Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meanest Little Mule In Iowa

Gotta be a quick post today, its a day off from work, and 200 things to do of course. 

So today we have the Meanest Little Mule In Iowa. 


Meanest little mule in Iowa (Chariton)
I ended up the meanest little mule and would really like to find a home for her. Ideally, she would be great guarding someones sheep or calves. The best possible situation for her and her new owner would be to turn her out and never want to catch her again-atleast not very often. I did finally get a halter on her and she is tied out eating grass. Believe me, that is something for her!! She will kick at you with both back feet--several times in a row. She'll even run backwards after you and try kicking you. My husband calls her DB-Double Barrel. She will warn you before she kicks, her tail swishes like crazy. She will turn and face you if she has to, but be careful when you reach out, she will try to bite you. I think it's just a warning though, because she hasn't gotten us with her teeth yet. She will lead, when she decides to. If you think you could possibly "bond" with her, PLEASE give me a call. I have a seven year old daughter who doesn't need to be around her. She is a cute little thing though, buckskin/dun with a dorsal stripe and a few white hairs on her head. Please do not call me if you are looking for a petting zoo pet. Thanks for reading!! (641)---1137 Kelly 

My friend sent me this gem. She herself lives in Iowa, and this is one that she's come across. I found it pretty funny, to tell the truth. This is a person that probably has never worked with mules/donkeys before, and this smart little mule/donkey has figured out how to get the best of her. 

Most of it is just behavioral re-training (really nothing that some time in a stall, she gets fed only from YOU on YOUR terms, and other such methods wouldn't fix ....and yes, you can 'round pen' in a stall if she won't let you get a halter on ... there are lots of gentle ways to handle this angry animal) but the one line that concerns me a bit is where she says the animal is tied on the grass. Thats a highly dangerous situation just waiting for a broken leg or two. 

The ad is recent, within a few days, so if there's anyone that is in the area that might be interested, I have the full ad saved with all the contact information. 

No pictures unfortunately, woulda been nice, but no such luck. 

I'm off to the library with kids in tow - tomorrow will be the stallion ad I can't wait to put up - have a great day everyone!


  1. Ugh, I'm in Des Moines! How did I miss this ad!?I don't think I know anyone who'd want her. Sad for her!

  2. Shoot,people in Texas would want her! Put her out with sheep or goats to keep the coyotes and thiefs away..

  3. I'm not so sure this little mule so much has the owners number and is just being ornery. They can be downright meaner than hell if not handled properly or trained right. Rough them up and they will get even with you. They may take their time and wait, but they will get even.

    'Round penning' in a stall can get pretty hairy too. Any animal willing to come backwards at you kicking & aiming, is not something I would want confined to that small of an area, pissed off at me and suddenly in a situation of possibly feeling trapped or attacked...

    I agree about finding a place the mule can be put out with other livestock as a means of protection, but you still have to trim their feet and see to their dental and vaccination needs. Maybe a squeeze chute or a tranquilizer dart gun? Let them go to sleep and wake up after everything is over and has been done. Nobody gets hurt like that.

  4. I think its kind of a funny ad. At least they are honest about her. I did an ad once titled "Ugly Gelding" and he was. Owned by a spoiled child that never touched him after the first two weeks she had him. He was sweet though.
    I think I had 100 responses to that ad. Everyone felt sorry for the ugly gelding. Ended up in a great home.