Monday, April 5, 2010

"Sloppy" Selling, and a Pricey Buckskin

I'm a huge Jay Leno fan. If I could catch his 'Jaywalking' segments I considered myself lucky. Not only were the segments downright hilarious with the stupid answers, it was also a huge eye opener for how horribly uneducated some people really are. 

Unfortunately though, being stupid by choice seems to be a popular thing lately. I see it in the schools the kids in my direct and extended family attend. Its especially prevalent in the high schools... where being stupid gets you popularity points. I know that the nerds have traditionally never been popular, but nowadays, it goes farther and deeper than that. Its actually cool to not have a clue about 'things'! Its cool not to know how to write and talk proper English! 

I bring this up because of the ad below. I've seen bad grammar, bad spelling, and atrocious or simply missing punctuation. This one however caught my attention in particular. 

The poster didn't attach any pictures of the horse he's selling though. So after a moments thought, I emailed him for the pictures. Sure enough, about an hour later, I get two. 

He at that point, made the blog.


Ad Text: hey i have a morgan/qh guilding, he is a good horse, but due to my dads health and my going away to college i must sell him or trade him for a gaming horse for my little cousins that is fast. i am open to offers on him. but please dont hesitate to email me or call me 360-978-xxxx or 360-628-xxxx Sarge is ridable, just needs more time under saddle, and ianything. He has been to one s willing to do gaming show. if you email me i will send a picture 

This kid graduated high school! How the hell did he manage to make it through four years of english classes and come out writing and spelling like that? I forgive typos... we are all guilty of those. But... "guilding" for gelding? Did he not even read what he wrote before he hit the submit button? 

As bad as the text is, I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it just off of the text alone. 

The pictures that he sent though?  I was lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I opened up my email to see if he responded. My keyboard will live to see another day, dry and functioning. 



Now, I have absolutely no issues with the kid's weight. The horse is certainly large enough to handle him - to a point. 

Its the mud! OMG! Its not even .... well I guess there's not really a thing as 'good mud' but its total slop! The standing puddles in the second picture... one bad step on the horse's part and down they BOTH go - twisted legs and broken backs here we come!

Then, I looked past the mud into the background of the picture. And shuddered. Shuddered again when I looked at the geldings face. Head wayyyyy up in the air. Is that a tipped over bicycle in front of a trailer in the background? 

I just don't get this. He puts the horse's tail up, braided and covered...yet rides in the slop 'arena' with the horrible junky background? These are the pictures he's using to sell his $200 'guilding'. 

Do I even need to say; Get the horse out of that arena, get him so his head isn't nose to the clouds, and get a decent conformation shot of just him, and send THOSE out to people?

This is our future folks. He's going to college cause some how he managed to get through High School. Lets all hope that he meets an English Professor that introduces him to something called a DICTIONARY and proper grammar.


I also have to ask this question. This is another ad I came across tonight, and while it is a great example of doing all the right things to sell your horse, I kept thinking about it. 

See, in the next few months (though hopefully sooner) I will be looking to either lease or purchase a gelding somewhat similar to this guy. I'm not interested in the color, rather his build, age, training, and overall personality. 

My question for you he outrageously overpriced? Just slightly? Or is he priced 'right' even in this down market? I actually spent some time looking for geldings similar to him in training, age, and personality, and they seem to average between $2500 and $3500. Seller hasn't listed any sort of show record, so that is unknown. 

Geldings like this can be hot commodities if marketed right. There are a large number of people looking to purchase trail ready, sound, and level headed geldings like this one. 


Ad Text: Offered for sale is a Register AQHA True Buttermilk buckskin gelding. (NOT A DUN) He is a Buckskin. VERY SOUND AND HEALTHY! A wonderful horse great for all around trails anything that you want to do. 
He is located in Penngrove , Ca. Has been started in reining training. Supper gentle kind sweet heart.
He has a video.
(edited to list video link further down)

More pictures are available serious buyers only please no kids calls 


I am definitely interested in what everyone has to say about his $10,000 price tag. Especially since the video has him priced at $12,000! 

