Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Featured Fugly Stallion x 2!

Got a two for one deal for you today! Two! by the same seller! Scary part is... this time its my own 'backyard'. The only thing I can say thats at least neither of them are being offered for stud services... yet!


So this ad says: Appy stud is broke to ride. Easy going, loads and trailers easy. I'm asking $1,000 obo. Negotiable to the right home. He is registed with papers. Saddles easy, rides good. Very slow walker, would be great to geld and use for beginners! Please call 623-xxx-2xx8 

Ok, sounds iffy, yet ... they at least mentioned the possibility of gelding him. Why they haven't done it yet, I actually HAVE an idea... (stupid cheap laziness comes to mind...)

Just 2 measly days later, here we go again. 


AS if the first ad wasn't stellar enough: Need to sell really nice REGISTERED Appy Stud. Broke to ride very well, trailers, ties, does well with feet, He is very quiet with children on his back! He is still thin from when I bought him. He has already packed on about 300lbs, but still needs more! I am cutting his price in half for a quick sale. I need hay so I am asking a firm price of $500.00. 623-xx-2xx8

So in two days your hay situation got worse, you have horses you can't afford to feed, and you have a thin pretty big stallion that still needs weight. 

Ready to see him?



Pretty typical appy. Long back, ugly head, just not that eye-appealing. 

So while I was contemplating the blog possibilities of this particular stallion, I found another ad by the same seller. Which then sealed the deal. 


Read it and weep: Greenbroke stud colt, quick learner, being trained by a ten yr old. Does not like trailers. Saddles easy, trims. Easy to be around. Great with kids. By the way this was my daughter's first horse, and first experience with training her own horse. He is NOT Registered We are asking for best offer. Would like to get $300 and are willing to accept trades. Please email. or call 623-xxx-2xx8 

The ignorance is everywhere, I swear. We have another 10 year old kid that is 'training' a 'green broke stud colt'. As her first horse. 

This is where my blood pressure goes through the roof. I know a lot of you have been 10 year old girls, and have also taught ten year old girls. 

I don't know of a single 10 year old girl that can do right by a horse training it. The ad even says the horse has issues with trailers. That should be something the 'trainer' should have worked on, yet the 'trainer' is a ten year old girl!

Kid gentle or not, a horse this young is going to have those days where they just don't want to listen, when all they want to do is run, buck, fart, and play on the lunge line... even well broke 10 year old geldings still get stupid and have those moments where they are feeling so good they just gotta go NOW! 

(I broke the middle finger of my right hand with one such gelding nearly 4 years ago when we were inside the gate of the turn out area. Never would have expected him to take off like he did, had never done it before, was just feeling really good that day. He didn't wait for the halter to come off, and my finger got caught in the buckle, and when he took off with it still looped around his nose... well you get the idea.) 

This horse isn't even a gelding! Its a stallion! I don't care how 'kid gentle' or 'safe around kids' the stallion is! Wanna bet she has been out with these two stallions all by herself working with them? Wanna bet she doesn't wear a helmet!? Wanna bet that she took a year or two of lessons, then either mom or her (or maybe both) decided they 'knew it all' and who needs instructors!

*OH scarier thought* Even more horrible is that there might be an instructor out in Wittmann that is helping her along! 

The point is here that a 10 year old girl should not be 'training' her 'first horse' ever. She should be learning how to ride, bettering her balance, gaining experience, and learning from an adult professional. No 10 year old is going to be experienced enough to know how to really train a horse! And its not even just the training... its the management side of things as well. Its knowing what 'tricks' you learned over the years will work on a horse that won't go into a trailer! I just can't see this 10 year old being able to fix that problem... because she's just not strong or big enough to do it. Granted its not hard to teach a horse to go in and out of a trailer calmly, but if they freak out cause you rushed things, or didn't lay enough groundwork on them, a person that small is going to get hurt, in the way, smashed, knocked over...


Thats her 'first horse'. And yes, he's a stallion. he's also the other horse in the 2nd picture above. Can we say wormy much? 

And mom reduced the big appy up above by $500 because she 'needs hay'. I am wondering if the hay in the picture was dinner for both horses, or just for the pictures.

*hands out the asprin*.

Happy Easter everybody! Be safe, don't eat rotten eggs, and may the Easter Bunny grace everyone with lots of chocolate bunnies :). 

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