Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cause and Effect

Two ads today to make up for the lack of an ad yesterday :). That article was just so darn thought provoking I had to post it. 

On to todays Ads!

#1. Lets start out with... something beyond irritating, yet not quite blow your lid horrible. 



Ad Text: 10 month old Stud Colt Very Flash! $750 or make offer. He is very sweet and has been handled alot. Call David              or email Robin 

And this is why those of us that feel the need to scream bloody murder from the rafters about the current condition of the horse industry ARE SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER in the first place! 

So poor little baby Tonto here has to suffer the indignities of having some ignorant ass**** pretend hes a big all-growed-up horse and be SADDLED. You wanna bet me 5 bucks he's been RIDDEN TOO? Whats to stop the owners from merely being satisfied with saddling up a 10 MONTH OLD BABY!? At least they have the small tiny amount of sense to put the baby up for sale and hopefully someone will have already snatched that guy up and done right by him a little. A gelding surgery at that age is simple and easy, and relatively inexpensive - barring any issues like Cryptorchidism. Then for gods sakes, just let the baby grow up!

In just 2 months, this is the third ad I have found that shows a horse under the age of 12 months either just saddled, or saddled and being ridden. This is just... I don't have the words to explain how much I think people are really ignorant sometimes. 

What would happen if this little stud colt were to be purchased by the wrong people? Say ... idk... Parents of a horse crazy little girl?

#2. Perfect scenario of Bad Parental Judgement when it comes to horses.

I KNOW this one is going to make you all want to scream, throw things, and otherwise have a mental break down. So don't say I didn't warn you!


(no pictures on this one though I'm sure any picture they would post would be just SPECTACULAR!)

Ad Text: Free Horse to good home. Rilie is a two year old stud..Hes in great shape..We got him for an 11 year old girl last year..He is too much for her to handle and has been running with a mare..He does rear up and bites..He needs someone who is EXPERIENCED. Rather than getting him fixed, we chose to get a broke horse for our daughter. He was really gentle until he started feeling his wild oats!!! If interested..I will e-mail photo's..Only contact me if you are serious and really care about animals......Thanks for looking.....


*takes deep breath.*

Now. Shall I dissect that or not? Hmm, I think the ad speaks for itself. Really horribly. 

Ah, what the hell. Why not!

I really believe that the parents of this 11 year old girl need to be given one HELL of a wake up smack in the face. Baseball bats come to mind...I'm not a violent person nor do I condone violence, but OMG, these parents. 

This is what happens when the horse ignorant people of the world decide that it would be just so much FUN to have their child 'grow up' with an animal. Dogs, while not generally advised to pair young children with puppies...would still be a MUCH better choice than what these parents chose! BETTER YET... why not a nice safe Hamster or Gerbil? Something that can't REAR UP AND STOMP THE 11 YEAR OLD GIRL TO DEATH!

Why the HELL do people think its ok to buy an UNBROKE (I don't give a damn what the ad says here, any horse that is that out of control is unbroke) 2 year old STALLION for their daughter? This is not "The Black Stallion" here folks. That was a FICTIONAL STORY. IT NEVER HAPPENED. And even if, in some weird twist of the universe, something like it has happened... poor Eric Alec (Edit: typo - sorry!) would have been slammed to the ground, and smashed with hooves. 
Expecting an 11 year old girl to be able to handle a untrained, unbroke 2 year old stallion is ASKING for your daughter to end up in a wooden box 6 feet under. 

Said 2 year old stallion is 'feeling his wild oats' while 'running with a mare'. This just gets better and better. These idiots are going to be so surprised when their mare starts to get really FAT for "no reason at all"! Then they'll be stuck with another baby... 50% chance another colt...and in a few years, we'll be in the same situation with instead, a 13 year old that most likely still wouldn't be able to handle the demands of a 2 year old stallion. 

Today is such a perfect example of cause and effect. If you don't know what the hell you are doing, don't breed horses beCAUSE you might just have the EFFECT of putting a child into the ground. 


  1. The kid in The Black Stallion was named Alec, not Eric, just so you know. This site is very entertaining, love your commentary.

  2. OOPS! Gah, I SHOULD know that LoL. Typos will be the death of me! Thanks. :)

  3. Lol. If it's a two year old stallion now, than these winners actually bought a 1 year old colt for their daughter. Nothing in the ad makes me think they didn't ride him them.

  4. I don't think it's fair to ASSume that the 10 month old colt has been ridden. I see no problem with setting a small/lightweight saddle on a foal at that age. He's only wearing a halter, which leads me to believe they haven't put a bit in his mouth. Any idiot who would ride a 10 month old colt would surely post a picture with him wearing a bridle as well.

  5. As far as the parents of the 11 year old goes, unfortunately not the brightest. They probably bought the colt as a pet, not to be ridden. If they gelded him he would almost certainly have nicer manners. The girl probably started loosing interest in horses after her horse "started feeling his wild oats" and the parents decided to get a horse she could ride to keep her interest. Sad & unfortunate.

  6. Ok-When I was 16 my parents bought me an 18 month stallion.
    Had him "broke". My Dad wanted to wait until he was 3 to geld him"to let his neck develope"was gelded at 2,as I was more worried about my neck than his.
    Wound up being Best Horse EVER!! I am 66 now,so lived over it.Much more to the story,but sometimes these things DO work out.