Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honesty Isn't Always the Best Policy

Being Honest is touted as one of the greatest virtues someone can have. However, honesty paired with tact, is valued even more in some cultures. 

There are some situations where honesty just isn't always the best policy. Yesterday's post about the person shot in the ad writers yard is a great example of that. Today, we have another example of when honesty should probably be paired with tact...

KIDS HORSE FOR SALE!!!! - $900  3 year old liver chestnut mare. Whelch size. Has been rode by a 6 year old girl and a 9 year old boy but they have lost intrest and i am tired of feeding her. She is gentle and has never offered to rare or buck. Asking $900 OBO Will consider trade. Call Tiffany at 281---4109.

And the parade of idiots continues... 

So this one doesn't want to feed the horse anymore. Lovely. This mare is 3, ridden by two kids - those of you that read regularly have an idea of where THAT is going, but we'll get to that in a minute. 

What the heck is a 'welch size', btw? Anyone like to take a guess? I think "Welsh" is what she meant... but with 'rare' in there for 'rear'...ugh. 

So what we have here is just another parent that had a kid that showed some interest in horses, so she went full steam ahead and bought that young horse so the horse and the kids can grow up together. I just imagine that she threw in as little money as possible to this, skimping on training, and a few other things - like HELMETS, and riding lessons, and now we have a 3 year old horse thats been being ridden for goodness knows how long, and the worst thing of all is MOM IS TIRED OF FEEDING THE HORSE.

Thats teaching responsibility isn't it!

*insert massive eye roll here*

Ok, are you ready for the pictures? 

I don't think these two kids are the ones mentioned in the ad. They are too young. However, this picture should be enough to send every responsible horse mom into paroxysms of nerves. 

And take a look at that mare's hind legs... I am not sure if its the way she's standing, but OMG. 

This picture isn't much better but she is somewhat cow hocked, looks like. 

I'm sure with time and experience, this mare would probably end up a great kids horse. Just not at 3 years of age. 

Another obligatory kid shot. In this one, I'm not going to even comment on the girls position. I'm guessing she was showing off for the camera here. But again, no HELMET, her feet are 4 inches above the stirrups, and the noseband on the mare is about 2 inches to low on her nose. 

Maybe with properly fitting saddle, feet in the stirrups, a helmet and boots, and a correct headstall - maybe, just maybe she wouldn't have to grab the horn to balance at a walk! 

Sad part is this really is a cute mare who just got stuck with the wrong family.

Lets just hope that she won't end up starved and auction fodder because mom doesn't want to feed the horse. 


  1. Houston to Phoenix is around $750 for hauling... if anyone is interested. I know of a few haulers I can reccommend. Just saying.

    Cute mare, but the first pic, those back legs & feet. WOW! Just Wow. Wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't vet sound either. Hopefully her new home would not consider riding for a while, maybe not even breeding.

  2. Come on Linda you know better than to think she wouldn't be bred by the new owners!