or no, there's still a great amount of pressure being exerted down on his back. 2) How many times has this idiot done this, and what injuries has he incurred to this animal's back while doing it?

Seriously people, why do you think that just because you have a hat and boots, and see other like-minded idiots with hats and boots doing this, that its OK? What exactly does it prove? These pictures are everywhere, and I *still* don't get why its popular for the biggest, tallest, wrangler clad moron with too much testosterone to do this with what is usually the smallest, skinniest horse in the pasture!

I, like many of you, grew up with Cowboys. Cowboys that would have yanked this guys ass down off of that horse and thrashed him for being a moron. Not the men that play dress up and are cowboys. There is a difference between a Cowboy and a cowboy. Just because you throw on the wranglers, boots, and the biggest hat you can find does not make one a 'cowboy'. Cowboys don't DO this shit. They treat their animals with respect, dignity, and that does not include walking on their backs!!!

Further more, some men I was around while growing up that didn't wear the clothes were still Cowboys because of their attitude toward the animals. Its not what you wear, its how you act, what you do, what you say, how you present yourself and your animals that makes you a Cowboy or a cowboy. Big difference.

Get a clue people. 


  1. The Stetson, Baileys or Resistol doesn't make them either, or the Marlboro's, silverbelly, drinkin Coors, Budweiser, Black Velvet, Johnny Walker or driving a Dodge, Ford or Chevy, pulling a Sundowner, Exiss, Platinum or 4Star, while wearing your Wranglers, 20X, Rockies or Carthart's with Justins, Ariats or Tony Lama's......

    Neither does entering anything with the name "Extreme Cowboy" in the title. And by the way, Remuda is nothing more than a herd of horses for all the dipshits out there entering the "Remuda" and/or "Ranch Horse" competitions thinking they are truly cowboys now.

    Cowboys also do not run their horses all over the place and certainly didn't chase the cows unless there was a stampede. Cows moving faster than a walk burned off some of that fat and dropped weight. Lower weight brings less money = BAD! Nope they like them cattle good and hefty when they go across the scales.

    The best ones ever are sitting in their Abetta's or Cordura saddles, thinking they are just the shit.

  2. hehheh.

    I wasn't going to go quite that far... but thats all right with me.

    There's also the flip side to this as well with the buckle bunnies...but I won't get into that cause that could turn this nasty really fast!


  3. Hehehe- hence the silverbellies in the above^^^^

    All things stated above can apply to either sex. I have seen it on both sides of the coin. Most of them can't ride to save their lives either, which makes for serious entertainment at times too.

    Go there. You know you want to!

    The women seem to apply their makeup in many cases the same way they take it off- with a putty knife. Shirts with peek-a-boo or keyhole cutouts exposing cleavage... Yeah, so the hay can get in there much easier! Perfect. And the oh-so-poofy-do that went out of style in the 80's.

    Which made it that much funnier when hubby and I dropped in on the local tack shop having a 'street sale' with their doors open and parking lot packed full of saddle racks, gel pad reps and every Louie Lamore, paperback wannabe in town dressed up in full regalia. We pulled in driving the minivan, him wearing shorts, flip flops & a t-shirt, me in sandals, sweats and an old worn out flannel... The only thing that would give anyone an inkling we had horses was the small NCHA sticker in the back window.

  4. I can just imagine that. I've been to both extremes myself...I will admit in high school to being one of a select few that actually *gasp!* wore wranglers and justins to school. I didn't wear the hat though I did have one...

    The reason was not for fashion's sake. I was working with the paso's after school and since I wasn't allowed to have my licence yet, would leave directly after school on a city bus for an hour's trip up to the ranch. I had NO time to change, and carrying boots and jeans with me around school was a PITA.

    So out of necessity, I wore my 'work' clothes to school daily. My best friend also wore her clothes to school as she was a groom for Chauncey's Arabian Ranch. (When it was still Chauncey's...)

    We got to be quite the pair over a few years...but there was another group of kids that also were 'hicks'.... THEY were the buckle bunnies, rodeo queens, and bull riders.

    We did not mix Andrea and I would often laugh at the stories they would tell...but the absolute arrogance of the two bull riders still make me want to vomit, years and years later.

    The only one out of that group that I even kinda liked was a roper that stayed on the edge of the group. Andrea and I tried to get him to 'join us' but he had been best friends with one of the bull riders for about 4 years, and didn't want to stop hanging out with him. He was pretty cool though, didn't brag like the others did, and just 'was'. He'd often come to school dressed normal too, while the others... it was like they were walking advertisements for what they claimed to be.

    After high school, and into college, I realized that I didn't have to wear boots everywhere I went, like I had been in high school lol.

    Now, I'm like you. Unless I tell them that I was a 'ranch hand', you'd never know it. I don't even own a pair of cowboy boots anymore, I am wearing levis and riders instead of wranglers and I don't have a single button down shirt in my closet. :D

  5. How on earth did I leave out the Skoal or Copenhagen rings in the back pocket of the jeans? Gaaaah! That's the tell tale giveaway right there. lol

    When I sold one of our western saddles, I was wearing my ropers, Wranglers and a 20X shirt. tried explaining to the guy buying the saddle, um yeah. Really I ride English. As in h/j & dressage... It was funny though.

    Best part about it? Sweats are one of the most comfortable things to ride in. Cracks me up seeing people dressed to the 9's, going to the barn to get covered in filth.