Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last 2 Years

Its been a while! 2 Freaking Years! I could rant and rave about what's happened in the last two years but I'll summarize it this way...It's been a long 2 years. 

November 2010 was the last post on the blog until the previous one. Life kinda started falling apart round about then, basically I was stuck in a holding pattern of my own design and had to figure out how to break out on my own. My relationship was falling apart and I was doing the typical 'female sacrifices everything to keep it going' crap.

Fast forward to the first weekend in August 2011. I walked out of my relationship and that poisonous house and didn't look back. Moved into my Grandmothers house and started the healing process with a new job that I was really excited about. November 12th I was involved in an auto accident that I really should not have walked away from. Totaled out my car and since my job was dependent on my car - there went that job. Then, one month after that my grandmother went into full renal failure and was in and out of the hospital from December to February. We almost lost her a couple times, but she is a fighter and refused to give in and she is doing 1000x better at the spry age of 92. 

Throw in some 6 months of unemployment and no pretty much continued to suck! The first third of 2012 was spent in seeking employment and finally in April I found something temporary but full time that just this past week went permanent (YAY! :)). Oh, and the universe decided to gift me with someone that is everything that my ex was not. His name is David and I think the world of him. He's as non-horsey as you can get but at least he's not anti-horse lol. 

On top of all of that.... I decided to go back to college this fall! The degree is at this point just an AA Degree for Computer Information Systems at a local community college but it is a springboard to greater and better things. It is also pretty much what my current job is lol. (This makes my current supervisor amused hehe.)

Said job allows a decent amount of down time and during this past summer I started becoming interested again in the things in the world that once mattered greatly to me. The plight of horses in this country once again crossed my consciousness and I started once again paying attention to what was going on. Started tuning into the fugly blog once more, and after I figured out what the heck had happened to it, realized it no longer had the bite or backbone it once did. 

Then, once my one year anniversary of 'freedom' passed in August, I decided to look this blog up again. Saw that people were still reading it and commenting. The question arose - should I resurrect it or leave it be? 

I started reading what I had written on past posts, and once again felt the fire start rising again. I debated for a full month whether or not I wanted to bring it back. The answer came back unequivocally clear - Yes I do wish to bring it back. As full of fire as it ever was. 

Hmm, that was a bit more then I had planned on saying but eh, its all good.

So, here we go. 

PS: Oh and just for fun, yes, I did end up buying another car :D


  1. Sounds like you have had one bumpy ride, I am really happy you have started to have things come back together for you. Looking forward to your posts, there is a lot of fugly out there!

  2. SO glad you're back! You've been through the wringer from the sound of it, but glad to hear that things are finally starting to go your way. Can't wait for more posts to pop up on my google reader. =)

  3. "Back from hell and loving the Air Conditioning!" Welcome back!!!