Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its Genetic!

So, as I sit here on the edge of my bed, trying to wake up just enough to go get ready for my JOB, I'm checking all the stuff that had hit my phone overnight.

I am emailed your posted comments so I get tons of emails daily/nightly. So imagine my surprise to find out that our favorite mustang breeder's Mom came out guns blazing in her defense.

I apparently can't copy the text and paste it on my little phone here, but by all means, I invite ALL of you to see exactly what wonderful words of wisdom she has to say about her lovely daughter.

I am appalled at her attitude, her total lack of caring for the mess her daughter has created, and of course, she's defending her daughter to the death!

The comment is under the main thread, for those that wish to read it.

One more thought before I go get ready for my 5th day out of a 6 day work week - if that were me acting like that in public, outright lying like that, etc - and my mother caught me doing it? (And, yup, occasionally she peeks in here to see what I'm doing) For starters I'd get lectured on stopping the crap immediately. Then she'd actually make sure I cleaned up the mess I made.

No-thats not entirely true either. See, she raised me the right way to tell the truth, not screw people over, to write with correct spelling and grammar, and to not, generally speaking, be a total ASS!

I work for a living as the majority of you all do too. I don't earn enough to have the privledge of owning a horse, no matter how I try to tweak my budget. This girl had absolutely no idea how many others out there would be so completely thrilled to have horses, and to see this crap instead? It just makes me that much more irritated.

Anyways, please have a look at what mom wrote, and I'll 'formally' adress the rest of what she said later this weekend.
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  1. Found another ad by her:

    14'2hh 4yr old green broke black beauty of a stud. 300$ papers go with him.

    14'3hh bay and white mare. rescued. great mommy. 325$ papers go with her. (shes staying an extra 3 month) can be bought now and trailered later on.

    both for 500$

    stud must sell before mare!!!! we don't want another breeding!
    gelding for the 4yr old cost 1000$ and we arent doing that since hes too short for any of us to ride anyways!!!

    call to set up a time to see them.
    517 [edited out]
    kid safe and bomb proof
    kidsafe pony
    12hhs tall
    13yrs old
    been there done that pony.
    great off the lead
    and has been ridden by autism children on the lead.
    great little gelding. (boy)
    perfect color: silver dappled with flaxen mane and tail.
    600$ FIRM!!!!
    payed 1100$ for him a few years ago.
    comes with bit and bridle.

    will sell all of these horses for
    1200$!!! a great deal for some nice horses!

    viewing horses this weekend:
    4:30pm-dark on Friday
    3:30pm-dark on Saturday
    11am-4:30pm on Sunday

    call for address and info!
    517-[edited out]

    can also email you back.
    no more pictures
    bring the priced amount of cash to assure you a horse.

    misc tack available when you come to look, please ask.

    17'1hh white spotted horse for lease only at the farm. can give details about this.
    250 monthly lease!

  2. She sells beagles too:

  3. And found a pic of one of studmuffin's babies:

  4. And here are the donkey and appy she had at one time in the past... wonder where they are now:

    Also looks like the pony was originally only "possibly" kid safe and his prior owner didn't want to give her the papers...

  5. And here she is threatening she'll be "hard-breaking" the mare "not in a nice way" and stating that she's going to sell them for $200 a pop to the meat man if she doesn't get more for them...

  6. This is the kind of care her dogs get...

  7. Yep. Lovely. Thats a responsible individual right there.

  8. Is anyone in the area doing anything to try and get these animals out of this kid's hands? With the manners she demonstrated on the posted e-mails I don't know how she expects to sell them. Please keep us updated on this mess. It just makes me sick and I wish I was in a position to get them. And this same sh!t happens every day, everywhere. While the horses look in decent shape right now, I shudder to think of their future. This just looks like a neglect case waiting to happen or they will be in for a ride on a double decker.

  9. just to let you know, no one is going to buy those mustangs they are too ugly and not trained, they are better off as alpo. i live in the area and no buyers have gone over besides for that dumb little pony/mini gelding