Here's the link to his video: 


  1. I, too am a Craigslist addict! Unfortunatly I live in an area (TN) where a good 75% of the CL adds look like the ones on your blog. If ever looking for blog fodder check out Chattanooga CL. Yesterday I saw an add not dissimilar from the first one on this post in which the seller stated that she must sell her (rather nice looking) quarter horse because she was off to "collage". I thought, "Really? Maybe you should learn how to spell it first." The dumbing down of our education system is APALLING! In regards to the second horse, though- CUTE, CUTE! I personally think the price tag is a bit ridiculous, though, unless he has some awesome show record they are not disclosing. I know it is CA and all, but a comparable price in TN (with no show record) would be less than half of that. Good luck on the horsey search and kudos on the blog! I have long thought that CL horse ads would be a fun topic for someone!

  2. 10k is waaaay to much in my opinion. My friends selling a 100% broke ranch horse that used to rope, is fast, has awesome carriage and did ranch work, for 10k. To me in todays economy a horse like that maaaaybe costs 5k. If he's being priced at 10k, to me, he should have won some form of show that would be considered 'a big deal'. Anyone can train a youngster to accept a flag on them and to collect and do their paces but if he's not showing true, awesome potential then he's not worth the price. (Now I do admit, I didn't watch the video of him cause I don't have time right now, so maybe he's showing real potential in the video...) anyways, If I was you i'd go onto
    to look for a horse that you actually want to buy. They have some really pretty, good looking, well priced, animals and since you have to pay for the ads, it tends to weed out scams and morons (as portrayed above in your lovely blog post XD).

    To me, little buckskin boy isn't worth 10k. Maybe 5k.

    And to respond to your blog today, that is frightening! I'm about his age, but at my high-school, if your not brilliant and smart you are disowned by your friends lol. You need to have some functioning brain in your head to be popular. So I'm glad at least the people in my school might turn into functioning adults XD.

  3. Oh the fodder never ends, which is wonderful. I'm having a blast with it. I didn't know it was going to become so popular so fast though, which is awesome!

    I'll check the area out ;). Thanks for reading!

  4. Holy Cow! The horse int he first ad may be a better find at the moment. At least to upgrade the poor thing to a better life. The guy might do a bit better with riding the horse if he would drop his stirrups or at least his heel.

    I agree, pick better footing, better backgrounds, clean the horse up and these people might be suprised how fast the horse sells.

    The buckskin- I agree, if there is some show record they aren't disclosing, then he's just waaaaaaaaaay overpriced. But then there's always some fool that comes along, buys the horse and feels they got some great deal on them. Never fails!

  5. I forgot to mention yesterday when I posted. The whole "Jaywalking" thing. Um, yeah. He stole the idea from Howard Stern. Capatalized on it and calls it his own. I'm just not a fan of Jay Leno. Not the Tonight Show anyways.

  6. I never listened to Howard Stern, so I'm not familiar with anything he did. Didn't know that. Either way, its still amusing, no matter who did it first.

  7. Wow, I don't think any horse is worth that much unless he can cook.

  8. "Buttermilk" has too straight hind legs and is way too much money.
    I'd get the bay,he looks honest and I think the head carrage is because the bit is pinching his lip between it and the curb. Besides,he needs an upgrade.

  9. That buckskin is a cutie, but not worth 10k. It may be with a trainer who prices horses over what they're worth but gets repeat customers or customers based on reputation.

    Personally, I'd pay about $3k for that horse and make it an all around horse for kids based on what I see in the video. Doesn't appear to have any desire for speed, but carries itself well, looks to have fairly nice gaits, is appealing to the eye... and at 15.1 isn't what's wanted in the show ring for a pleasure horse so much, despite looking totally cute and enjoyable for fun. Just as a trail/fun horse, with no intention of showing - you should be able to find a wonderful, sweet, pleasant, BTDT horse for free-$1500 without trouble. I think you said you're in AZ - if you're not in Tucson, look around down here when you're looking if you can't find one where you are.