Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She Really Should Know Better

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Solid Palomino Paint Mare - $3500 (North of Phoenix)

Treasure is a beautiful solid paint horse. Ages 12 and up have been riding her. She is great in arena. She loves to lend on trails or she can be in the back. She is used to Flagstaff area and Desert landscape. Hauls with no problem. No buck or rear. Great all around horse.
Breed: Paint
Gender: Mare
Birth Date: Jan 1, 2005

And the Picture...

Ok. The mare totally looks like she's that just incredible type that completely loves kids and would never ever hurt a fly on one. She's got that caring, concerned look on her face and is paying attention to what is admittedly a cutie pie tot in diapers and mini moccasins. Looks like tot is trying to pet the horsie. I'm sure Mom felt that this was a totally safe situation and would snatch that kid up in .397 seconds if anything were to actually happen. 

Here's why it bothers me. Aside from the obvious of course. I followed the link to the site. Pretty much the same thing.... with one exception. A link to her website. 

So I clicked. Then realized where I knew the name from. Its the ranch that provides the horses to the one Girl Scout Camp Ranch that has the horse riding program here in AZ. Camp Maripai has been around forever - heck that is the only camp *I* would attend when *I* was a Girl Scout. (I never got my way of course, but that is another story.) 

What bothers me is that this particular ranch owns the horses that our girl scouts ride. On the surface that might be a good thing.... they are obviously very kid broke horses (and they are - they are horses worth their weight in gold) and believe me, I'd look at the mare knowing she has that background. 

My own daughter will end up at this same camp next year, riding the horses that are owned by this ranch. Granted, the wranglers at the camp are hired and employed by the Girl Scout Council and that program really doesn't have a lot to do with this picture. 

Yet - why is a woman who is representing that ranch - a ranch that obviously would NOT be continually sending horses to a horse riding program that is very strong on safety and basic horsemanship skills - standing out in the middle of an open field with a baby in diapers? 

I understand its a cute picture and in this case, actually kinda does demonstrate that the horse might be kid friendly - but there are so many better ways to do that. Their own website shows plenty of pictures that show they understand safety around horses. 

I guess I don't understand why they chose this particular picture to try to sell the mare. I'm sure they had their reasons but it really isn't representing their hard earned reputation for safety.


  1. Not to mention the very upright pasterns in the front. But then that seems to be the going trend in the APHA world or has been for a while. SInce the angle of the pasterns and the angle of the shoulder usually match (or should as a good rule of thumb) I would guess riding this mare would not be so much of a pleasure. If she stayed sound long enough to be broke to ride and trained.

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